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Love in an Elevator, Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Rating: PG
Season four, expansion on the episode "Bound"
4500 words
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the WB and DC comics, not to me

“Let’s re-enact the event, okay, Clark?”

I swear I don’t know how I get in these situations. One minute Chloe and I were walking into this elevator to see if we could find a missing diamond earring, in order to prove Lex Luthor hadn’t murdered the woman he’d picked up at a society function last night. The next minute Chloe suggested we re-enact what we’d seen Lex and that woman doing together on surveillance video.

Re-enacting the movements of two people who were making out so hot and heavy they were practically getting it on right there in the elevator was not a great idea, in my opinion. Particularly with Chloe, who’s not really a girl. I mean, yes, she’s a girl, but she’s my friend. Not my girlfriend, though. Just a friend. Which means she’s practically a guy.

Except she’s not.

Anyway, I think I’ve lost my focus here. I tend to do that, especially when it comes to girls. What I’m saying is, the whole idea made me really nervous. She must have seen the hesitation on my face, because she flashed that wide Chloe grin. Chloe is really pretty when she smiles like that.

“Come on, big boy,” she said in a teasing voice. “It’s for the cause of truth and justice.”

It’s a really bad idea, I thought, but I didn’t get the words out, because Chloe reached down, grabbed my hands, and yanked me toward her. She’s small—the top of her head barely comes up to my chin-- but she’s like a cross between a tornado and a bulldog, and there’s no arguing with her. Once she gets a notion in her head, she never lets it go. I realized I was going to have to go along with this crazy idea, because she wasn’t going to give me the chance to say no.

“Now push me up against the wall,” she said, backing up into a corner and pulling me right up against her. Her body kind of molded itself against mine, and I got a sudden mental flash of the time she tried to seduce me in the loft of my parents’ barn, where I spend a lot of my time. A few months before she’d been under the influence of this love potion the cheerleaders had come up with, and she’d waited for me in my loft, wearing absolutely nothing but my football jersey. And then she’d practically attacked me.

Chloe’s my friend, but dressed in nothing but a jersey she looked and felt really… sexy. Especially when she sat on my lap, running her hands over my chest, her bare thighs on either side of me. But we’re just friends, so I was trying really, really hard to eradicate this image from my memory.

It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to forget. It kept popping into my mind at the strangest times.

Like now.

She was dressed in a lot more than a jersey now, but I could still feel her body, warm and soft, against mine. My mouth went dry, and my eyes started to burn. I could feel my heart pounding and realized I was nervous. Or maybe terrified was a better word for it.

She didn’t seem to notice my edginess, or maybe, Chloe-style, she just decided to ignore it. Chloe has a lot of great traits, but she tends not to be too sensitive about other people’s feelings.

“I think her hand was here—“ She put her arm around me, her hand flat against my ribs, and even though I was wearing a jacket, I swear I could feel the imprint of it on my skin. “And—“ She grabbed my hand and put it alongside her cheek. “I think his hand was right here.”

Next to the rough skin of my palm, her cheek felt really smooth and soft. We were really close together, and if I bent my head just a little bit, I could press my nose into her hair to see what it smelled like. For some reason I really wanted to do that, but sniffing your best friend’s hair is a little on the weird side, so instead I pulled my head back as far as I could.

“And his other hand…”

She placed my other hand on her forearm, and I tried really hard not to wrap my fingers around her arm. The way I was standing there, with my hands on her and my head arched back, made me think of a game of Twister. It felt really awkward. It’s not like I’m Casanova anyway, and being around girls always makes me awkward to a certain degree, but there’s regular awkward, and then there’s the awkward of having your hands on your best friend… and kind of liking it.

It was uncomfortable enough that I was having the normal human male reaction, just like any guy would when a woman presses right up against him. But even worse was that I was also having what seems to be the normal Kryptonian reaction—my eyes burned and itched, and I started to think longingly about starting a fire.

That probably makes me sound like some sort of pyro, but I’m not. I have what I call heat vision, where I can set things on fire just by looking at them, and for some reason being close to girls tends to set it off. When my heat vision first developed, I was fifteen, and I accidentally set a couple of fires around pretty girls before I learned to control it. I thought I’d gotten a handle on it, so it was totally under my conscious control, but the way my eyes were burning made me worry I hadn’t gotten as good a handle on it as I thought.

