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Alphabetical Listing, A-D

Note: This is not yet a complete listing.

And the Stars Go With You
Chlark angst, oneshot, 500 words. Whenever he sees the stars, he remembers her.

Anything at All
Chlark, adult, oneshot. Sequel to "More Than Anything." Clark needs sex, and Chloe is there to help.

After the Rush
Chlark, Pete, three chapters, 2200 words. After the events of "Rush," Clark, Chloe and Pete exchange a series of e-mails.

All About Truth
General, Chloe and Grant, oneshot. Grant admits to Chloe that he's been lying to her.

Chimmy/Clark triangle, adult, oneshot. "He'd awakened from a dream of her and spoken her name into the inky darkness of his room, but there was no answer. There was never an answer. He was alone."

The Alternate
Chloe/George, Clark. In "Apocalypse," Clark is struck by how happy Chloe seems without him.

Chlark, oneshot. Chloe's reflections after the "Vessel" kiss.

And She Was
General, Kara, oneshot. Kara sets out on her quest to find Kal-El.

Chlark, oneshot. Clark and Chloe commemorate an important date.

Anything For You
Chlark, adult, oneshot. "I'd do anything for you, Clark."

Anything Goes
Chlark, adult, 13,500 words, 7 chapters. The "pon farr" story. Clark has just entered Kryptonian adolescence, and he needs sex. Lots and lots of sex.

At Crater Lake
Chlark, adult, 3000 words, 2 chapter. After "Sneeze," Clark and Chloe have their picnic together, and their fun turns sexy.

At Her Mercy
Chlark, adult, oneshot. "There was no way Chloe was looking at him the way he thought she was. He and Chloe were just friends."

At Makeout Point
Chlark, adult, 4500 words, 3 chapters. Clark and Chloe are investigating at Makeout Point, so naturally... they make out.

Bad Girlfriend
Chlark, adult, oneshot. A drunken hookup leads to an awkward morning after.

Bad Girls
Clark/Chloe/Lana, adult (threesome), oneshot. Chloe and Lana are tired of waiting for Clark to make up his mind.

Ball in Hand
Clex, adult, oneshot. "Why do we always have to make love in a bed?" Sequel to "Just Do It." Warning: Ends on a cliffhanger that has not yet been involved.

Be Mine
Chlark, oneshot. On Valentine's Day, Chloe has a secret admirer.

Beautiful Stranger
Chloe/George, Clark, oneshot. Set during "Apocalypse." Chloe Sullivan has never met the beautiful stranger who asks her for help, and yet he seems so familiar...

Before He Cheats
Chlark, Lana triangle, oneshot. Lana catches Clark cheating on her with Chloe, and wreaks vengeance on his beloved new truck.

Better Than Me
Chimmy/Clark triangle, oneshot. From Jimmy's POV. Jimmy realizes he has to let Chloe go.

Beyond the Sunset
Clark/Chloe, Lana, 7000 words, 6 chapters. Clark breaks up with Lana, and begins to wonder about his feelings for Chloe. Prelude to the "Trust Me" series.

Chlark, oneshot. Rewrite of "Whisper." Clark is blind, yet he's beginning to see his feelings for Chloe much more clearly.

Blood Red
Kal/Chloe, adult, 16 chapters, 26,000 words. Set around the time of "Exile." Chloe comes to Metropolis to find Clark, but she rapidly realizes something isn't quite right with him... and whatever's wrong with him seems to be affecting her, too.

Blue Green
Clark/Chloe/Ollie, oneshot. Adult, threesome. Chloe's never been able to choose between Clark and Ollie. Tonight, she chooses them both.

Blue Sky Holiday
Chlark, oneshot. Driven reporter Chloe Sullivan doesn't know how to relax, so Superman shows her how he takes a holiday from stress.

Call Me Kal
Kal/other, Chloe. An expansion of a Smallville comic, "Sojourn." Set between "Exodus" and "Exile." After two weeks in Metropolis, Kal finally decides to pick up a girl. But she has to be blonde and snarky, and remind him of someone he used to know...

Can't Keep My Eyes Off of You
Chlark, oneshot. A Chlarky rewrite of "Spirit."

Can't Lose You
Chlark, adult, 5000 words, 2 chapters. "What's it like to make out in a car?"

Changes in Attitudes
Chlark, adult, 8500 words, 4 chapters. Clark and Chloe begin to realize their feelings for one another.

Cherry Bomb
Kal/Chloe, adult, oneshot. Clark gets high (and horny) on ice cream. A sequel to "Cherry Red."

Cherry Red
Kal/Chloe, adult, 8 chapters. Clark inadvertently ingests red K via an energy drink called Cherry Red.

Chlark, Jimmy, Lois, Ollie. Christmas story, 18,000 words, 11 chapters. When Clark is stabbed through the chest with kryptonite, he wakes up in a future in which he's unhappily married to Lois, and Chloe is married to Jimmy.

Close Encounters
Chlark, adult, 9000 words, 7 chapters. A friendly movie night turns into something more.

Coffee Break
Chlark, oneshot. Clark brings Chloe some coffee late at night. Kissing ensues.

Come Sail Away
Chlark/Jimmy triangle, 6100 words, 5 chapters. Aliens visit Earth and offer to take Clark to a world where everyone is like him.

Chlark, adult, 8 chapters. Clark reflects on his relationship with Chloe while waiting for her to rise from the dead.

Chlark, adult, 8400 words, 5 chapters. Set during and after "Progeny." "He wasn't in love with her, damn it, and he wasn't jealous of Jimmy freaking Olsen, either."

Kal/Chloe, adult, 12,500 words, 8 chapters. Clark has developed a phobia of harming human women during sex. To get over it, he puts on his roommate's ring and goes out on the prowl to find a woman. But the woman he runs into is Chloe.

Chlark, oneshot. "Yeah, life throws you curves, but you learn to swerve." After Brainiac is removed from Chloe, she runs away, and Clark does his best to move on.

The Damage Done
Cless, Chlark, adult (nonconsensual sex and drug use). Three-part series. Tess addicts Clark to red K and sex, and it's up to Chloe to save him. The only problem is that Clark doesn't want to be saved.

Daylight Again
Chlark oneshot. Clark and Chloe sleep together, but Chloe decides it was a mistake. It's up to Clark to convince her they need to be together.

Clois, Chlark. WIP (5 chapters completed). Lois' POV. Lois tries to get Clark interested in her as a favor to Jimmy, but Clark only has eyes for Chloe.

A Dog and His Boy
Clark, Shelby (offscreen Chlark), oneshot. Clark rants about not telling Chloe how he felt after the "Vessel" kiss, and Shelby offers good advice, which Clark unfortunately can't understand.

Don't Know Much
Chlark, oneshot, 700 words. Chloe has agreed to go to the spring formal with Clark, and he's having trouble focusing on his schoolwork.

Don't Let Go
Chlark, oneshot. Rewrite of "Hex." Clark shows up at Chloe's apartment with a birthday cake and an apology.

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