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At Her Mercy

Clark/Chloe, Kara/Jimmy
Season 7 (SPOILERS- Do not read if you want to remain unspoiled)
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.

Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Based on a plot bunny by meanjody, used with permission.

"Where did she go now?"

Clark Kent strode back into the living room of the hundred-year-old farmhouse, two Cokes in his hands, and glared around dangerously, looking for his cousin Kara.

"She said something about taking Jimmy outside so they could listen to her iPod in peace," Chloe Sullivan answered, looking apologetic. "I tried to stop her, but... well, she's as strong as you are, Clark, but a lot less obedient."

Clark growled, glaring at the door so hard he was probably lucky it didn't burst into flames. "You make me sound like Shelby."

"No," she answered sweetly. "Shelby's housebroken."

He turned his narrowed gaze on her. She didn't even flinch, apparently secure in the knowledge that he wouldn't set her on fire. He popped the top on one of the Cokes and took a swig. "So they went outside? Where? To the barn?"

"Probably." She shrugged. "Jimmy's been pretty taken by her ever since she arrived. Maybe they wanted some, you know, alone time."

He thought he detected a note of hurt in her voice. Chloe and Jimmy had only broken up a few weeks before, and he thought Jimmy was a real jerk to be looking around already. Although he had to admit his cousin was pretty. Jimmy clearly thought so, too, because he'd been obviously and blatantly smitten from the moment he'd seen Kara.

"He'd better be careful about that," he said. "She really isn't used to her own strength yet. She might squash him or something."

Chloe's expression suggested she wouldn't have a problem with that. But she answered, "He'll be okay. I think she likes him a lot."

Again he heard the hurt note in her voice. He studied her carefully.

"How do you feel about that?"

"It's fine." She smiled, not very convincingly. "It's not surprising he'd fall for Kara. She's beautiful."

Clark smiled back, trying to lift her spirits a bit. "Apparently Jimmy has a thing for gorgeous blondes."

"Please." She rolled her eyes. "Don't insult my intelligence by comparing me to Kara. There is no comparison."

He hated that Chloe was so lacking in self-confidence, at least where her looks were concerned. He thought she was beautiful. "Sure there is. She's gorgeous, you're gorgeous. She's blonde, you're blonde."

"Oh, I am not gorgeous. Not the way she is. She's a goddess."

He snorted. "I wouldn't go that far. Not unless they allow first class brats on Mount Olympus."

She laughed. "I don't mean the way she acts. I mean the way she looks. She's disgustingly perfect. It must be a Kryptonian thing."

Perfect. He kind of liked the sound of that. He lifted his eyebrows, intrigued, and stepped toward her. "Are you trying to imply I'm godlike?"

"No," she said hastily, shaking her head. "That isn't what I meant."

"It sounds like what you meant." He paced toward her slowly, grinning. "Come on, Chlo, be honest. Do I really look godlike to you?"

She glanced down at his chest and rolled her eyes again. "Not unless gods wear old stained flannel. Honestly, Clark, your mom's been in Washington for three months. Haven't you learned how to use the washing machine yet?"

He glanced down and saw that she had a point. He'd put a nice clean shirt on this morning, but there was a little stain left over from lunch. A very little stain, really. Just a little tiny bit of spaghetti sauce.

No bigger around than his head.

"Sorry," he said, flushing slightly. He put the Cokes down on a table-- not bothering to find a coaster, since his mom didn't live here any more-- and started to unbutton the shirt.

She stared at his hands like he'd suddenly started stripping in front of her. Which he had, sort of, except there was a t-shirt under the flannel. And surely she knew that, because he always wore a t-shirt under his shirts. She'd known him long enough to know that.

Despite the odd look on her face, he went ahead and unbuttoned the shirt, and her gaze followed his hands right down the shirt, like she couldn't look away. There was an expression in her eyes that he would have labeled hungry, if he hadn't known better.

But that was crazy. Chloe Sullivan wasn't hungry for him. No way.

He pushed the silly notion away, shrugged off the long-sleeved shirt, and tossed it over the couch. "Is that better?"

She stared at his chest. He wasn't quite sure why, because he was just wearing an old blue t-shirt he'd worn in her presence a thousand times before. Maybe it was sort of getting worn out, but it was comfortable.

Her gaze drifted to the left side of his chest, and the odd look on her face got even odder. He wondered if he had another stain down there. He looked down and saw there was a hole in the fabric, no bigger than a quarter.

It wasn't a big hole, but it was rather poorly placed. Because his nipple was sticking out.

