Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hearing Things

Clark/Chloe futurefic
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

Manip by leothelion. Used with the permission of the artist.

"So I was thinking when you get back to Metropolis, we could make love."

Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter, struggled to ignore the words, and the images they put into his head. But it wasn't easy. Both he and Chloe Sullivan had been promoted recently and had gotten private offices, and they'd taken full advantage of the privilege. He couldn't ignore the flashes of memory, the thought of her naked body sprawled out on her desk, waiting for him to kiss her... everywhere...

He shook himself mentally and turned his attention back to the governor's press conference. He was taking notes here. Yeah, funding for a new superhighway wasn't the most exciting thing in the world, but it was news. And his job-- well, one of his jobs-- was to cover the news.

He started typing in the exact amount the governor intended to set aside for the highway. He had a perfect memory, so he didn't really have to take notes, but typing them into his Blackberry helped him get his thoughts in order so he could write a coherent article.

The governor kept droning on, and Clark heard the other voice, just as clearly as if she were standing right beside him, rather than a hundred miles away.

"After that, I thought maybe we could go home and make love in the shower again," she said. "Or the bathtub. I like making love to you in the tub. With bubbles, maybe..."

Clark entered the word S-E-X into his Blackberry. He looked down, noticed what he'd done, and flushed scarlet.

Focus, he told himself. The governor. Press conference in Topeka. The new statewide gas tax. Very, very important. Boring as hell, but news nonetheless.

"Or maybe we could just stay at the Planet and do it up against the wall. I like it that way... you get so nice and deep inside me..."

Clark's cheeks went redder, because he was really hard now. He had a massive hard-on in the middle of a press conference, and if that wasn't embarrassing, he didn't know what was.

Yeah, he imagined himself saying casually. News really turns me on.

God. Was this stupid news conference ever going to be over?

It wasn't like he could superspeed back to her, anyway. He was covering this conference with Jimmy Olsen, who was a short distance away, taking photos. He could get back to Metropolis in two seconds flat, but he certainly wasn't going to make love to her in two seconds, and Jimmy might notice if he was gone very long.

So after this stupid, boring, tedious press conference, he had a two-hour car ride to look forward to. He wondered if he could survive two hours, or if he'd just explode from the pressure.

"I thought maybe I'd go down on you, the way you like." Her voice was sultry in his ear. "I'll kneel at your feet and take you into my mouth and--"

She was going to regret this, damn it. He was going to make her pay for this in a big way. When he got back to Metropolis, he was damn well going to screw her senseless.

Yeah, that'd teach her a lesson, all right.

The governor finally stopped answering questions, and Clark blew out his breath in a sigh of immense relief. "Excuse me," he said, starting to shove his way through the crowd.

He couldn't wait, damn it. Not with her continuing to whisper dirty things that he could hear just as clearly as if she stood next to him, whispering into his ear. Her voice was low and sultry and dripping with the promise of sex, and every word she spoke made him hotter.

And harder. He was very, very hard.

He decided he didn't care what Jimmy thought. He blurred into superspeed.

"...until you come in my mouth," she was saying as he burst through the door of her office.

She'd been seated in front of her computer, typing, and she looked up with a slow, sexy smile.

"Took you long enough," she said.

Once he'd gone into superspeed, it had taken him precisely 1.7 seconds to get to Metropolis. He growled with annoyance, closing the door behind him and locking it.

And then he lifted her right off her desk chair and shoved her against the nearest wall.

"Time for you to deliver on your promises, Chloe," he told her.

"Oh, believe me," she said, her voice a sensual purr that brushed over his senses like velvet. "I intend to deliver. On everything."

"After everything you said to me," he answered, "you damn well better."

"I will. Trust me." She rubbed against him seductively. "So what do you want me to do first?"

He pulled her against him harder, burying his face in her hair.

"I don't care," he answered. "Anything. Everything. But whatever you do, Chlo... don't stop talking."

-The End-


Anonymous said...

Wow Elly, that was hot and so funny! Great job


angelbsb said...

that was so funny . loved how chloe teased clark and then he left poor jimmy there not lol.

DeeDee said...

I honestly think this is my favourite fanfic of yours EVER!!! It's fun, flirty...and *HAWT* as hell!!! Sheer brilliance - but then, you always are top of your game!

One small nitpick: Para 15, Line 2 should read 'his ear' instead of 'her ear.'

Absolutely wonderful work, Elly!


CainaFuller said...

That wasn't just funny, it was hot and sultry. I loved it!

dimeo782006 said...

Dear Elly ,
I come from kryptonsite , which is where i first noticed your stories and you also inspired me to start writing fan fics about chlark . I loved this story , while i was reading it i stated chewing on my lips lol ! anyway it was hot and very cute, i wrote my first fan fic and it is in two parts . if you ever get a chance i woule be honored if you would tell me what you think . I plan on following season 8 and making my own take on it as the season progresses. the story is good but gets sad at some points , but it will be continued. anyway i love your stories . take care . Michelle

chloista4ever said...

I have been reading again all of your fics darling with the objective to find my muse again and keep writing, particularly i love this one shot story it's what i wish for Clark and Chloe's future but crapville just ruined everything, please Elly keep your work!