Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Sounds of Silence

Season 8, some spoilers
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Screencap from Dynamic Duo.
Based on a prompt by chloista4ever.

It was pitch dark in the closet, and Chloe Sullivan couldn't see a thing. But she could feel the heat of Clark Kent's big body, pressed right up against her own. She wiggled slightly, trying to hear what was going on outside, and his arm tightened around her.

"Hold still," he hissed in her ear.

She guessed he was worried about her making some sound that would be noticed by Tess Mercer, the new CEO of LuthorCorp and the person they were currently investigating. And he had a point-- getting found here would be bad news. Clark could get fired, and they could both be arrested for trespassing. She'd had enough of being in jail, thank you very much.

So she held still, and listened.

Most of her attention was focused outside, in the hopes of hearing some snippet of conversation-- although of course Clark could hear a hundred times more clearly than she could. But a little part of her brain was very aware of his big, solid, warm body, right up against hers.

We should hang out in closets more often, she thought.

The closet was seriously lacking in space. There were boxes of supplies stacked on the floor, and a selection of power suits hanging from a rack, and as a consequence there was barely enough space for her and Clark to stand. You'd think a CEO would have more closet space, she grumbled to herself.

But she didn't mind being so close to Clark. The two of them had investigated together for years, and had found themselves in tight quarters before.

Maybe not quite this tight, though.

Clark's arm was still around her waist. She leaned back against him, just a tiny bit, and his arm tightened around her.

He was so warm. So solid. A rock a girl could lean on. A shoulder she could rest her head on. A man she could depend on.

He was very, very solid. In fact...

She realized with a start that he was more solid than usual. Against her ass, she could feel the unmistakable shape and heat of an erection.

Apparently Clark liked the way she felt, too.

She tried to ignore it. After all, they were a man and a woman in a closet together, pressed right up against each other. Naturally his body was going to react. But it didn't mean anything.

Except... wow, he was big.

She smacked herself mentally for the thought. Clark was her friend. She was not supposed to be ogling him, or checking out the size of his package.

Anyway, she'd always figured he was big. Not that she'd ever really thought about it. Of course not.

But she'd been right. Because he was really, really...

Shut up, she told her rambling brain. Suddenly a lot more than a little part of her brain seemed to be focused on Clark. Thoughts of him had somehow taken over her mind entirely. But she wasn't here to think about Clark, even if he did feel incredible.

They were here to try to get information on what Tess Mercer was up to. Somehow, some way, Chloe was determined to get the Daily Planet out of the hands of LuthorCorp. She'd worked at the Planet till last summer, when she'd been fired unjustly, and she still loved the place like most people loved their significant others. Clark was working here now, and when she'd found some information about Tess' shady business practices, she'd brought it to Clark, and the two of them had snuck into Tess' office to investigate... only to get caught when Tess returned from lunch early.

For some reason, Clark hadn't heard Tess approaching till the last minute, despite his superhearing. So they'd ducked into Tess' closet, and now they were stuck here, while Tess sat at her desk and filed her nails, or something equally earth-shaking.

Chloe was bored. There were times when investigative reporting mostly consisted of waiting around and being bored, and this was definitely one of those times. This was booooring, so damn dull she had to add a bunch of o's to the word to convey just how boring it really was.

The investigative reporter in her wanted to start going through the boxes on the floor and see if they were really just filled with blank paper, or something more incriminating, but she didn't dare make a sound. Besides, it was black as sin in here. Right now, there wasn't a thing she could do except stand and wait.

Still, if she had to be stuck in a closet, pressed up against a masculine form, this was definitely the form she'd pick.

She shoved that thought away, too. Sure, Clark was a hunk, but he wasn't the physical type she went for. She'd been dating Jimmy Olsen for two years, and even though they were broken up now, he was the type she went for-- slim, not too tall, and a little geeky. Clark was way too big and muscular for her taste, physically speaking.

Yeah, right. She let herself lean against him just a little more. Who was she kidding? Clark was the most gorgeous physical specimen she'd ever seen in her life.

Which figured, since he wasn't merely human, but superhuman.

If anything, he was bigger than before, and she felt him press into her just a bit. She moved against him very slightly, and felt rather than heard a low rumble in his chest.

