Sunday, April 29, 2007

At Makeout Point

Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Season 6, post-"Zod"

4500 words
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

"What are we doing here?"

Clark squinted through the windshield of Chloe's car. Chloe had recently bought a new Yaris, but just like her last car, it was really too small for him, and he wondered irritably why she'd bought the stupid thing. If he was going to keep hanging out with her, she needed to buy a pickup truck or something. Maybe a Hummer.

I bet Jimmy fits in this car just fine, he thought, then dismissed the thought as snide and unworthy. Chloe had been spending a lot of time with Jimmy Olsen lately, and that bugged Clark more than he liked to admit. Jimmy wasn't as tall as Clark, but he wasn't a total shrimp, either. He could probably kiss Chloe without having to bend over the way Clark did...

He caught himself before that thought could go any further. It wasn't like he and Chloe kissed all the time or anything. Sure, they'd had that really hot kiss in the Daily Planet a week or so ago, but that had just been a heat-of-the-moment thing, because they'd both thought the world was ending. That was what she'd told him, and he'd agreed. So it was obviously true.

The fact that his mind kept replaying that kiss over and over again was irrelevant.

"I don't know, exactly," she answered, peering into the darkness with interest. "I got this tip there's something weird going on up here..."

He glanced at the other cars parked around them. It didn't take any sort of strange alien vision to figure out what the occupants of those cars were doing. "And by weird," he said dryly, "I suppose you mean two people at Makeout Point not making out."

She turned her head and looked at him, her eyes bright with humor. "You're right," she answered. "If we're undercover, then we should probably be a little more convincing about it."

She bent toward him, just a bit, and slipped an arm around his shoulders.

He blinked at her. "Are you putting the moves on me?"

She gave her warm, gentle laugh. "No. Of course not. Unless..." She lifted an eyebrow, her lips quirking. "Do you want me to?"

His heart gave a sudden leap, but he tried to ignore it. Too many cappuccinos today, he told himself, ignoring the fact that he was immune to the effect of caffeine. "Um," he said, suddenly very conscious of how close she was to him. "Well, you know, you and I had that moment last week. But that was just because the world was ending. Right?"

"Oh, definitely." She smiled at him. "And when we talked about it, we both agreed we didn't want to hook up."

He nodded. "Yeah. And you and Jimmy are dating, anyway."

"We're not dating, exactly. We've been out on a couple of dates."

"Uh, going out on dates is pretty much the definition of dating, Chlo."

She chuckled. "I mean, it's a casual thing. You know, we're just sort of friends who go places together."

"You and I are friends who go places together."

"Well, yeah. Only I don't kiss you goodnight."

"You've been kissing Jimmy goodnight?!"

He must have sounded shocked, because her eyebrows drew down. "Clark," she said, "I'm over eighteen and I happen to like guys. Do you really expect me to go through my life without kissing anyone?"

"You just kissed me a week ago!"

The tone of his voice must have implied slut, because she bristled. "Yeah," she drawled. "And it totally ruined me for other men."

The clear sarcasm in her voice irritated him, and he answered in a snarl. "Except Jimmy, apparently."

"Jimmy's a nice guy."

He was suddenly very aware of how close her lips were to his. Her lips were parted as she gazed up at him, and suddenly his jeans felt extremely tight. He looked away from her and frowned into the darkness. "Does he kiss better than I do?"

He heard her startled giggle. "I can't believe you just asked me that."

He instantly felt really stupid. "Well, excuse me for wondering. But we kissed-- and you kissed me, by the way, not the other way around-- and then you acted like it was no big deal. I figure I must be a pretty crappy kisser."

He didn't glance back at her, but he could see her staring at him out of the corner of his eye. "You know," she said, more gently, "as strong and fast as you are, as superior as you are, it never really occurred to me you'd be insecure about stuff like that."

He felt about ten times more stupid than before. "I just, uh, kind of wondered."

"I'm not sure which of you is the better kisser, actually." Her arm was still around his neck, and she slid a little closer. He could feel the radiant warmth of her body, and it touched off a radiant warmth somewhere in his own body. "Maybe if you wanted to help me with a comparison..."

"Um." He turned his head and discovered her lips were even closer, mere inches from his own. The warmth swelled inside him until he thought maybe he had a fever. Except he didn't get fevers. "Well, all right, Chlo. I don't mind helping you. I mean, you know, if it's like a scientific thing."

"Oh, okay." He heard the warm humor in her voice. "As long as it's all for the good of humanity, huh?"

"Exactly." He shifted in the seat, trying to put his arm around her. But the car was too damn small. "Chloe," he said irritably. "Your new car sucks."

"It's not my car's fault you're the size of a mountain." She wiggled, but didn't manage to get much closer. He thought about pulling her over the console and into his lap, but he was afraid they might just get stuck in the passenger seat permanently. He'd hate to have to peel the roof off her new car like it was a soup can and he was a can opener. She'd be pissed.

"I am not the size of a mountain. Your car is the size of a postage stamp."

She sighed, leaning her cheek against his chest. "You're just not a subcompact kind of guy, Clark."

He couldn't argue with that. "You know..." He turned his head and looked back out into the darkness thoughtfully. "There's a nice dark forest out there, Chlo."

"I'm not sure that's a good idea, Clark." She bit her lip. "This is Smallville. And going into the woods at night isn't too smart."

"Have you forgotten who you're with?"

She lifted her head and blinked, then grinned ruefully. "I guess maybe I did forget, just for a microsecond."

"Come on. I'll protect you." He pushed his door open, then thought of something and frowned. "Although... earlier, you said you'd heard something weird was going on around here."

She gave an embarrassed smile. "I lied."

"You lied? Just to get me out to Makeout Point? Really?"

"Yeah." She heaved a heavy, exaggerated sigh. "Are you disappointed in me?"

"No. Definitely not." He unfolded his long legs, ducked his head, and managed to struggle out of the little car. He stretched with immense relief. "But Chlo, the next time you want to come up here, please... let's take my truck."

She stood up, with less effort, and smiled across the car's roof. "Is there going to be a next time?"

"That's up to you, I guess. It all depends on whether you decide I kiss better than Jimmy."

Her teeth flashed in her typical bright, happy grin.

"Let's get started on that scientific analysis, then," she said.

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Anonymous said...

LOL..i love how you flipped the switch for this scene! brilliant!!!!!! and i also love how Clark always "logically rationalizes" that it's ok to kiss her...for the good of humanity of course....not because deep down he wants to or anything!...haaa


Justine said...

LOL loving it already >:D

Anonymous said...

loving the playfullness waiting for more :)

SelfAppointedCritic said...

Go Chloe! Way to snag your man! A delightfully playful romp Elly. Thanks for sharing.

blackheart_me said...

MUAHAHA! Awesome plot from Chloe! Love her brains :) AWW Clark assuring her that he'll protect her=AWESOME! Lovin' it :)