Hot color flooded his cheeks. She'd seen him before without his shirt on, but there was something suggestive about the way his nipple was peeking out of the hole, something suggestive and a little embarrassing. He felt like a freaking Chippendale's dancer.

"Maybe you'd better take that one off, too," she said softly.

"Uh..." His cheeks flamed redder than before. "Okay, I, uh, I'll go upstairs..."

She took two steps, closing the gap between them, and suddenly her hands grasped the hem of his shirt and yanked it up over his head. He was a little startled, but he lifted his arms automatically, and suddenly his old holey shirt had joined the flannel on the back of the couch.

"That's better," she said softly.

His chest suddenly felt really tight. He was standing half naked in the living room, with Chloe standing two inches away, staring at him like he was a popsicle and she wanted to lick him until he melted in her mouth.

But that must all be in his head, because there was no way Chloe was looking at him the way he thought she was. He and Chloe were just friends.

He stared down at her, flummoxed by the look on her face, and the entire situation. She continued to study his chest, and he saw the tip of her little pink tongue slide out and wet her lips.

Fire lit somewhere deep inside him, but he tried really hard to put it out. First of all, he and Chloe weren't an item. Second of all, she was on the rebound from Jimmy. And third, Jimmy and Kara could walk back in at any moment. He was trying to set an example for Kara, and he didn't want her walking in on a situation that might look slightly intimate. Even though it wasn't, really.

She looked him over a few moments longer, then lifted her head and looked into his eyes. A little smile curved her mouth.

"Definitely godlike," she said.

He felt torn between arousal and stark embarrassment, and he suddenly had to swallow hard just to draw a breath. Sensible phrases ran through his head-- well, I suppose I'd better go upstairs and grab a new shirt, or I guess I'd better check the laundry basket, because I keep forgetting to fold my clothes-- but none of the words seemed able to make it past his tongue.

Godlike. She thought he was godlike.

Part of him didn't believe it, but the way she was staring at him made him think it was true. She was definitely looking at him the way a lioness might look at a zebra, just before pouncing.

She looked hungry. So hungry.

He had the uncomfortable thought that he might be wearing an identical expression on his face. He was definitely hungry too. His body had reacted to the situation, and the look on her face, and something hot and primitive ran through his veins, spilling into his cock until it swelled, engorged and pulsing, against his jeans.

Her hands lifted, and she placed her palms against his chest, very softly. A shudder ran through him.

"Chloe," he protested, very softly. "Jimmy and Kara..."

"You'll hear them if they come this way. Won't you?"

"Unless she goes into superspeed."

"She won't do that in front of Jimmy. I think you've drummed that into her head enough."

"We shouldn't leave Kara alone this long..."

"Clark..." Her hands moved down his chest, just an inch or two, and another shiver racked him. "She's nineteen."

"She's only been on this planet a couple of weeks. There are an awful lot of ways for her to trip up."

"You're so damn overprotective. It's no wonder you're driving her crazy."

He didn't want her to stop what she was doing, but he drew back just a bit and looked at her, frowning. "Am I driving her crazy?"

"Totally." She didn't stop what she was doing. Her hands slid down to his abdomen, just above his navel, and he struggled to ignore them, without any success whatsoever. His cock throbbed heavily. "That's one reason she likes Jimmy so much. He doesn't tell her what to do all the time."

"He's not responsible for her. He doesn't have to tell her what to do all the time."

"Clark." She let her hands rest on his abdomen and spoke very softly, her eyes serious. "She's an adult. I know she doesn't seem like it, but she's an adult. She was almost grown up before she left Krypton. And she came to this planet to keep an eye on you. Think how much it must be annoying her to have her baby cousin telling her how to do everything."

He'd never really thought about the situation from Kara's perspective, but suddenly he could see that Chloe had a point. Chloe had a knack for seeing things from someone else's viewpoint, and making him see it, too. It was a talent she used to great effect in her articles for the Daily Planet.

"I'm just worried she's going to give away her secret somehow," he answered. Her hands started to move again, and he tried really hard to ignore the sensation of her palms sliding even lower down on his abdomen. They were only inches above the waistband of his jeans now. So close... He closed his eyes and drew in a shaking breath. "I don't want her to wind up in a lab, Chlo. I guess I know how my parents felt now."

"Your parents," she said softly, "and me. I worry about you all the time, Clark. Every time you do something super to rescue someone, I worry about you winding up in Level 33.1."

He opened his eyes and stared at her, touched. "I worry about you too, Chlo. Ever since we found out you were... infected by the meteors, I worry."

