Thursday, July 26, 2007

Call Me Kal, Chapter 3

Between seasons 2 and 3, expansion of "Sojourn" (SV Comic #5, written by Mark Verheiden and Clint Carpenter)
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

Chastity tastes good, and her body feels good against mine. My hands want to wander, so I let them. My palms run over the silky skin of her back, tracing the fragile bones of her vertebrae and her shoulder blades and her ribs.

She makes a little sound in her throat and presses up against me, so that her breasts are up against my chest. I like the way that feels, but I think I'd probably like it better bare skin to bare skin, so I pull back for just a second, shrug off my jacket, and strip off my shirt.

Her bare breasts feel awesome against my chest. She's soft and delicate and sexy, and I close my eyes and just let myself enjoy the sensations of her body moving against mine. I can feel my skin growing damp with my sweat and hers, and my breath is coming in hard gasps. I never perspire, and I never breathe hard, at least not from exertion. But being with a woman this way makes me sweat.

I never got quite this far with her. She took my shirt off, but I didn't quite get around to removing hers. Even so, she definitely made me sweat. I wonder what it would feel like to have her breasts against me, her body moving against mine this way.

I can't stop myself from twisting my head back and looking out the window, trying to see the Daily Planet globe. But we're too high up, and I can't see anything but darkness.

"Kal." Her voice is gentle. "You're fading out on me again."

"No." I whip my head back around. "I'm not. I'm thinking about you, trust me."

I'm not trying to spare her feelings, because when I'm on red K I don't care all that much about other people's feelings. I just don't want to admit to myself that my mind is in another place, with another girl. Because that girl is part of my past, and I put my past behind me when I came to Metropolis.

It's over. Our friendship is over, and anything else that might eventually have happened between us is over, too. I'll never see her again, and that's okay. I don't care that much about her anyway.


I force myself to focus on Chastity, and let my hands slide down to her hips. Her ass feels good, firm but with a certain amount of padding that makes it soft and pliable, so that my fingers sink into her flesh a little. I drag her toward me a little more insistently. She takes the hint and rises up on her knees a little, then sinks down.

Even through denim, I can feel how warm she is, how wet, and I can't help but think about what it would feel like to be inside her, fucking her. My hard-on is pressing against my jeans, and as she slides up and down against it, it starts to throb urgently.

A low groan rises from my chest. My hips start to grind against hers as I tap into instinct and just let my body do what it does naturally.

It happened with her, too. Our bodies moved together like a dance. Only with her it wasn't just instinct. She was my best friend, and it wasn't just the promise of sex with her that turned me on. It was everything about her.


And as good as it feels to have Chastity here, rubbing up against me, it's nowhere near as hot and intense as when she was in my lap. It's just not the same thing, and no matter what I pretend to myself, it just doesn't feel the same.

I pull back a little, and I guess she feels it. I still have a hard-on, and it's still throbbing like crazy.

But it isn't because of Chastity. It's because of the memories I can't forget, no matter how hard I try.

She lifts her head and looks at me. "This isn't working, is it?"

"I guess not," I answer, kind of sullenly. I want it to work, damn it. I wish I could turn off my stupid brain, get rid of all the stupid memories that keep flooding it. But they keep flashing into my mind at the worst possible time. Like now.

"Yeah," she says softly. "Me neither. You're a gorgeous kid, Kal... but you're just a kid."

I bristle a little, but I get what she means. I'm barely sixteen, and she's obviously figured that out. She pulls away from me, and I let her go.

"Besides," she says, her voice a whisper, "there's someone else that I wish..."

I look down at her downbent head and feel a little rush of sympathy-- something I don't feel too often on red K. "Why don't you go find him?"

She lifts her head and gives me a wry smile. "Probably for the same reason you don't go find whoever it is you're thinking about."

She slides off the bed, finds the clothes she tossed over a chair, and starts pulling them on. I don't make a move to stop her. She's gorgeous and curvaceous and blonde. She's hot, and kind, and we have a lot in common.

But she's not the girl I want, so I don't object as she shimmies back into her tight-fitting clothes.

"You need a ride wherever you're going?" I ask.

She smiles. "In this area of town? I'm not afraid to walk."

"You shouldn't have to walk." I dig in my pocket for my wallet and extract a few bills, part of my ill-gotten gains. "Get a taxi, okay?"

"Okay." She takes the money and tucks it into her pocket, then walks over to me. Her hand reaches up and traces the scar on my chest.

"I'm so sorry your father did this to you," she says, very softly. "But don't let it make you bitter, Kal."

I blink at her. "Yeah. Because being scarred for life isn't something to be bitter about."

The corner of her mouth quirks up. "You're away from him now," she tells me. "You can do something with your life. Don't let him keep haunting you now that you're out of his reach."

I have a feeling she's speaking from experience. The problem is, I'm not sure I am out of Jor-El's reach. If I really thought I could start a new life, without his interference, I wouldn't be nearly so scared.

Bitter, I mean.

I'm not scared. Not of Jor-El. Not of anything.

She drops her hand away from my chest, and turns away. I let her go, like I've let so many other people go. I let her walk out of my life.

I think Chastity could have been a friend, if not a lover. I think I could have really liked her. But I don't have room for friends in my life any more. I'm all alone, and I like it that way. I don't want to share my life with anyone.

The door clicks shut behind her, and suddenly the huge room is empty, except for me. I turn and walk restlessly over to the window, and my gaze is drawn irresistibly to the golden globe of the Daily Planet. I force myself to look away.

Because I don't want to share my life with anyone, damn it.

Not even her.

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Pixie said...


Ahaha. I'm not upset Chastity left...there's always something wierd in my mind when there's an older woman. It just freaks me out.

But I want Chloooe to appear!

On the edge of my seat, Elly!

sanaazzy said...

Oh clark...Nooo he cant be thinking like that coz then he wont give Chloe a chance, Chastity seems cool though im glad she's gone hehe

witchywoman2007 said...

been reading this blog spot for a while and just wanted to say I think you're a great writer....this new story just made me want to post...all you're Kal stories are amazing and hot, but this one really delves into a piece of Kal we rarely see...can't wait to see what happens next...