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Alphabetical Listing, Q-T

Note: This is not yet a complete listing.

Chlark, adult, oneshot. Five quirks about Chloe that Clark can't resist.

Chlark, oneshot, adult. Sequel to Wet. Clark can't get the memories of his hot makeout session with Chloe out of his head.

Real Gone
Chlark, oneshot. During "Promise," Clark stands at the back of the church staring... but not at Lana.

Red Hot
Kal/Chloe, adult. Three-part series. Clark picks up a piece of red K to give himself the nerve to approach Chloe, and vast quantities of sex is the result.

Red Star
Kal/Chloe, other. Adult, WIP, 4 chapters so far. Chloe comes to Gotham City to find Clark, and discovers he's working for a well-known billionaire.

Chlark, oneshot. Chloe is dead, and Clark grieves... until he hears her voice calling for him.

Clark/Ollie, adult, oneshot. An expansion of "Odyssey." Ollie brings Clark home.

Rising Star
General, Chloe, Clark, Kahn. Oneshot. Over the years, Chloe Sullivan develops a love for reporting.

Room 101
General fic, Clark, Jor-El. Oneshot. "The thing that is in room 101 is the worst thing in the world." Clark faces the hardest part of his training.

Ruby Red
Kal/Chloe, adult, 6 chapters. Chloe and Jimmy get engaged... but Chloe's "ruby" engagement ring has an unexpected effect on Clark.

Saving Me
Chlark, 19,000 words, 11 chapters. When Chloe is in danger, Clark rushes to her aid... but before long it's Clark who needs saving. Trust Me, Book 1.

Say My Name
Chlark, adult, oneshot. At night, Clark can hear Chloe saying his name... and a whole lot more, besides.

Saying Goodbye
Chlark, adult, 8000 words, 4 chapters. After "Kara," Clark intends to leave for his training, and finally gets around to telling Chloe so.

Chlark, oneshot. Clark and Chloe have just started dating, and Chloe thinks they should be doing something a little more romantic than playing Scrabble.

Chlark, adult, oneshot. On Halloween, Clark and Chloe make each other scream.

Chlark, oneshot. Over the years, Clark and Chloe keep each other's secrets.

Seeing Red
Kal/Chloe, adult, 8 chapters. Clark ingests red K and goes on a kissing spree... but when he runs into Chloe, he doesn't stop at just kissing. A story based on "Crimson" spoilers, written before the episode aired.

Send Me an Angel
Chlark, oneshot. In the future, Clark regrets his decision to isolate himself from humanity, and wishes for someone to help him.

Sex in an Elevator
Chlark, adult, oneshot. What should have happened in "Bound."

Sexually Transmitted Disasters
Chlark, oneshot. The subtitle says it all: 5 reasons why sex with a Kryptonian can be hazardous to your health.

Shades of White
Chlark, Perry. Four-part series. When Perry White realizes that Superman and mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent are one and the same, he has a serious decision to make.

Sharing a Brain
Chlark, adult, oneshot. A LuthorCorp device causes Clark and Chloe to fuse together mentally, laying all their desires bare.

She Could Be You
Chlark, oneshot. In an alternate universe, Clark is irresistibly drawn to a woman he's never met.

Chlark, oneshot, 2100 words. "When his girlfriend hung up on him, Clark Kent knew he was in trouble." Clark freezes up and can't say those three little words back to Chloe.

Chlark, drabble, 100 words. Halloween is a night for sin.

Siren Song
Clark, Ollie, offscreen Chlark. Ollie's POV. Ollie realizes how much Clark cares for Chloe when Clark confronts him in "Siren."

Sitting Next to Lois Lane
Clark, Lois, offscreen Chlark. While waiting for their airplane to take off, Clark and Lois bicker, and come to some realizations about their lives.

Chlark, oneshot. Clark proves to Chloe that he's a hot kisser.

