Thursday, September 14, 2006

Clarkmas, Chapter 3

Season 6 (based on spoilers and my imagination) - based on "Lexmas"
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me

"So where's Smallville, anyway?"

Chloe grinned at her cousin. ""I'm surprised you actually noticed he wasn't here," she teased, raising her voice to be heard over the Nat King Cole CD playing on the stereo, not to mention the chatter of their guests. There were already twenty or thirty people packed into the little house, and more were arriving every minute. "You and Ollie were sure busy a long time cooking in the kitchen."

Lois tossed her long brown hair, her lips curving in an answering smile. "I resent that implication, cuz. We were heating things up out there. Honest."

"Yeah, I figured things were heating up out there."

"I notice you're avoiding my question. Where's the farmboy?"

"What do you care? The minute he walks into a room, you start ragging on him. I'd think you'd be happy to spend an evening without him."

"I'm not interested in him, Chlo. I'm interested in the cookies he's bringing. I didn't make any cookies..."

"And a grateful world rejoices."

"Quit slamming my baking skills. I'm a good cook, damn it. Things just come out a little lopsided sometimes."

"A little lopsided, yeah. Not to mention totally inedible."

"But I heated everything really well. You have to admit, I can use a microwave with the best of them."

"True." Chloe grabbed a toothpick, impaled a meatball, and popped it in her mouth. "You and Ollie did a great job with the heating."

"But you know, we really need those cookies. Where's Mr. Dependable?"

"I don't know." Chloe felt her mouth compress into a thin line. "He hasn't called."

"So call him."

"I tried. He's not picking up."

Lois cocked her head. "And that doesn't strike you as a little weird?"

"It's Christmas Eve, Lo. Maybe he's... busy."

Lois looked at her carefully. "You know, cuz, I think those green-tinted glasses are obscuring your vision."

"Say what?"

"You have a thing for Smallville."

"Oh, I most certainly do not. I'm dating Jimmy."

"Yeah, you most certainly do. Remember the other night, when we all went to the Talon together? We were all talking, and then Smallville walked in, and you hardly looked at Jimmy the rest of the night. You were too busy staring at Kent."

"I was not," Chloe protested, but weakly. She was pretty sure Lois was right, but she hated to admit it. Dating one guy and lusting after another just seemed so... weak. Wrong. Immoral. Slutty. Pick an adjective.

"Uh-huh. So now he's not picking up his phone, and you figure he's with some other girl, and you really want to forget he ever existed. Right?"

Chloe twiddled the toothpick between her fingers, avoiding Lois' gaze. "I don't care what Clark does."

"Yes, you do. Lie to me all you want, but you need to get honest with yourself, or you're going to hurt Jimmy. And he's a nice guy. He doesn't deserve to get hurt. Anyway..." Lois' forehead wrinkled. "Clark's not picking up the phone, and he's almost an hour late. I don't think he'd blow us off for a hot date, Chlo. He may be a hayseed and a hick, but if he knows someone's counting on him, he's usually there."

A little frisson of unease shivered down Chloe's spine. Clark might just have gotten sidetracked saving the world again. But he was so fast that even saving the world shouldn't delay him longer than a few minutes. "You think something's wrong with him?"

"Could be." Lois frowned. "Maybe we better go find out."


"Dad." Clark looked at the smiling face in the mirror. This time he resisted the impulse to turn around, afraid that his father's image might just fade away entirely if he tried it again. "Is that really you?"

"Of course it's me."

Seeing his deceased father was something of a shock, but it wasn't entirely unprecedented, as Clark had once been killed (temporarily) and encountered his father's spirit. Then again, not too much later he'd been approached by his father's "ghost," only to discover it was actually a malevolent, shape-changing AI. He had every reason to be cautious.

He met his father's eyes in the mirror and decided to probe for a little information. "So can you tell me what's going on here?"

"You've been given a chance few men receive," Jonathan said. His mouth quirked in a little half-smile that Clark recognized. "The chance to see your destiny before it happens."

"My destiny?" Clark felt his mouth drop open. "You're telling me Lois Lane is my destiny?"

Jonathan didn't say anything, only lifted an eyebrow.

Clark stared at him in dismay. He couldn't imagine being married to Lois. He liked her, in a casual, distant way, but she irritated the hell out of him, and he couldn't imagine how he could have wound up loving her enough to marry her.Given the angry, abrasive, bitter attitude she'd displayed this morning, it was even harder for him to imagine how it could have happened.

And however it had happened, he must have totally screwed things up for Lois to be so mad at him. In which case, he figured he needed to fix things. Maybe that was why he was here, to give his future self a sort of fresh perspective on things. To make things right somehow.

Or maybe...

"Is this the only possible destiny for me?" he said slowly. "Or do I have... a choice in the matter?"

Jonathan smiled.

"It's like I told you over and over again, Clark," he said in his gentle drawl. "You always have a choice."

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MonicaOP said...

Big hurra for Jonathan!!! And the fact that he says there is always a choice!!! Yeah, go for Chloe!!! Clark, we know you want to!!!! :) hugs, and I can't wait for more ;).

Anonymous said...

yes! Clark please make a choice with your heart and leave your mopey .. reasoning .. out of it, for a change

love your stories Elly!


Anonymous said...

just had to say ur keeping me on the edge of my seat most days..... i should sooo be studying!
great stories

Anonymous said...

i like how you did this mirroring off of Lexmas. It's great. I'm glad you said Clark had a choice. And please tell me that choice is Chloe.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have been reading your stories for a long time now...and they are FANTASTIC! I wish the writers would get a clue and see how great Chloe and Clark are together...

please please please keep writing! they are the best chlark stories I have seen!!

ohh, by the way..lois as his destiny!?! we all know that is how it is in the "real superman world"..but in our chlark's chloe all the way!..hope he comes around to that in this story! look forward to more of your stories!

Elly said...

Thanks for all the lovely feedback, guys. Anonymous, I wish the writers would get a clue too. Chloe and Clark would be so perfect together *sniffles*. Ah, well, maybe later this season...

unique_kiwi said...

And still more chappys to read!!!!

Though Chloe had better figure out theres something up with Clar soon!!!

blackheart_me said...

agree to most comments, im bcoming to read more