"You have a lot to worry about right now," she said, her voice gentle. "And I think maybe it's all making you come down on Kara a little harder than you need to."

"Uh... maybe."

"Definitely." Her hands slid down just a little further, just above his jeans. "You really need to learn to... relax."

What she was doing to him was not helping him relax. Not at all. He felt the hot, primitive burning in his veins flare hotter and hotter, felt his muscles knot with tension.

And then her hands slid right down over the front of his jeans. His head dropped back, his back arched, and his hips surged forward, pushing his cock eagerly into her hands.

Subtle, he thought wryly. Very, very subtle. But the truth was he hadn't been able to prevent his reaction. The way she'd been touching him had been driving him crazy. He'd wanted her to touch him there so damn badly.

He'd wanted her to touch him everywhere.

And when, he wondered, had that happened, exactly? When had he begun wanting her to touch him, enjoying the feel of her hands on his skin? He'd thought it was new, that he'd never really thought about it before, but the way she'd been touching him felt so natural, so right, like she'd been doing it for years and years. Like he'd been fantasizing about it for years.

But if having her hands skimming over his chest and stomach had been good, having her little hand close around his cock was unbelievable. All the breath rushed from his lungs in a sharp exhalation, and he pushed his hips forward again, thrusting hard against her palm. Her fingers closed around him, squeezing gently, and her hand began to work him, sliding gently up and down.

Aware that his cousin wasn't too far away, and that she had the same preternaturally acute hearing he himself did, he ground his teeth together, fighting back a whimper. It wasn't easy, because God it felt so damn good, her hand stroking him, up and down, slowly at first, and then harder and faster, until he was pretty sure he was going to come in his jeans. His cock pulsed in a hungry rhythm, a fast, staccato beat of desire, and his balls felt heavy, weighted down with need.

His head arched back further, and despite his efforts to keep quiet, a little sob of pleasure rose in his throat.

God, he'd never enjoyed a woman's touch this much. It felt so good. His hips moved hard and fast, rubbing his cock eagerly against her palm, and little shocks of pleasure exploded through him, and he knew he was already only seconds away from coming, in a hard, long release that would feel so... goddamn... good...

Just as he was certain there was no turning back, her hand released him. He gritted his teeth together, thwarted in his instinctive drive for orgasm, and opened his eyes. She was looking up at him, a sheen of unmistakable desire in her dark golden eyes.

Slowly, sanity began to come back to him. She'd driven him completely crazy, driven him almost to a climax, just with a few light touches of her hand. And he had absolutely no idea how they'd gotten to this point.

Half an hour ago he would have said, with absolute conviction, that Chloe Sullivan was his best friend, and he would have laughed at the suggestion that there was anything sexual between them. And he would have meant it sincerely. Well, mostly.

He knew that it was impossible for a normal guy to hang out with a girl without any sort of stray sexual thought occasionally crossing his mind. And sure, he'd thought about Chloe that way every now and again.

But it had never occurred to him that Chloe could seduce him any time she wanted. For the first time he realized he had absolutely no defenses against her. For whatever reason, he was entirely incapable of saying no to her.

He was totally at Chloe Sullivan's mercy.

He discovered his hands were on her waist. He wanted to pull her against him so badly his palms itched, but he managed to restrain himself. He stood still, trembling a bit, as her hands slid up toward his chest.

"Chlo," he murmured. "Maybe we better... I mean, in case they come back..."

Her thumbs stroked over his nipples delicately, and all thought of protest instantly fled his mind. He jerked, hissing through his bared teeth, and his hands tightened on her waist. Suddenly his cock was pressed up against her abdomen, and he was rubbing against her with blind hunger.

Her thumbs continued to play with his nipples, and his body moved against hers urgently, and once again he realized he was on the verge of climax. He lifted her right off the floor, trying to get her in a better position, and she wrapped her arms and legs around him, her hands thrusting into the depths of his hair.

Perfect. Now he was pressed right up against the crotch of her shorts, and she was so hot he could feel it through the denim. He could feel an enticing hint of her dampness, too. She felt perfect. So hot so wet so good...

He lowered his head, just to try to get closer to her, and found himself kissing her. That was another thing that half an hour ago he would have sworn wasn't going to happen again. Sure, they'd kissed a few times in the past, but that had happened in the past, and in the present they were just very good friends.

But her tongue felt good against his, and she tasted like cinnamon and mint, tangy and sweet at the same time. Suddenly he wished they'd quit just being very good friends a long time ago, and allowed this to simply happen.

But he'd had a thing for Lana Lang, and she'd been dating Jimmy...

