Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alphabetical Listing, U-Z

Note: This is not yet a complete listing.

Under Cover
Chlex, 7 chapters. Chloe and Lex start up an affair-- but what is Lex's motivation?

Chlark, oneshot. Crackfic. The world is turning upside down, quite literally, and Clark is the only one who seems aware of the problem.

Wading In
Chlark, oneshot. The summer before high school, Chlark practice swimming and kissing together.

Waiting For You
Chlark, adult, oneshot. Clark and Chloe are reunited, after a long month of being apart. From "Odyssey."

Waiting to Believe
Chlark, adult, 5000 words, 3 chapters. Clark's not in love with Chloe. Really. He's not.

The Web Torn Apart
Chlark, Jimmy triangle, oneshot. "Clark Kent hadn't realized just how wrapped up his life was with Chloe Sullivan's. Not until she started dating Jimmy Olsen."

Chlark, Jimmy triangle, oneshot. "He can't cry at Chloe's wedding. It wouldn't look right for him to cry."

Chlark, oneshot, adult. Clark and Chloe are caught in a downpour and take shelter together under the bleachers.

What a Boy Needs
Chlark, oneshot, adult. Sequel to Needing You. Clark and Chloe make out.

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
Chlark, oneshot. Clark and Lois are away together on assignment, and Chloe is spending a lonely New Year's Eve in her apartment. Lonely, that is, until Clark shows up on her doorstep.

What I've Done
Chlarkana triangle, oneshot. Clark gives up hero work for Lana-- and regrets it.

What Lies Beneath
Jois, oneshot. Lois realizes that Jimmy Olsen is a lot sexier than she ever realized.

What the World Could Be
Chlark, adult. 21,000 words, 13 chapters. Clark can't sleep, and Chloe helps. Trust Me, Book 2.

When You're Gone
Chlark, oneshot, 3300 words. When Chloe leaves to go work for the JLA, Clark begins to realize how much she means to him.

Where She Belongs
Clark/Chloe oneshot. "In any world, you're destined to be a journalist."

Why Don't You and I
Co-written with laurelnola. Chlark, Lana triangle, 18,000 words, 9 chapters. Clark wants to tell Chloe how much he loves her, but he's afraid of endangering her.

Wings in the Night
Chlark, Dick Grayson. Superman is having a midlife crisis, and Nightwing talks to him.

Words Left Unspoken
Chlark, oneshot. "Chloe Sullivan means everything to him. But he doesn't know how to make her believe that, especially when he's just beginning to come to terms with it himself."

Words We Could Never Find
Chlark, oneshot. Over the years, Clark never quite manages to tell Chloe he loves her.

The World's a Little Brighter
Chlark, oneshot. Chlark looks at his beautiful bride and thinks back over how the two of them got to this point.

You're My Angel
Chlark, adult, 11,000 words, 8 chapters. A rewrite of "Exposed." Chloe strips while undercover, and Clark is entranced.

You're Not Alone
General, oneshot. Clark and Martha story. Clark's first day on Earth.

Chlark, oneshot. Trapped in the Phantom Zone, Clark worries about the world... and Chloe.

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