Chlark, oneshot. After his training, Clark is afraid to leave the Fortress and return to the real world.

Somebody Who Loves Me
Chimmy/Clark triangle, oneshot, 1000 words. Clark realizes he loves Chloe, but he also realizes she loves Jimmy.

Something Old
Chlark/Jimmy triangle, oneshot. Clark reflects on his decision to have Jor-El remove Chloe's memories of his secret.

The Sounds of Silence
Chlark, adult, oneshot. While investigating, Clark and Chloe have to duck into a dark coat closet, and they wind up pressed close together. Very close.

Chlark, adult, oneshot. Clark's heat vision is on the fritz, and Chloe helps him with "repairs."

Chlark, Madeline, adult (nonconsensual sex, TC). 17,000 words, 8 chapters. A rewrite of "Spell."

Spread Your Wings
Chlark, oneshot, 2200 words. "So are you working on the flying thing?"

Storybook Love
Chlark, AU. WIP, 17 chapters so far. Clark and Chloe in a medieval setting, battling Prince Lex and giant green lizards.

Straight Into My Heart
Chlark, adult, 4 chapters. Lana had wanted Bizarro because he was willing to put the world aside for her. Chloe, Clark knew, wouldn't want that.

Stray Cat Strut
Kal/Chloe, adult, long oneshot. Kal encounters Chloe at Atlantis, and decides he wants her. The fact that she's there with a date is irrelevant.

Sullivan Kent
Sullivan Kent, Chloe, others. Ongoing series. A few months after Superman is killed, his son tries on the iconic costume. But a goofoff college kid could never fill those big red boots... could he?

Sunset Red
Kal/Chloe, adult, 6 chapters. Dissatisfied with the state of their relationship, Lana slips red K into Clark's pocket... but instead of having sex with her, he goes off to have sex with Chloe.

A Superhero Looks at Forty
Chlark, oneshot. Clark celebrates his fortieth birthday party and reflects.

Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen
Clark and Jimmy (offscreen Chimmy), oneshot. Jimmy begins to realize just how lonely Clark is.

Supermen Prefer Blondes
Chlark, oneshot. Clark is so focused on his work saving the world that he hardly seems to notice his wife any more. Chloe decides to change that.

The Superpower of Sexiness
Chlark, adult, oneshot. Clark finally realizes that Chloe's superpower is "pure, one hundred percent, undistilled sexiness."

Chlark, adult, oneshot. Clark wants a sexy surprise for his birthday. Chloe delivers.

Tabula Rasa
Chlark, oneshot. "He didn't know her at all, but he trusted her." An expansion of a scene in "Blank."

Chlark, oneshot. After Chloe and Jimmy break up in "Turbulence," Chloe cries, and Clark comforts her.

Chloe/Tess, oneshot. "I need your talents, Ms. Sullivan."

Thank God I'm a Country Boy
Chlark, oneshot. Clark brings his family back to the Kent Farm to rest and recharge.

Thinking About It
Chlark, adult, 8200 words, 4 chapters. Set after "Crimson": “Do you really think of me as some sort of backup girlfriend?”

This Ever Changing World
Chlark angst, adult, oneshot. Clark and Chloe finally give in to their attraction and make love... but is it too late for them?

This Moment to Arise
Chlark, oneshot. Chloe's in danger, and in order to save her, Clark learns a new skill.

Three Dances
Chlark, oneshot. Three dances Chlark share over the years. Clark Kent will never be Chloe's... will he?

Time in a Bottle
Chlark, adult, 5 chapters. After the events of "Cure," Clark is shaken up. "His chest heaved with panic as he realized how close he'd come to losing her. Again."

Chlark, adult, oneshot. Superman is exposed to a toxin which makes him wildly interested in sex.

The True One
Chlark, oneshot. Clark gives Chloe a special bracelet for her birthday.

Trust Is Forever
Chlark, oneshot. Chloe trusts Clark to save her.

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