Thursday, June 12, 2008

Red Star

Chapter 2
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Season 8
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

She found him in Gotham City.

It had taken a month of searching, of combing news articles for a hint of him, of contacting every last source she had, but at last, she'd found him.

Well... she hadn't exactly found him, per se. But she knew he was somewhere in the city. Now all she had to do was figure out exactly where he was living. She had a general idea, but finding him might take days. And that thought depressed her.

The truth was that she wasn't fond of Gotham. The buildings were as tall as the ones in Metropolis, but darker somehow, more ominous. They squatted over the streets oppressively, casting charcoal shadows. The city's sky seemed to be perpetually gray with smog, never letting the sun through. And the people who walked the streets all looked grim.

Metropolis was a city of light. But Gotham-- Gotham was a city of perpetual twilight.

Not the place I'd pick for a vacation, personally, she thought. But to each his own.

She knew he was living in one of the nicer areas of town. Of course he was. When he was like this, he didn't deny himself anything. But even here, where the most prominent citizens of the city lived, the people looked sullen and unhappy.

She walked down the crowded sidewalk, head downbent, trying to avoid looking into the eyes of people she passed, because it depressed her. Suddenly she ran into something that felt a lot like a brick wall.

Gasping a little at the impact, she reeled back, looking up at a very tall man with dark hair, massive shoulders, and a broad chest. The chest was what she'd collided with, and her nose had only barely survived the experience. She rubbed it.

The dark-haired man looked down at her with a supercilious smirk.

"Miss Sullivan," he said in a deep, resonant voice. "I've been awaiting your arrival."

She gaped at him for a very long moment, stunned momentarily into silence, because he wasn't the man she'd been looking for. His sudden appearance startled her, and the fact that he knew her name shocked her even more.

At last she found her voice.

"You're Bruce Wayne," she said.

Read Chapter 2 here.


Anonymous said...

ooh! good beginning
can't wait to see what you do
with Kal, Chloe and Bruce


Anonymous said...

ooooh! can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

i sound like a total dipstick but who is Bruce Wayne?

Frostykist said...

~squeal~ give me more ~squeal~

Anonymous said...

omg a three way between kal,chloe and bruce . there will not be any slash will there or will it be m/f/m . please do not be offened i'm just curios is all.

Elly said...

I'm not offended, angel, since I did write a threesome with Clark, Chloe and Ollie. But I wasn't planning on this being a threesome, just Clark/Bruce friendship.

Anonymous, Bruce Wayne is Batman's alter ego.

Anonymous said...

that a relife elly .glad your not mad. oh ok i was wondering .it'a a great story.

Anonymous said...

*major effing SQUEE*

I cannot WAIT to read more!

erika said...

that was fricken awesome!
i hope you update soon as this looks like it'll be seriously kick ass

Elly said...

As it happens, Erika, I just updated. I also put a link to Chapter 2, which I had forgotten to add before. So there are two more chapters available now:-). Thanks for the feedback!

DeeDee said...

I LOVE where this is going! I know you'll do it justice, Elly!