Sunday, June 10, 2007

Flame Red, Chapter 4

Season 2, "Rush"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

"Let's go for a ride in your truck. I feel like going really fast."

Clark zips his jeans up and grins at Chloe. "We don't have to take the truck, baby. I can take you wherever you want to go. And I can run really fast."

"I just thought we could take the truck somewhere and make out in it," she says, shrugging as she straightens out her clothes. "I mean, it's not that sex in a smelly old barn isn't every girl's dream, but..."

He thinks about making out with her in his truck, and he realizes he likes the idea. He likes it a lot. Because she's right-- the barn reeks. And besides, if they stick around this dump, his parents are going to catch them eventually. Not that his parents can really do anything to him, but it's a hassle he just does not need right now.

"Okay," he says. Sweeping her up into his arms, he drops her into the truck and whooshes around to the driver's side. They're speeding down the dirt road, leaving a cloud of dust in their wake, before she's even managed to figure out where she is.

He swerves recklessly onto the asphalt, and she squeals and laughs, hanging onto his arm and not bothering to latch her seatbelt. Ordinarily he's so conscious of the fragility of humans that he'd never let anyone in his truck without a seatbelt on. But today they both seem invincible for some reason, and he isn't worried about it. Nothing can happen to him, and as long as Chloe's with him, nothing's going to happen to her, either.

He slams his foot heavily onto the accelerator, and the old truck takes off. It's not a sports car, because his parents aren't cool enough to ever have a decent car. But it accelerates, rather reluctantly, and before long they're roaring down the road at ninety miles an hour. She's still squealing with excitement, and he can feel himself grinning like a fool.

He can run a lot faster than this, of course, but speeding in the truck feels different. For one thing, he knows he can get caught, get in trouble, and the idea of having to outrun a cop really sets his blood to pumping. For another thing, it just feels really exciting somehow. The noise of the big engine, the vibrations of it, the sound of the wind rushing past the truck-- it all fills his ears and his body and makes him really... stimulated.

Chloe's turned on the radio, too, and a loud rock song is blasting out of the speakers. The beat of the song gets into his body and does something to him. It makes him want to move.

It makes him want to screw.

"So where do you want to make out?" he says, almost yelling over the noise of the engine and the radio.

"Anywhere," she says, grinning just as widely as he is. "Just find a place, Clark. In the meantime..."

She slides across the bench seat, pressing right up against him, and he takes one hand off the wheel and puts a possessive arm around her shoulders. And then she's kissing the side of his throat, running her hands all over his chest and thighs and shoulders, and he feels the beat of the music moving further into his body. He's hard again, and pulsing with the exact same beat as the music.

God. She really does something to him. He just came, harder than he's ever come before in his life, and yet now he's all fired up again.

He swerves around a corner, way too fast, and the truck somehow manages to stay more or less upright. But the sudden movement throws her against him harder. She's practically in his lap now. She giggles, and then her palm is sliding down over the front of his jeans.

He gives a little gasp, so soft she probably can't even hear it over the radio. But she can't possibly miss the way his cock jerks at her touch. The light brush of her hand sends flames rushing through him.

"Wow," she says, wrapping her fingers around him, through the fabric. "You're all ready to go again."

"How about you?" He uncurls his arm from her shoulder and reaches down, squeezing her thigh roughly and then sliding his hand right up between her legs. "Are you ready?"

Her head drops back, and she gives a little moan. He doesn't have any trouble hearing it over the radio, because he's totally tuned into her and her reactions. "Oh, God, Clark. Yes."

He moves his hand against her, a little faster, and her hand begins sliding up and down on him, too. He's still driving down the road, closing on a hundred now, going about as fast as this old truck is going to go. He thinks they better find somewhere to stop pretty soon, because despite his superhuman reflexes, he's not sure he can drive and come at the same time.

His left hand stays on the steering wheel. But his right hand moves against her, hard and fast, almost in superspeed. Her hands drop away from him, balling into fists, and she falls back against the seat, her eyes clenched shut, her body tense.

She is ready, because it doesn't take much. All of a sudden she's writhing wildly against the old vinyl seat, gasping and crying out. He doesn't stop moving his hand, and her body arches harder, over and over again, while her voice lifts almost to a scream.

Multiple orgasms, he thinks. Cool.

He remembers that she came a bunch of times last time, too. He's a little envious, and thinks it's too bad guys can't do that. Although right now, one orgasm would be plenty. The sounds she's making, the way her body twists helplessly, the way she finally falls back against the seat gasping for breath-- it all has him so turned on he can barely see to drive. He needs to come.

Preferably inside her.


Chloe leans back against the seat bonelessly, her eyes closed, her chest rising and falling in frantic gasps. She feels all melty inside. She can't believe how fast she got turned on, and how hard she climaxed. It's the speed, she figures, the adrenaline rush of going so fast, combined with the fact that she's finally got Clark all to herself. She's not the pathetic one any more, the girl everyone knows has a crush on a guy who isn't interested.

He's definitely interested.

She remembers how hard he was against her hand, how his erection jerked, and it makes her flush all over. Not with embarrassment, but with arousal. He came a few minutes ago, and he already wants her again. He wants her, not Lana. And after all the time she's spent dreaming about him, that makes her ridiculously happy, and not a little turned on.

The truck rockets around a corner, and they hit a pitted dirt road. Clark slams on the brakes, slowing their precipitous rush before they go airborne. They bounce their way down the old lane, tree branches brushing the sides of the truck, and finally Clark brings the truck to a halt. She looks around, not quite sure where they are. But wherever it is, there are plenty of trees, and she's pretty sure no one's going to see them.

Which is a pity, really. Because she's going to finally get Clark, and no one's going to know about it except her.

He turns the key in the ignition, turning off the engine, but not the radio. It continues blaring, and he turns toward her, staring at her with hot eyes. There's something very sexual in the way he looks at her.

"Okay," he says, raising his voice to be heard over the music. "Are you sure you want me, Chloe?"

She stares back at him, seeing his broad shoulders stretching a red flannel shirt, his muscled thighs encased in old worn jeans, his huge, capable hands resting on the steering wheel. Despite the orgasms he just gave her, hunger seethes inside her, low in her belly.

She looks into his eyes and answers with stark honesty.

"I've always wanted you, Clark."

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YES SHE HAS! U write amazingly Elly :) & now I feel like a broken record because I think I say it a lot, but honestly it's just so true (=

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I think I'm finally breathing normal again.. Makes me want a Kal to speed me down an old dirt road... :-)