Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Season 6, after "Hydro" (based on spoilers)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Screencap by SVfan.

"My boyfriend is not the Green Arrow."

Clark Kent looked up from the game of gin rummy he was playing with his friend Chloe Sullivan. "Uh... what made you think he was, Lois?"

"Well, I had my suspicions," Lois Lane said brightly, bouncing up the remaining stairs and into his loft. "I mean, they both came to town around the same time, and Green Arrow's using a lot of pretty expensive toys, so it made sense he might be a billionaire. But he's definitely not Ollie."

"Are you sure about that?" Chloe asked. Clark gave her a warning glare, but she smiled innocently at him.

"Definitely," Lois answered. "Trust me. I kissed him to find out, and I'm certain. He's a way hotter kisser than Ollie ever was."

Chloe shot a startled look at Clark, and he could feel his cheeks begin to burn a bright red. Fortunately the lighting in the loft was dim, and Lois didn't notice. Not that Lois ever really looked at him anyway.

"Sounds like a good investigation technique," Chloe said. Clark could see the smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

"You laugh. But it worked. That guy is definitely not Ollie." Her eyes went dreamy. "I'm going to figure out who he is, though. Trust me."

"Attagirl. That's the spirit." Chloe held up her cards. "You want us to deal you in?"

"No thanks, cuz. Martha and I talked for a while, but now I'm heading back to the Talon. I just wanted to know if you want to come along, or if you're going to bum a ride off Smallville later."

"Uh... I think I'll get Clark to drive me back. Thanks."

"Later," Lois said, with a genuine smile for her cousin and a brief smirk for Clark. Then she disappeared down the staircase. Clark listened as her footsteps went down the stairs and out of the barn.

Once she was gone, he finally managed to look up from his cards. Chloe was grinning widely.

"She kissed you," she said. "How interesting. You seem to have left this part out when you were telling me about your little misadventure earlier."

"Well... you know," he said, mortified. He was pretty sure his cheeks were about to go up in flames. "She thought I was Ollie."

"Oh, my God." She burst into giggles, throwing herself back against the couch cushions and covering her face. Clark groaned, giving serious consideration to hiding under the couch. He didn't much like being laughed at, even though he had to admit it was kind of funny. But he wasn't laughing.

At last she peeked out at him, her hazel eyes twinkling. "So what was kissing Lois like?"

He shrugged. "Not all that great, really. You'd think a girl who gets around as much as she does would be a better kisser."

"Oh, that's harsh, Clark. She hasn't had that many guys, and you know it."

"Well, okay. She's just a little more... experienced... than I am. But she didn't exactly rock my world." In fact he'd had to fight to stop himself from reaching up and wiping off his mouth afterwards.

"But she thinks you're a really hot kisser. Wow. Who would have imagined a quiet guy like you could be such a great kisser?"

Stung, he frowned at her. Chloe was just his friend, not his girlfriend, but they'd shared one or two kisses over the years. Well, okay, maybe four or five. "Fortunately, you don't have to imagine it. You've kissed me before. Quite a few times, in fact."

"Yeah, but I'm not sure I'd classify your kisses as hot. Moderately warm, maybe."

"Excuse me?" He dropped the cards on the table and glared, and she broke into fresh giggles. He belatedly realized she was teasing him, and he smiled wryly. "You're lying through your teeth, Chlo."

"Me?" She blinked innocently. "I wouldn't do that."

"Yeah, you would." Even though he knew she was teasing him, her words smarted. She had a boyfriend now, but he liked to imagine she'd found kissing him just a little hotter than she found kissing Jimmy Olsen. In fact he was pretty sure of it.

He could prove it, damn it.

He reached across the couch, caught her by the shoulders, and yanked her toward him. Bending his head, he kissed her hard.

Chloe hesitated barely a second, then her arms went around his neck and her lips parted. At the obvious invitation, his tongue delved into her mouth, stroking very lightly at first, then twining with hers in a long, intimate caress. She moaned softly, her hands capturing fistfuls of his hair, her body moving sinuously against his.

He'd only meant to kiss her for a moment, to remind her that the kisses they'd shared over the years hadn't been merely warm. But somehow she was in his lap, her thighs parted and on either side of his, and his arms were around her waist, pulling her closer. Her body moved against his intimately, turning him on so much he thought he might self-combust.

And then he heard the sound of a throat clearing, and his eyes snapped open.

Chloe jerked her head around, too, and they both saw Lois standing there. She blinked at them, looking caught between surprise and laughter.

"I just realized Chloe has the keys," she said.