She did it again, and a shudder ran through his big frame.

I'm a bad girl, she thought, but without much remorse. Clark's my friend, and I shouldn't-- I shouldn't--

But she was anyway. And Clark didn't seem to mind. His body was moving against hers now, very slightly, and she could hear the grinding of his teeth as he fought not to make a sound.

I'm taking advantage of him, she thought, but dismissed the concern almost instantly. Clark was a big boy, emotionally as well as physically, and if he didn't want to do this, he was perfectly capable of pushing her away. The closet wasn't very big, but it was big enough that he could shove her away a few inches if he wanted to.

But it was obvious that he didn't want to.

She could hear the raspy, harsh sound of his breathing. He was so hard she could feel his erection branding her right through her jeans and his dress slacks, and she felt a response in her own body, a growing heat between her thighs. It felt good. She couldn't think of the last time just being next to a guy had turned her on this much. With Jimmy, it had taken a half hour of foreplay for her to get ready for sex.

With Clark, apparently it took ten seconds of pressing against him.

She leaned her head back against his shoulder and sighed, very softly. He'd known her a long, long time, and he seemed to interpret the little sound easily enough. His arm loosened around her, and then his big hand slid down her abdomen and right between her legs.

She jumped a little, startled at his lack of subtlety. Ordinarily, Clark wasn't the kind of guy who just grabbed a girl that way. But he was obviously pretty turned on. And so was she, she realized hazily as his hand began to move there, easing the ache.

Ordinarily she would have moaned out his name. She wasn't the quiet type-- in fact, she was something of a screamer-- and the words Oh yes oh yes Clark yessss... rose to her lips automatically. But she bit them back, because Tess was still out there, sitting at her desk and shuffling papers.

But Chloe couldn't stop the trembling of her body, or prevent herself from gasping a little, and Clark apparently took that as confirmation that he was doing it right. He moved his hand a little faster, and she arched her head back and gave into the pleasure flooding her nervous system.

Jimmy had never affected her this way, never. Already she was so close to a climax that her body quivered all over. Her skin heated up, and her muscles tensed. She felt a clenching deep inside her abdomen, a taut knot that grew tighter with every stroke of his fingers. He was touching her through her jeans, and yet it felt so intense he might as well have been touching her clit directly. She wondered if he could feel how hot she was, if he knew how wet she was.

He buried his face in her hair and gave a low growl of pleasure, and she smiled into the darkness. He knew.

His body was rubbing against hers urgently, his hips rocking against her so hard he might have knocked her over if he hadn't been holding her upright. She could feel him against her, hotter and more solid than ever, and she heard the soft, frantic rasp of his breathing. She turned her head and pressed her ear against his chest, listening to the rapid thunder of his heartbeat.

Part of her wished she could hear him crying out, but part of her thought it was hotter to hear him struggling to restrain himself verbally, while his body betrayed his arousal in myriad ways. He was silent-- and yet, he wasn't. His breathing and his pounding heart and the almost inaudible growls he made gave away what he was feeling.

Even in the silence, she could tell how much he wanted her.

His hand moved faster, and suddenly the knot inside her clenched so tightly she couldn't bear it a second longer. She threw back her head, gritting her teeth, and barely managed to hold back a cry of ecstasy as fire exploded deep inside her body. The flames seemed to rush from her center outward, until they consumed all of her, filling her with blissful heat.

Behind her, she felt him shuddering frantically, felt the rhythm of his hips stutter wildly, and she knew he was coming too. His hips jerked against her a few more times, really hard, and then he froze. For a long, shuddering moment he was perfectly still except for the involuntary trembling of his body and the violent jerking of his cock. She could feel the tension in his muscles, could hear the sound of his teeth grinding together, and she knew he was caught in the grip of a fierce orgasm.

At last he sank back against the wall, his face buried in her hair as he panted for breath.

She leaned back against him, breathing in the warm, earthy scent of his come, feeling the hot dampness of his skin where his hands gripped her. She closed her eyes, and for a long moment, they just stood there, his arms wrapped around her, her head resting on his shoulder.

They were just friends. They'd always been just friends. And yet this moment of warm, intimate silence felt so right it brought tears to her eyes.

