Friday, September 15, 2006

Clarkmas, Chapter 5

Season 6 (based on spoilers and my imagination) - based on "Lexmas"
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me

"So how are we going to do this?"

Jimmy put an arm around Chloe's waist and held her protectively as they made their way down the snowy front steps. He was so sweet, she thought again. Such a nice guy. If only she hadn't met Clark first, she probably could have fallen for him.

She shoved the thought away. She was already falling for him, damn it. It wasn't like she was sitting around moping, waiting for Clark to notice her. Been there, done that, burned the frigging t-shirt.

"I don't know," she replied. "I guess we could just drive out toward Kent Farm."

"But what are the odds that we'll see him if he goes by?"

Very, very small, Chloe thought, but she kept her thought to herself. When Clark ran at top speed, no human could hope to see him. But of course Jimmy didn't know that.

"I suppose we'll recognize his truck," she said, while knowing he probably wouldn't bother with the truck. Clark wouldn't take his truck out in the snow when he could just run. Jimmy's words were truer than he could possibly imagine. Trying to find Clark was all but fruitless, even in a little burg like Smallville. There was just too much damn ground to cover.

But they had to try. Because Lois was right. Clark wouldn't wimp out on his friends unless something serious had happened.

Clark, she thought unhappily, lifting her head and gazing into the darkness as if she could somehow find Clark by staring into the lightly falling snow. Oh, Clark. I hope you're all right.


"This is my favorite ornament."

Lois pulled a crystal star carefully out of a box and showed it to Clark with a half-smile. "My mom's," she said, her smile turning almost shy. "She got it when I was a little girl. After she died, my dad never hung it on the tree any more."

"It's beautiful," he said gently. He'd only heard Lois mention her mom once or twice-- it seemed to be one of those subjects that she preferred to avoid entirely. Evidently Christmas really did bring out her mushy, sentimental side.

He was surprised to realize she really did have such a side.

He watched her carefully hang the crystal star on the tree they'd picked out this morning. It was a good-sized Frasier fir, a little taller than he was, and the branches were already covered with ornaments, the kind of collection that couples tended to amass. He'd hung up three different "Our first Christmas" ornaments, one Lenox china, one crystal, and one handstitched with their names, probably by his mother. He'd hung up familiar old ornaments he recognized from many years of Christmases on the Kent farm, battered ornaments that must have been from Lois' family, and shiny but unremarkable newer ornaments in boxes from Fordman's, the store on Main Street. The tree was all but groaning under the weight of its decorations.

"I think that's about it," he said, rummaging carefully through the boxes.

"No," Lois answered. "We haven't hung up the mistletoe yet."

"The what?"

She frowned at him as she dug into a box. "You know. The ornament you gave me-- oh, here it is." She pulled out a little green ornament, a china representation of a sprig of mistletoe, and held it up over her head, smiling.

Clark watched her standing there expectantly, and it slowly dawned on him that she was waiting for him to kiss her. Probably it was a ritual they observed every year, judging from the hopeful look in her eyes.

He hesitated, uncertain what to do, and the hope slowly faded from her eyes, to be replaced with the same bitterness that had been there earlier.

"Never mind," she said harshly, and opened her hand, deliberately letting the china ornament drop.

He saw the fragile ornament plummeting toward the hardwood floor, and his reflexes took over. He reached for it and snatched it out of the air.

Lois blinked at him. "Nice move, Smallville."

He looked at her, seeing the puzzlement in her eyes, and he decided to deflect her curiosity by challenging her. "Why'd you try to break it?"

Her lips compressed. "It's the first ornament you ever gave me," she answered stiffly. "I guess I just figured... it was time to let it go."

He realized she wasn't talking only about the ornament, but about every aspect of their life together. Maybe she was right, and it was time for her to let go of this marriage, because it obviously wasn't working for either of them. But he could see the hurt beneath her anger, and it made him feel oddly guilty. This wasn't his life, and yet, in a weird way, apparently it was. And he'd screwed it up in a major way.

"No," he said. "Let's go ahead and hang it up."

He held the sprig over her head, then bent and very gently kissed her.

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chlarkfan333 said...

Why are you toying with your poor Chlark-crazy readers, Elly? *Sigh* I have to admit though, the way you've written Clois (despite the bitterness in the relationship) is very intriguing. See, what you've done? You've made me read and enjoy a Clois scene! Kudos, to ya. :)

Now, when's the Chlark coming? ;)

Opal said...

I agree! I want Chlark-ness. This story is wonderful like all your others, and how you portray Lois is intriguing.

But I still want Chlark :)

MonicaOP said...

Oh my eyes, my eyes!!!! they have burned!!! Clark kissing EdLois!! My eyes!!!!

;), ok, a little bit to much but you get me right??, I want Chlark!!! And you should have called this story Chlarkmas!! ;). Hugs, be well and take care.

blackheart_me said...

AWW I gotta admit I also feel bad for Jimmy, but I love how Chloe is concerned but trying to hide it. Denial can sometimes b her best friend :(
More feeling sorry for Lois, well at least Clark doesn't remember anything :P I'm rlly loving ur out take on Lexmas Chlark style :)