Jimmy. The name acted like a splash of cold water, helping bring him back to his senses. He lifted his head and looked at her. She looked bewildered and turned on all at once, her mouth parted, her eyes glazed. He had a feeling he looked just as bemused as she did.

"Chlo," he said gently. "We shouldn't be doing this. You're not over Jimmy yet."

Her fingers dug into his hair, and she lifted her head and looked into his eyes.

"I wasn't over you the whole time I was dating Jimmy," she said, her voice soft but intense. "That was part of the problem."

He swallowed. That was nice to hear, although he understood it didn't mean her feelings on the subject were clear. He had a feeling her emotions were just as much a tangled mess as his were. They were a pair, the two of them, never sure what the hell they felt, or what they ought to do, with regards to romance and each other.

"Maybe we ought to..." His cock throbbed against her, and he swallowed and forced the next words out. "Kind of take a step back, and try to figure things out."

"I'm sick of trying to figure things out." Her fingers clenched his hair so fiercely it probably would have hurt if he were human. "We're always trying to figure things out, and we never manage it. Let's just skip that part this time, okay?"

He had suddenly found himself the guardian of a younger cousin, and he had gone back to school, and he was trying to keep a farm running and thinking about taking on a part-time job as well. The last thing he needed was more complications in his life. And making love to Chloe Sullivan, when neither of them was sure how they felt, was a surefire recipe for complications. There were some very good reasons for them not to do this.

But apparently he really was totally helpless against her, because none of those concerns would come out of his mouth.

"Okay," he said instead.

She smiled, the sudden brilliant smile that never failed to make him smile back, and lifted her face. He bent and kissed her again, and suddenly their bodies were moving together rhythmically.

It felt great. It felt better than great. Pleasure rushed through him in long, warm waves, and he had to fight to stop himself from moaning into her mouth. He wanted to strip her naked and thrust into her body, and his fingers curled into the waistband of her shorts with the desire. But they couldn't make love. Not here and now, not with Kara and Jimmy likely to come back at any moment.

"We can't," he whispered against her mouth. "We can't. Kara..."

"You'll know when they're headed this way."

"Probably. But still... I'm sort of an example for her now, Chlo. I don't really want her to catch me..."

She laughed softly and kissed his chin. "Now you know how your parents felt."

He blinked. "My parents?"

"Yeah. You know, always trying to squeeze in physical affection without you catching them at it."

"Ewwww." He made a face. "There's an image I don't need in my head."

She laughed harder. "Your parents were two of the most physically affectionate people I've ever met, Clark."

"Yeah, but they stopped short of ever having sex. Parents are asexual. Trust me."

She went into outright giggles. "Sure they are," she responded, pressing her face against his throat. "Just like you became asexual when you became responsible for Kara, right?"

He was definitely not asexual. At this moment, with her thighs wrapped around his, her breasts against his bare chest, and his hands holding the cheeks of her ass, he felt more sexual than he'd ever felt before.

Her hands were moving over his bare back, and he felt his own skin growing wet with sweat. He gave in to his desire, because he just couldn't fight it. He couldn't fight her. He lowered her to the floor and began fumbling at her shorts, his hands shaking so hard they were unusually clumsy, and she started undoing his jeans.

Seconds later her shorts and panties had been cast aside, and his jeans were open, and she was shoving his boxers out of the way. Her fingers wrapped around him, and he could barely repress a whimper.

"God, Chlo..."

Her hand felt good against him, soft and warm, but he thought her body would feel even better, even softer and warmer, so he sank onto the couch and drew her down with him. She settled onto his lap, rose up on her knees, and then lowered herself again, and suddenly he found himself slipping right into her body.

She was all creamy warmth and tight friction, and he buried his face in her shoulder, struggling to hold back the noises that tried to roll out of his throat.

She was almost as quiet, but he could hear the fast pace of her breathing and the heavy thunder of her heart, and he knew she was just as turned on as he was. He strained his superhearing one more time, assuring himself that Jimmy and Kara were still in the barn, and that they weren't up to anything they shouldn't be.

God, I'm turning into my father.

And that was ironic, considering what he was doing. And who he was doing. A woman who meant the world to him, but whom he wasn't certain he loved in quite that way. A woman he wasn't sure felt quite that way about him, either.

He sure as hell didn't want Kara catching him at this. He was setting a very, very bad example.

Because this was crazy and reckless and irresponsible.

And he had absolutely no intention of stopping.

Chloe's body moved on his in a smooth dance of pleasure. Heat built in him, scorching his veins, making his skin slick with sweat, burning his eyes until they stung.