"Um." Chloe struggled off Clark's lap-- not easy, because they'd somehow gotten their bodies all intertwined-- and dug in her jeans pocket. She tossed the keys to Lois. "Here you go."

"Thanks." Lois grinned. "You guys have fun with your... cards."

Clark felt his cheeks flush redder than before. "Listen, Lois, we were just..."

"Yeah, I figured out what you were doing. You know, Smallville, it looks like you could use some practice. So keep practicing."

Clark bristled. "Say what?"

"Well, no offense, but your kissing technique looks terrible. You kiss like a fifteen-year-old boy. Maybe Chlo can help you with that." She gave him her typical smug smile. "Or maybe you should look up the Green Arrow and get him to explain to you how a real man kisses."

Clark stared at her, his mouth hanging open. He wasn't sure whether to be infuriated or amused by her condescending attitude. He saw Chloe's shoulders shaking, and he could tell she was about two seconds from losing it entirely. Fortunately Lois headed for the staircase and was most of the way out of the barn before Chloe's amusement got the better of her.

Chloe burst into giggles, dropping her face against his shoulder, and he put his arms around her waist. "Hey," he said softly. "If you could quit laughing at Lois for a minute, we could get back to what we were doing."

She lifted her head, grinning widely, her eyes overflowing with tears of laughter. "Were we doing something?"

He felt his eyebrows draw down. "Chloe..."

"Oh, that's right. We were playing cards, right? Or was there something else? I can't quite remember..."


"Just kidding, Clark. But you know..." She broke into fresh giggles. "I'm not sure I want to be kissing someone who kisses like a boy."

"Chloe." He rolled his eyes. "Stop it."

She giggled again, but managed to suppress it before it turned into a full-fledged attack. He figured she'd do the sensible thing, and move away from him, but instead she pulled down his head and kissed him again. His hands instinctively dug into in her wavy blonde hair, holding her so she couldn't get away, and moments later he had a lapful of warm, soft Chloe.

Her mouth was hot against his, and the movements of her body against his were making him crazy. He knew they ought to stop, because she had a boyfriend, but he couldn't stop. He just couldn't. Chloe meant too much to him. He loved the way she teased him and stopped him from taking himself too seriously. He loved the way she kicked his ass at gin rummy, and laughed at him when he sulked about it. And on a totally superficial level, he really loved the way she tasted.

For the first time, he admitted to himself that he was totally smitten with Chloe Sullivan.

-The End-


sally said...

HaHaHa!Great. I hope something like this happens. I was so mad when I read this spoiler. And to me Clark has been Smitten with Chloe for some time.

Anonymous said...

Loved that :)

SelfAppointedCritic said...

Way to go Elly, loved it! Thank you, once again, for cleaning up the mess that SV writers create--at least in my little fantasy Chlark world.

Elestrat said...

Hey there Elly. I just wanted to thank you for writing this great story. I was really disappointed after reading the spoilers for the episode Hydro in this week's Ask Ausiello. You know, Clark being turned on and smitten after Lois says he kisses better than Oliver. They kinda squashed my hopes of Chlark and Chlois ever happening.
:-( After reading your wonderful story, though, I think it may not be as bad if the writers take the route you chose. Wishful thinking, maybe, but a girl can hope! Let me finish by saying that I think you are a terrific writer and that I have all the stories you wrote in a file called "Elly's Fanfiction" in my pc. Keep up the good work!

Liz said...

I loved this! I laughed so hard and if this episode ends any other way I will be sorely disappointed. Hey, one can dream.

Cherry said...

Great twist on the spoilers! I loved it. One can only dream that these two will really get together on the show. But thanks to you, we can keep our fantasies alive! You are the BEST!!

Anonymous said...

i couldn't believe how much i laughed while i was reading it.

so funny!!!! not to be such a downer but i bet you the episode on the show wouldn't be as good as your fic.


Zelly said...

Wow, that was awesome :). It's late at night while I was reading this and had to hold ym laughter in so I didn't wake anyone up. I can dream this will happen on the show but still at least your here to give us our dose of Chlarkyness.

Overall, great oneshot! Loved the humour, loved the Chlarkyness too :)

Zelly K-site

Anonymous said...

Wraithrune said...

Haha, great story :)

blackheart_me said...

this was really funny and romantic! i love how u pushed aside the fact clark actually liked kissing lois [sry not a big chlois fan] and really wanted chloe. wish this happened :(

Elly said...

Actually, blackheart me, I wrote this BEFORE the episode actually aired:-). So I didn't really know how Clark would react to everything.

RJChasez said...

lol this was adorable!