Friday, May 12, 2006


Welcome to my archive of Smallville fan fiction. Most of my stories have a Clark/Chloe slant. Most are rated G to PG-13, but some are marked "adult." Please don't read those stories unless you're over eighteen. All stories were originally posted on the boards of KryptonSite.

So far I've written thirteen Smallville stories (85,000 words), and I plan to add more, so please check back often.You can access the stories by using the links to the right.

I've just finished "What the World Could Be" (adult), added the first two and a half chapters of "Here Without You," and added the first chapter of "Kryptonian Boys Are Easy" (adult).

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Lacy said...

I love your Chlark stories. Your stories are interesting, gripping, descriptive, emotional, sometimes funny, sparkling with chemistry and snark and totally capture the things I love about Chloe and Clark's friendship and potential for a romantic relationship. I also love how you really get inside Clark's head and heart and especially how you explore his connection to Chloe. I'm very happy that you are writing Chlark and posting your fiction in one place. Keep up the great storytelling.