Part of him wanted to make this last forever, but it felt so good he couldn't stop himself from driving into her in response to her movements, every thrust harder than the one before. His fingers curled around her hips, gently, because he didn't want to risk breaking one of her bones, but firmly enough that he could urge her to a faster and faster pace.

A primitive, atavistic urge was building inside him. He wanted to flood her body with his come, to make her his, all his. She belonged to him, not Jimmy, not anyone else, and he damn well wasn't ever going to let her go. Not after this.

Not ever.

She felt so good he couldn't stop himself from slamming even more deeply into her body, sinking all the way into her moisture and heat, right to the balls. She seemed to like his rough violence, because her head dropped back, and a soft sound came from her, a desperate, high-pitched whimper that was quite audible despite her clenched teeth.

He felt her body begin to spasm, felt her body begin to move on his frantically, and suddenly he was more at her mercy than ever. He had absolutely no self-control left.

Her body squeezed his cock relentlessly, drawing him into a long, violent climax that was so unbearably intense it made him quiver all over. His back arched, and he ground his teeth together to hold back the loud cry that wanted to rise from his throat.

He trembled, fighting for silence, as ecstasy washed over him in a slow, dark flood of sensation.

At last the pleasure faded, and he fell back against the couch, panting. She fell forward onto his shoulder, and he turned his head, brushing affectionate, warm kisses over her ear and her cheek.

"Chlo," he whispered. "That was awesome."

"Yeah," she answered, just as softly. "Why didn't we ever do that before?"

"I don't know. Not sure how we felt, I guess."

She sighed against his shoulder. "I'm not sure that helped clarify anything."

He remembered his possessive thoughts, the desire to hold onto her and fill her with his essence and never, ever let her go, and he thought wryly that it had clarified things more than she imagined, at least on his side. He'd never felt quite like this about anyone, not even Lana.

He opened his mouth to say so, but a little noise caught his attention, and he turned his head to the side and listened.

"They're headed back to the house," he said.

Chloe said a very unladylike word, levitating off his lap so fast anyone would think she was the one who could fly, rather than Kara. He got up off the couch, grabbed his clothes, went upstairs and got a new t-shirt, dressed, headed back down the stairs, and sat back down on the couch in time to admire the sight of her getting dressed.

When she'd pulled her clothes back on, she turned to him and said, "Aren't you... Oh."

He grinned. As long as she'd known his secret, she still tended to forget what he could do, and how fast he could do it. He ran a hand through his hair, making sure it wasn't mussed-- well, no more mussed than usual-- and she finger-combed her hair, too. He thought they looked pretty civilized, and not too much like two people who'd just been having hot sex on the couch.

His sensitive sense of smell could detect the odor of sex that permeated the room. But he doubted Jimmy would notice, and although Kara would certainly notice, he was pretty sure she wouldn't know what it signified. He just hoped she didn't ask about it.

The door opened, and Jimmy and Kara walked in. Clark looked over at them. They both looked happy, and Kara's normally sleek platinum hair was rumpled. Jimmy was grinning from ear to ear, and Clark took one look at his expression and felt a hot spike of rage.

Jimmy was clearly totally smitten, and totally over Chloe.

Damn it, how could he get over Chloe that fast? The disloyal little bastard.

Clark choked back his defensive anger, aware that it was a foolish reaction. He didn't particularly want Jimmy to be carrying a torch for Chloe, after all. Things were better this way.

This way Chloe was free for him. Just as she should be.

Except... maybe not. As he glanced over at Chloe, he noticed her staring at Jimmy, her heart in her eyes. His own heart sank a little.

He remembered her words: We're always trying to figure things out, and we never manage it. Let's just skip that part this time, okay?

All of a sudden he wished they hadn't skipped that part. Because after making love to her, his feelings for her had settled into a more solid footing.

But she obviously still wasn't sure how she felt. She was obviously torn between him and Jimmy.

Great. Jimmy was staring at Kara, Chloe was staring at Jimmy, and he was staring at Chloe. By making love to her, he'd just complicated things worse than before. His life was already complicated enough, what with a new cousin to look out for and everything else he had to deal with.

But he'd jumped right in, feet first, and now things were more complex than ever.

And what was even worse, he'd made himself entirely vulnerable to her. The idea made him edgy and uncomfortable. Now that he'd made love to her, he knew with a stab of melancholy that he'd come running any time she called.

He could only hope that sooner or later, she'd move on from Jimmy, emotionally speaking. But whether or not she did... he was hers now.

He was totally at her mercy.

-The End-


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