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Flame Red

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Season 2, "Rush"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

"My own personal superhero. I always knew there was something special about you, Clark Kent."

He's holding Chloe against his chest, and her arms are around his neck, and she's looking up at him like he's the most amazing thing she's ever seen. It makes something grow and swell inside him.

Well, yeah, it makes that swell, too, but that isn't all. It's not just a physical response. There's a kind of warmth filling him from inside, because no one's ever just accepted him for what he is before, without question, without reservation.

"Pete," he says, looking into Chloe's eyes. "Time for you to go."

"Oh, that's nice." His best friend Pete Ross walks down the rickety stairs, scowling. "So, what, you're going to keep her all for yourself?"

Clark glances over his shoulder with a flash of teeth that might look like a grin, but isn't. "You really expect me to share her?"

"Excuse me." Chloe yanks on his hair a bit, looking annoyed. "I'm not a whore, you know. I think I get to choose which one of you I want. Assuming I want either of you. It's my choice, not yours."

"Of course it's your choice." Clark turns his head back and smiles down at her. "And you're choosing me, right?"

She gazes up into his eyes with a dreamy expression that makes him warmer than before. "Yeah," she says softly, then glances over his shoulder. "Sorry, Pete."

Pete rolls his eyes. "I'm not surprised," he says grumpily. "I just thought maybe you'd give both of us a chance."

Clark bristles dangerously. Pete might be his best friend, but Chloe is in his arms, and she's staying there. "I'm not sharing."

"Okay, okay." Pete holds up his hands in a don't-squash-me gesture. "I get it. I'm the third wheel, so I'll just be rolling on out of here now."

Clark turns his head back and sees someone standing at the door of the barn, his bald head glinting. "Take Lex with you."

"Lex?" Pete looks at the doorway with a grimace. "Lex isn't going to listen to me, dude. He never does."

"Just tell him I said..." Clark grins wolfishly down at Chloe. "I'm busy."


A couple minutes later, Clark hears the smooth purr of Lex's Porsche, and the considerably less smooth rumble of Pete's old junker. The engines recede as the cars drive down the pitted dirt road, off the Kent farm, and he knows he's alone with Chloe at last.

"So," he says, whooshing up the stairs to his loft again, with her still cradled against his chest. "What do you want to do?"

He lowers her feet to the ground, and she leans into him, rubbing against him in a way he really, really likes. Her body is so soft and warm and feminine. He's never felt anything so totally sexy in his life as Chloe Sullivan rubbing up against him, her stomach pressing right against his hard-on.

"I thought we already agreed on that," she says softly.

He drops his face into her hair and inhales. She smells really good, like vanilla and sugar, but there's a trace of something else in her scent, something sexy and sweaty and just plain hot. Yeah, he's a virgin-- he's hardly kissed anyone, hasn't ever gotten to second base, let alone home plate-- but the way she smells makes him think of some of his darkest, most secret dreams.

The way she smells makes him seriously hard.

"I was wondering more about the details," he answers seriously. "You know, like do we do it standing up or lying down? Who gets on top? That kind of thing."

She laughs softly against his neck. "This may come as a surprise to you, Clark, but I'm not really an expert on sex."

"It looked like to me you were about ready to have sex with that guy in the Torch," he says. A little spike of jealousy went through him when he saw her kissing that guy, and it's still there, embedded deep inside him. He knows he doesn't really have the right to be jealous of Chloe macking on someone else, but he doesn't much care.

Because hs is jealous, totally.

She giggles again, sounding almost pleased by his aggressive tone. "I was just kissing him, Clark."

He catches her by the back of her short, black-streaked blonde hair and pulls her head back, glaring into her eyes.

"I don't want you kissing anyone except me," he growls.

At his obvious jealousy, her eyes soften, and the laughter melts away. She looks at him seriously.

"Okay," she answers.

His fingers are still tightly woven into her hair, and he lowers his head and kisses her. He hasn't kissed a lot of girls, but her lips feel soft and warm against his, and some instinct tells him to open his mouth a little.

A red-hot flame ignites somewhere deep inside him, and somehow, suddenly, he knows exactly how to kiss her. His tongue slides out and traces her lips, learning the contours of her mouth. Her lips part too, and then her tongue is touching his. She tastes spicy and hot, and her tongue feels really good against his, and all of a sudden their mouths are kind of fused together somehow. It feels awesome.

He tugs her hair a little harder, forcing her to drop her head back, and his tongue thrusts into her mouth. It feels like sex, or what he's always imagined sex feels like, and his cock starts throbbing with an intense need he's never felt before. Even when he's jerked off-- and he's done that pretty damn often lately, more often than not while thinking about her-- he's never ached quite this desperately.

He lets go of her hair, and his hands slide down her back. She feels very slim and fragile beneath his big hands, and he remembers vaguely that he could hurt her very badly, so he's careful not to touch her too roughly, even though deep down he really wants to be a little rough. His hands run down over her jeans, and he discovers the cheeks of her ass are nice and round and fill his hands nicely. He tugs her against him, just a little, and the pressure of her body against him feels so good that he practically falls over.

He's startled by the intensity of his reaction, by how desperately he wants her. All they're doing is kissing, but already his knees are weak and his legs are trembling.

God. He never realized just making out could feel this good.

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Anonymous said...

ahhh yes, Rush. good memories. i'm glad you're fixing this one too Elly...doing more justice to the episode...and from the looks of it already...its gonna be a HOTT ONE!!!!!! :) :)

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SelfAppointedCritic said...

Well, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic now! Its nice to read a bit about good ol' Pete. Even nicer to see what I consider to be one of the most sizzling Chlark scenes of series being "Elly-ized". Can't wait for more. Thank you!

blackheart_me said...

U kno I've never truly read Kaloe's until now. & well I gotta say I LOVE IT!! I love how you wrote this, Rush an old AWESOME episode, and yay some jealousy involved! My guilty pleasure :P. I was hesitant at first to read it but now I'm so glad I decided to! & It's a long story the way I like them :)
I'm so excited to continue!!

mother_lulu said...

Oh the memories of RUSH and love how you added to them....;-)

DeeDee said...

All I know is that I love Kryptonian parasites and RedK right now! ;-)

Awesome start, Elly. I love when you re-write scenes the way they SHOULD have been written! Ah, the good old days of Season 2...

Off to read the rest!

AV said...

Great start to a story I'm sure will prove to be very... Moving ;-)