That was the last thing I needed, to start a fire in a small, enclosed space. Chloe could get hurt. At the very least it would scare the hell out of her, and I didn’t want her to be scared of me.

She put my other hand on her arm, and I thought of the surveillance video we’d watched, how Lex had put his hands all over that woman. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to run my hands all over Chloe’s body. But unlike Lex, I couldn’t treat women that way, like sex objects instead of people. Especially not Chloe.

The thing is, Chloe’s a really nice girl, and she deserves better than to be dragged into the soap opera of my life over and over again. First of all, I’m from the planet Krypton, but Chloe thinks I’m just an ordinary Kansas farm boy. If we ever got involved and then she found out about my origins, I’m not sure how she’d react. She is a reporter, after all. She’s posted all the strange stuff she’s found out about in Smallville on what she calls the Wall of Weird in the school newspaper office, and I really don’t want to wind up on the WoW myself. I have nightmares about the headline she might come up with: I HAD SEX WITH A SPACE ALIEN.

Yikes. No thanks.

There’s also the fact that Chloe knows perfectly well I’m in love with Lana Lang. I’ve been in love with Lana forever. Even though Lana’s dating someone else right now, Chloe doesn’t deserve to be treated like a second-string girl. She needs a guy who’ll fall madly in love with her and treat her right, not a guy who’s marking time, waiting for Lana Lang to become available.

But the funny thing was, right then I couldn’t even remember what Lana looked like.

“Maybe…” I tried to focus on what we’d been talking about before my mind took off on this tangent. “Maybe he knocked her earring off.”

“Yeah,” she agreed, her forehead wrinkling in thought. “Yeah, maybe.” She looked back up at me. “So then she pushed him up against the wall like this…” She grabbed my arms and pushed me bodily against the opposite wall.

And then she looked up into my face, and I realized how really close she was to me, and my stomach did this weird melting thing. She had the prettiest hazel eyes.

“Hi,” she said softly, staring straight into my eyes.I couldn’t back away this time because I was pressed up against the wall. I didn’t really want to pull away, anyway. I could smell her perfume clearly, and she smelled just like she had that time in the loft. Kind of a vanilla scent, sweet and sexy at the same time. And just like that night in the loft, she had me pinned.

Chloe’s a tiny little thing, and I must outweigh her by seventy-five pounds. Not to mention the fact that as a Kryptonian I could easily bench press ten girls Chloe’s size. No, that came out wrong… it sounds a lot kinkier than I meant it to. I’m just saying I’m a whole lot stronger than Chloe, so there’s no possible way Chloe could force me to do anything. But she kept me pressed me against that wall as easily as if there was Kryptonite in the elevator with us.

I didn’t fight her, didn’t try to get away. I didn’t even think about it.

My eyes were driving me crazy, and I really, really wanted to ignite something. Not for the first time, I wondered how Kryptonians managed to make love without burning their houses down. Of course, Kryptonians were fireproof. Chloe wasn’t.

I closed my eyes, trying to tamp down the burning sensation. When I opened my eyes again, Chloe was still right there. Her lips were just a couple of inches away from mine.

My gaze dropped to her mouth, and I lifted my hands and wrapped them around her upper arms. All the good, sound, logical reasons I had for not getting involved with her flew right out of my head, and I knew I was going to kiss her. And I had the distinct impression she was going to kiss me back.

We’ve kissed a few times over the past few years, but only when she was under some kind of outside influence. She’d kissed me once under a sort of hypnotic suggestion, and again when she’d been infected by an alien parasite. (Smallville’s a weird place, but that’s a whole other story.) Oh, yeah, and there was the whole love potion thing. But she hadn’t truly kissed me since the day we met in eighth grade. And that had been kind of a quick peck, the kind of kiss middle schoolers exchange.

We weren’t in middle school any more, and I was pretty sure we were about to exchange more than a quick peck. My heart pounded, and every muscle in my body went tight. Maybe from nerves, or maybe from something else entirely.

And then the elevator door slid open.

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Anonymous said...

i was wishing something like this actually would happened in the show but alas.....


i'm grateful you wrote something around that time frame. i'm really enjoying this. i'm on my way to the second chapter.

great job!

Anonymous said...

"...not really a girl. I mean, yes, she’s a girl, but she’s my friend. Not my girlfriend, though. Just a friend. Which means she’s practically a guy." LMAO! Welcome to my life.