Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alphabetical Listing, I-L

Note: This is not yet a complete listing.

I Believe
Chlark, adult, WIP (1 chapter posted so far). Clark tries to come to grips with his conflicting feelings about Lionel.

I Grieve
Chlark, adult, 10,500 words, 5 chapters. After the events of "Reckoning," Clark is grieving, and Chloe comforts him.

I Had Sex With a Space Alien
Chlark, adult, 11,500 words, 7 chapters. Do Kryptonians have three penises? Prehensile penises? Heat vision orgasms? Our intrepid investigative reporter wants to find out!

I Open My Eyes
Chlark, oneshot. Expansion of a scene in "Recruit." Chloe falls for Clark.

I Remember
Martha, Chlark, oneshot. On her son's wedding day, Martha Kent thinks back over how Clark fell for Chloe.

I Will Hear You
Chlark, oneshot. "Chloe, when you yell for help, I hear you. It doesn't matter where I am."

I'm Your Angel
Chlark, oneshot, 6500 words. Rewrite and role reversal of my story "You're My Angel" and the episode "Devoted." This time, Clark's the one stripping on stage.

In His Dreams
Chlark, adult, oneshot. When Clark has bad dreams, Chloe is there to comfort him.

Incredibles crossover. Chlark, Bob Parr, oneshot. Mr. Incredible gives Superman relationship advice while the two of them battle a giant robot.

The Illusion of Now
Chlark, Zatanna. Angst, oneshot. Can an illusion replace the person you loved the most?

It Might Be You
Chlark, oneshot. "Let's be a couple, just for Valentine's Day."

It's Always You
Chlark, oneshot. After the events of "Obscura," Clark has a revelation.

Jimmy Olsen's Blues
Chimmy/Clark triangle, four-part series, 11,000 words. Jimmy Olsen comes to town and falls for Chloe Sullivan, the girl he lost his virginity to. But he slowly begins to realize that her heart's already taken.

Chlark, oneshot. Expansion of "Arrival."

Just Do It
Clex, adult, oneshot. Clark and Lex go to bed together for the first time. Sequel to "Making a Pass."

Just Say the Word
Chlark, Jimmy, oneshot, 2100 words. After Chloe and Jimmy break up, Clark offers platonic comfort.

Chlark, Jimmy, adult, 7000 words, 5 chapters. Clark is annoyed when Chloe stands him up for a friendly dinner so she can go on a date with Jimmy. He kidnaps her, and their quarrel turns to sex.

The Kiss
Chlark, oneshot. The "Vessel" kiss, from Chloe's point of view.

A Kiss is Just a Kiss
Chlark, Lollie, oneshot, 1800 words. Ollie and Clark talk about Clark's feelings for Chloe.

Kiss Me, You Fool
Chlark, oneshot. In eighth grade, Clark asks Chloe to help him to learn how to kiss.

Kiss the Girl
Sully/Barri, Chloe. Oneshot, part of the Sully Kent series. Sullivan comes home from his training, confronts his angry mother, and realizes how much he missed Barri.

Kryptonian Boys Are Easy
Chlark, adult, 9000 words, 5 chapters. Chloe offers Clark a night of no-strings-attached sex for his birthday.

Chlark angst, oneshot. "If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman?" Clark's in Belle Reve, but Chloe still comes to visit him every day.

Kryptonite (Alternate Ending)
Chlark, oneshot. A rewrite of my story "Kryptonite," but with a happier ending.

Chlark, adult, oneshot. After the events of "Labyrinth," Clark is so relieved to see Chloe he makes love to her.

Chlark, adult, 4 chapters. Lana is dead, and Clark and Chloe turn to each other for comfort.

Lane Change
Chloe, Lois, offscreen Chlark, oneshot. Lois is so desperate to get a big story that she looks for leads on Chloe's computer. What she finds there shocks her.

Let Me In
Chlark, adult, 7000 words, 3 chapters. Clark is horrified by what he's seen in "Static," and Chloe helps comfort him.

Let Me Go
Clark/Lana, offscreen Chlark. "You love me but you don't know who I am... so let me go, let me go..."

Chlark, Lois triangle, oneshot. At Chloe's wedding, Clark remembers a night when he almost kissed her, and in his loneliness turns to another woman.

Letting Go
Chlark angst, oneshot. The intimacy that they once shared is gone, leaving only an echo of their friendship in its place.

Light On
Chlark, oneshot, 303 words. "Millions of lights illuminated Metropolis at night. But only one really mattered to him."

Like a Prayer
Chlark, oneshot. "They beat her every day. And every day, she mumbles his name under her breath, pleading for help that never comes."

Long, Long Way From Home
Chlark, oneshot. Chlark has arrived in Metropolis, and Chloe lets him stay in her apartment.

Look Among You
General fic, Clark. A clergyman remembers Superman's arrival in Metropolis.

Lux Aeterna
Chlark, Lana triangle, adult, 3 chapters. After Clark loses Lana for the last time, he grieves, and Chloe comforts him. But she needs comforting, too.

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