Friday, May 30, 2008

Tabula Rasa

Season 4, "Blank"
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

He didn't know her at all, but he trusted her.

"Here," she said, handing him a metal rod. A crowbar, he thought it was called. "Bend this."

He looked at it doubtfully. He might not remember who he was, but he did know people couldn't bend stuff like this.

"This is metal, uh, Chloe," he answered. She'd told him her name was Chloe Sullivan, as if he ought to know it, but he didn't. Then again, he hadn't known his own name, either. "I can't bend this."

She sat down on a stack of hay bales, a faint smile playing around her mouth. "Just like you can’t pull a door off its hinges, right? Come on, Clark. Try it."

Still dubious, he lifted the rod in his hands and applied pressure.

It bent into an upside-down U as readily as if it had been clay. He stared at it, blinking stupidly.

At last he said, "How did I do that?"

Her smile grew just a little wider. "Why did I always picture myself on the other end of this conversation?" He stared at her blankly, uncertain what she meant, and she patted the hay next to her. "Come here, Clark. Sit."

He only hesitated a moment, then settled down next to her. There was something oddly comfortable about sitting next to her, and he wondered if they sat like this often, if they talked a lot. He hadn't felt any real sense of familiarity with the loud, mouthy brunette in the kitchen, but this girl-- she felt far more familiar to him than anything else did.

"Smallville was hit with the world’s biggest meteor shower when you were little." Her statement sounded totally irrelevant to his question, and he stared at her, bewildered. She went on. "Now, I know this sounds way out there, but some of the meteor rocks have had an, uh, extraterrestrial effect on certain people in the town." A long pause ensued, during which she clearly steeled herself to say something. At last she just blurted it out. "It’s my theory that you were one of them."

Extraterrestrial. He didn't like that word, not at all. A terrible sensation coiled in his chest, the sudden dreadful fear that he was so different from her, from everyone on the planet, that he might never fit in.

"Extraterrestrial powers?" he repeated. "You mean I’m some sort of alien?"

"No," she answered at once, her tone reassuring. His face must have given away his horrified first reaction, because she reached out and patted his shoulder gently in a comforting gesture. "No, of course not. You're obviously human, Clark. You're just..."

"A mutant?"

"Well...yeah." He must have still looked distressed, because she went on hastily, "Who has saved my life on more than one occasion. See... you’ve sort of taken it upon yourself to be Smallville’s self-appointed hero. And if you ask me, I think that that is amazing."

Her voice dropped, becoming soft, almost reverent. He studied her, seeing the very real respect and affection on her face. It was obvious to him that this girl really liked him a lot, even if he was a mutant or a freak or whatever.

Suddenly he remembered how she'd grabbed a peanut butter jar away from him in the kitchen and said, too brightly, I’m going to take him up to the barn, see if anything up there jogs his memory. Clearly the brunette didn't know he was a mutant.

Which meant that this girl-- Chloe-- was trying to keep his secrets from the world, even when he didn't know what his own secrets were. She'd been afraid he'd give himself away by displaying his strength, so she'd protected him.

He couldn't help but wonder how many times she'd protected him in the past.

He stood up, still holding the crowbar, and looked down on her. She gazed up at him, and the friendship and trust were still clear in her expression. There was nothing at all in her clear eyes that hinted, You're a freak and you scare me. There was only an unmistakable affection.

He stared into her hazel eyes, feeling like he might fall into them. An hour ago, he'd found himself alone and lost in a world he didn't remember-- but suddenly he didn't feel quite so alone any more.

He thought he could look into her eyes forever, but at last he consciously forced himself to look away.

"We must have been pretty good friends if I trusted you with all this," he said, his voice low.

She stood up, and suddenly he realized how small she was. She was small and fragile, and yet she was protecting him, and he had the odd conviction that she always did.

"Actually," she said, "you didn’t."

He looked back at her, suddenly dismayed, suddenly wondering why he hadn't trusted her, wondering what kind of friend he was. She waved a hand in a no-big-deal gesture.

"It’s okay," she assured him. "I mean, you were just protecting yourself. A lot of people would betray you if they knew."

He gazed into her clear eyes for a long moment. At last he said, "But you wouldn’t. Would you?"

"Never," she said, softly but with great conviction.

He didn't know her at all, but he trusted her. And he believed her without question.

He wasn't sure of anything else in this world, but he was absolutely certain that Chloe Sullivan would never betray him.

-The End-


limelightt said...

And this is why you should never stop writing SV fiction. You really are number one when it comes to the Chlark. I don't get to read fanfic as often as i used to, or want to, but i always know that reading anthing you write will never be a waste of time.

You get these characters, you write as though you, yourself, created them...and no matter what you write, long or short, it's plausible, its beliveable, it could happen in SV! (if only you were one of the writers *g*) heee!

I think, seeing as i find myself with a while to spare i will go read some more of your shorts! :)

Adrienne said...

I adore it when fanfics are written in Clark's perspective. It adds a different flavour to the writing. Also you wrote Clark's Blank state really well. I've never seen this episode, but gosh do I want to. Also I so incredibly want to read a fanfic where Clark fully contemplates Chloe doing all of this. hint hint
Just as a little side note, Thank you for being such an awesome writer. I couldn't possibly update and post as much as you do. You probably post more times in a week more than I do in half a year. So thank you for satisfying my Chlark addiction!

DeeDee said...

This is one of my favourite pieces of SV dialogue, and I simply LOVE how you've expanded on it and taken us into the character's minds.

It's official Elly - YOU are the only reason I still have faith that SV writers will do the right thing for Chlark in Season 8. Thanks for giving me hope!


Katie said...

I gladly second that Elly... the only reason I still have faith is because of you if the writers even had half of your talent it would be enough to carry Season 8!

blackheart_me said...

LOVE how you go into his POV. Yep he feels comfy with her as he should *grin* "He didn't know her at all, but he trusted her. And he believed her without question." I really love how you use these lines to express their relationship. Even when he had amnesia he trusted her, and I love that ^_^

Now wouldn't it be messed up if the writers make Chloe betray him so they can get rid of Chloe? :(