Monday, May 19, 2008

Blue Green

Clark/Chloe/Oliver futurefic
Rating: Adult. If' you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Photo from Kryptonsite.

She loves them both.

She's never been able to choose between them. They're her friends, and they're close to one other, too. They've worked together for years, and she's always known that choosing between them would shatter something irreparable among them. Making a choice would break a solid friendship she cherishes, not to mention a very important working relationship.

Besides, she can't stand the thought of losing either of them. Either as friends, or as coworkers. She just can't.

So tonight, she's finally made her choice.

She's chosen both of them.


She expected Clark to be shocked. Even though he's an alien, he was raised a smalltown Kansas boy, and it shows. Ollie, on the other hand, has been a playboy for much of his life. She figured he'd be much more likely to go for it.

But she was wrong. Because Ollie is the one stammering and blushing at her suggestion, while Clark looks at her with hot eyes.

No. If she's going to be honest about it, he's looking at both of them with hot eyes.

She knows they love each other, too. They've been the best of friends for years, but beneath the friendship, there's something far deeper, something that neither of them has ever fully acknowledged. Something that's intense, romantic, and even sexual.

They'd die for each other. They'd die for her. And she'd die for them.

It's a perfect triangle, and they've been caught in a sort of stasis for a long time, because none of them could ever bring themselves to make a decision that would exclude one of the three corners of the triangle.

Her solution is the only reasonable one. The only possible one. And to her surprise, Clark is the one that accepts that at once. He nods, smiling, at her suggestion.

Ollie stands frozen, looking bewildered, like a closet door has just been flung open, exposing his skeletons to the world.

But she stands on tiptoe and kisses him, and Clark puts his arms around both of them, and Ollie only hesitates a moment before he surrenders. Suddenly they're all wrapped around each other, tangled together intimately.

They've been tangled together for a long time, really. Just not quite so physically. There's been all this unresolved sexual tension among them, but they've never confronted it, never even admitted it's there.

After all these years, she thinks it's about damn time they did something about it.


They're both her heroes. They've been her heroes for a long time now. One is superpowered, while the other performs heroic deeds armed only with his wits and a bow and arrow. But in her eyes, they're equal. Not the same, not at all. One wears the blue of the sky, and one wears the green of the earth. One flies over the world, and one walks among mortal men. But she admires them both equally.

She loves them both equally.

She knows they think of her as a hero, too. A not-so-mild-mannered reporter by day, a healer by night. She's glad they think of her that way, but really, she doesn't think she compares to the two of them. They're incredible men, while she's just an ordinary woman trying to do good. She admires the hell out of them, and always has.

Ollie is kissing her breast, and Clark's strong hands are roaming over her body, and she's trying to hold both of them at once, to lavish both of them with kisses and caresses. It doesn't escape her attention that they're touching each other, too, and when they lift their heads from her body at the same moment and exchange a long, deep kiss, she's not surprised or taken aback or jealous, not even a little.

This is what she expected. It's what she wants. They're just three people in love with each other, beyond concerns like gender or sexual orientation or societal expectations.

They're just three people making love.

It's everything she ever imagined and more, and judging from their cries, and the way their bodies shudder as they climax, they're pretty damn happy about it, too.

Afterward she rests between them. They wound up in Ollie's king-sized bed at the JLA headquarters on the moon, but despite the wide mattress there's barely enough room for the three of them. Clark's a big, broad guy, and Ollie isn't exactly small either.

But that's okay. She likes being squeezed between them. She feels warm and content in a way she's never felt before, and she's glad they've finally taken this step together.

She nuzzles her face into Clark's neck, and then Ollie's. Their arms are crossed over her, and their entwined hands rest on top of her belly. The three of them are linked together now, tied together even more tightly than before.

They're friends, lovers, and soulmates. They mean everything to one another, and at long last, they've finally acknowledged it. Instead of breaking the triangle apart, they've embraced it. They've strengthened it.

It's the three of them against the world.

Just as it's always been... only more so.

-The End-


Anonymous said...

great fic even though I'm not a big fan of threesomes or Chollie for that matter.

svgurl said...

Ooh, Clark/Chloe/Oliver ... now that's a hot threesome. I really liked how there was some slash in there too. It felt like a real threesome.

And Chloe is hilarious ... I love her for recognizing Clark & Ollie's feelings for each other. Of course, I have a slight bias when it comes to that ship. ;)

Great work! This was really fun to read!

Anonymous said...

i've been reading your stuff for a while now and i officially love you. i've been looking for something like this and you have done it perfectly. i hope you'll write another story like this! i always look forward to your updates. i can't wait for more.