At last he spoke, his voice rough and low. His deep voice sounded very loud in the stillness. "Tess is gone."

She blinked. She'd been so occupied she hadn't heard Tess move, let alone walk out of her office. Some investigative reporter I am, she thought wryly. Letting myself get distracted by a sexy guy.

"Are you sure?" she whispered.

In the darkness, she couldn't see his amused grin, but she could imagine it easily enough. "Remember who you're talking to, Chlo?"

"Oh," she said, feeling stupid. "Yeah. I guess you'd know. Except... well, you know, you didn't notice her coming until she was practically on top of us. Maybe she has some sort of sound-muffling power..."

"Uh, no." He cleared his throat, sounding embarrassed. "The truth is... well, I was a little, uh, distracted by that shirt you're wearing."

Wow. She felt her mouth drop open. She was wearing a lowcut pink shirt, but even so, it hadn't occurred to her that he'd had been entertaining any sort of interest in her until they'd gotten in the closet together. The idea that he'd been staring at her cleavage earlier took her by surprise.

Apparently she wasn't the only investigative reporter who could get distracted by thoughts of sex.

And apparently it wasn't just the darkness and the silence and the nearness to a feminine body that had turned him on.

It was her.

Nothing so sexual had ever happened between them before, and she wasn't sure what to expect now. She wondered if things would be different between them when she opened the door and they stepped back into their normal, everyday life. She wondered if they'd admit to the attraction that had been simmering between them for a long time and continue to explore it, or if they'd just sweep it under the rug and tacitly agree to ignore it again.

She wondered if their relationship had just changed for good, or if this had been one of those moments they'd both pretend had never happened.

There was only one way to find out.

She pushed the door open, and let the light flood in.

-The End-


DeeDee said...

Aw, this ended too soon! I want a sequel! Please? Pretty please?? With ice cream & sugar on it? And a cherry?? And chocolate sprinkles??!

I hope something like this happens on the show this season. They've been playing Chlark pretty chaste fo the past two seasons!

Great work, Elly!


Anonymous said...

loved it.I hope you consider writing another part to this I'd love to read that as well

Anonymous said...

Great! So damn hot!!! Sequel!!!!!


Anonymous said...

omg elly .please write a sequal to this . i want to know what happens after they leave the closet .

Anonymous said...

OMG, OMG, OMG Elly darling you made me so happy when i went to your blog and i found this story :) yay!!!! this was my chlarky smut dream come true ahhhh!! i'm glad that my idea made you write again chlarky smut ;) if you want more ideas i could give you more, just ask? ;)


worias said...

Elly, I third, or fourth, or whatever a sequel to this. It was incredibly hot but also left me wondering what was going to happen between them. I need closure dagnabit! I really love that Clark was distracted by the Chloevage, it has a power all its own. And in the intensity of all that tension trapped in silence was golden.

Anonymous said...

HOT! Great story, unbeliavably smutty! The darkness and the danger just up the whole tension and hotness!!

Trying to keep quiet, in the darkness... Yeah, it's a lot more common than one would realise. Movie theaters (out of many other settings) come to mind... *blushes*

Anyway, I need to know what happens next!! Please! Maybe Clark can't resist the Chloevage and they can have sex on Tess' desk or something... =)

I 6th or 7th a sequel. With lots of chocolate sprinkles!

Fantastic as always,

MK Piatkowski said...

Wow Elly, this was hot, hot, hot! Love the play of darkness and silence with growing arousal. You do smut so well. I'm so in awe of your talent.

CT said...

This was brilliant, Elly! I do hope you'll do a sequel. The Silence of Sound or something, LOL. Let us know what happens in the light.

GREAT story!

Anonymous said...

I also vote for a sequel. Please, please, please???


Susana said...

Oh wow... that was extremely STEAMY! Good piece of writing. I loved the tension between the two while being stuck in a closet together.

Please write a sequel... I'm wondering what poor Clark did with his soaked dress slacks.

Thanks Elly for you hard work!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone, especially Susana. LOL That's gotta be uncomfortable.


Anonymous said...

oh wow that hit a kink i never noticed i had before. bravo!!!