Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alphabetical Listing, E-H

Note: This is not yet a complete listing.

Earth Angel
Chlark, Jor-El, oneshot. Jor-El wants grandkids.

Chlark, adult (TC), oneshot. Green K becomes an essential part of Clark and Chloe's love life.

Kid!Chlark, oneshot. Eight-year-old Clark meets a perky blonde in Metropolis.

Chlark/Jimmy triangle, adult, 11 chapters. Clark crashes Chloe's engagement party, albeit inadvertently, and she is not at all pleased.

Chlark, Jimmy, oneshot, 1700 words. Exactly who is Chloe Sullivan destined to be with?

Faking It
Chlark, adult, oneshot. "So how come you were faking it last night?" Even after they admit to their attraction and make love, Clark and Chloe still have some issues to work through.

Chlark, adult, 4000 words, 2 chapters. After "Fallout," Clark grieves for Raya, and Chloe helps him see he's not alone in the world.

A Few Precious Things
Martha, Clark and child. A stuffed toy comforts two generations of Kent boys.

Finding Herself
Chlark, Lex triangle, WIP, 4 chapters so far. An amnesiac Chloe believes herself to be Lois Lane.

The First Girl He Kissed
Chlark, oneshot. Two Chlark kisses: their first one, and the "Vessel" kiss.

First Kiss
Clark/Chlois. Clark's first kiss with "Lois Lane." Sequel to First Meeting.

First Meeting
Clark/Chlois. Clark and "Lois Lane" meet for the first time-- or do they?

Flame Red
Kal/Chloe. An expansion of "Rush," with all the making out that inexplicably got left out of the episode.

Forget Me Not
Chlark, oneshot. Clark develops a new and extremely inconvenient ability.

The Fourth
Chlark, oneshot. Clark and Chloe's fourth kiss occurs on the Fourth of July.

Freak Out
Chlark, Lex, series. WIP, three out of four stories posted. Lex has Chloe and Clark imprisoned.

Freaky Thursday
General, Clark, Lex, Chloe. Crackfic, oneshot. Clark angers Jor-El, and a horrifically unspeakable punishment is the result.

Clark/Lana, Chloe triangle. Clark's no longer in love with Lana, but he can't move on as long as she's in a catatonic state.

Chlark and the JLA, oneshot, 10,000 words. Clark helps the JLA with a ghost, and admits his feelings for Chloe.

The Girl of His Dreams
Chlark, oneshot. "He'd only been mortal for two weeks, and already he'd managed to get himself shot."

Chlark, adult, oneshot. Chloe is sweaty, and Clark is inexplicably attracted.

Gotta Be Somebody
Chlark, oneshot. Clark asks Chloe out on a date.

Gotta Lose to Win
Chlark, Jimmy, oneshot, 1000 words. Clark lets Jimmy win a basketball game.

Growing Into Her
Chlark, Lana triangle, 9200 words, 6 chapters. After Lana's death, Clark grieves, but slowly begins to realize he loves Chloe.

Hearing Things
Chlark, adult, oneshot. Clark is at a press conference, and from a hundred miles away, Chloe talks dirty to him.

Heaven Sent
Chlark, oneshot. "Never saw the chemistry that was there with you and me... it's been a long time coming." Clark finally opens his eyes and notices how sexy Chloe is.

Her Guardian Angel
Chlark, Lois, oneshot. Rewrite of "Gone." Clark finds Chloe.

Hold Onto Me
Chlark, adult, 5500 words, 4 chapters. Set during "Freak." Clark has to use his heat vision on Chloe to remove a GPS device, and afterward they cling to each other in relief.

Holding the Light
Chlark and the JLA, oneshot. The various members of the JLA come to the aid of the citizens of Metropolis.

General. Clark, oneshot. Clark is beginning to realize that the old farmhouse where he grew up is no longer truly home.

Hopelessly Devoted
Chlark, adult, 17,000 words, 11 chapters. Humorous rewrite of "Devoted."

Hot Chocolate
Chlark, oneshot. Chloe tries a new beverage... and a new guy.

Hot Lover
Chlark, adult, 6 chapters. Clark puts out a fire caused by Chloe's sex toy.

How Do You Know You're in Love?
Chlark, oneshot, 800 words. Clark returns to Metropolis and finds that what he's been looking for was right there all along.

How You Remind Me
Chlark, Jimmy triangle, 3 chapters. Clark's working in the file room of the Daily Planet, but Chloe encourages him to keep working at becoming a journalist.

Chlark, adult, 16,000 words, 8 chapters. Sequel to "Thirst." Clark is very relieved to have Chloe back safe and sound-- so relieved that he can't seem to stop touching her.

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