Anonymous said...

Oh Elly... how I love you. Chloe/Clark/Oliver is my dream threesome... *sigh* You've got me in this fic... and I loved it. Haha, I find it amusing that Clark is the first one to go for it... (it's always the quiet, repressed ones) and Ollie, poor Oliver... oh well, he got over it I guess. Man, Chloe is one luck girl... whoo! Great fic... would love a sequel, you know? Like: THE AFTERMATH xoxox

Lexangy said...

My Dear Elly!
Greeeaaat Fic!!
I'm writing now a love triangle between Lex, Lois & Clark, because I love the three of them, but even this...It was amazing!!
You use the same words I used for my triangle!
I like the Chollie, too, but never thinked about a that's was surprising good!!
You, know, I always looking forwards for your Clex updates, but I really enjoy this one!!
Good job, my dear!
I love you! ;)

Anonymous said...

I hadn't even thought of this threesome pairing before but now you've ensured I'll be thinking about it all.the.time. LOL. That was great. The idea of Clark/Ollie is totally hot, throw Chloe in and huzzah! I loved the depiction you drew of each character and their role in the world/each other's lives. Very nice and loving. I hope you get the muse to venture into this little threesome's world again. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG I so have a challenge for you. lol. Years (literally) ago, I wrote this little blurb-y thing for a Chloe/Clark/Lex threesome fic that popped into my head but it so needs to be used for Chloe/Clark/Ollie. I challenge you to use the following in a ficcy! :p


Chloe is on the phone to Ollie. She's with Clark on the farm and Ollie is unable to join them yet as he still has business to finish up fist.

"How was the ride down?" Oliver asked.

"Oh fine," Chloe replied with a good dose of sarcasm, "that is, until I found find Clark and Lana in the front yard creating their own little private wet t-shirt competition."

"Old habits die hard, huh?"

"Something like that. Purely innocent, or so he claims."

"It was!" Clark yelled out in the background, obviously still on the defensive.

"No one asked you!" Chloe shouted back. Oliver could tell she'd put her hand over the mouth piece, but he still heard her loud and clear and bit his lip to stifle a laugh.

Clark gets on the phone. "It was nothing. We were washing the truck, Lana threw a sponge, I threw one back and I'm suddenly accused of creating my own private wet t-shirt viewing. I mean please, I've got a bigger damn chest than she does. What exactly am I supposed to perve at?"

Oliver heard Chloe laugh softly in the background.

"You know, that would have gotten you to the make up sex a lot faster if you'd have just said that the other day." Oliver heard Chloe purr in the background.

"Yeah," Clark replied breathlessly, "well I can't think straight when you're yelling at me."

Take it away Elly! lol. Just a suggestion..... :p

Elly said...

Thanks for the nice words, guys. This was my first threesome, and I was a little nervous about it. Glad people enjoyed it!

Sarja, I'll see what I can do with that when I get some of my other stuff finished up:-).

Anonymous said...

Cool. :) It's an established relationship idea obviously, just in case that wasn't apparent. Have fun with it if you do decide to givce it a go. :)

All the best,

Anonymous said...

I loved this fic. Not just because it's hot (totally is) but because of how introspective it is. I love the descriptions of how she sees each of them, and how they see her, and I like the line about not being "even a little" jealous.

Also, as much as I adore Chlark, I really, really love Green Arrow too, and I love how he was included here. Great job.

MK Piatkowski said...

Wow Elly, you're writing OT3 now! You're really branching out.

Nice insights into the characters and I love how Chloe is the one that makes it happen. Nice job.

- marina

blackheart_me said...

Well I don't think I could picture a hotter threesome, unless it be Lex LOL. I especially loved this line: "The three of them are linked together now, tied together even more tightly than before." And then also the last lines, love that their relationships are as strong as ever.

RJChasez said...

Wow. That was... hot. And interesting. Strangely enough, I had a fic idea somewhat similar to this... looks like you beat me to it, though. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Elly, it's Darkfirelight/Sephiruto!

Just letting you know that I read this story - And really enjoyed it too!

The action was well-written and so beautifully steamy. Humina-humina-humina! :)

I think I'm going to write up a Chlarkollie fic myself now. You always manage to inspire me with your epic fics.

While I'm usually pure Chlark, you do it so well. I also enjoy your Doctor Who fics. -And I don't usually read Doctor Who fics, so... :)

*Sigh* I miss David Tennant.

Anonymous said...

Really great and sooooo hot :)