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I Had Sex With a Space Alien, Chapter 4

Season 5, second half of season
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the WB and DC Comics, not to me.

When Clark feels less like he's been hit in the head by a kryptonite boulder, he picks up Chloe, lifts her out of the tub, and puts her down on the tile floor. He grabs one of the red towels and starts drying her off, taking the opportunity to explore her body thoroughly.

"Hey," she says, pretending to frown at him. "I thought you were being gentlemanly, but you're just copping a feel."

He lifts his eyebrows at her. "Is this a problem?"

"Uh..." He squeezes her breast through the towel, and she gives a little gasp, then grins ruefully. "I guess not."

He'd like to drop the towel and start running his hands over her without any pretense, but he figures they'd better continue this in a place where he can use his heat vision if necessary. Once the two of them are more or less dry, and their hair has stopped dripping, he pulls on his dark blue robe and hands her Martha's purple one.

"I don't feel right about wearing your mom's robe under these circumstances," she says, her forehead wrinkling a little.

He shrugs. "You can stay naked. I don't mind."

She scowls at him and pulls the robe on, tying it firmly around her waist. He swings her up into his arms and heads for the door.

"Hey," she says again. "I do know how to walk, you know."

"I like carrying you. Humor me. It's not like I'm going to throw my back out."

He heads for the staircase and carries her downstairs, dropping her on the couch in front of the fireplace. "Okay," he says. "Now if I need to use my heat vision, I can."

"Hopefully that'll keep you from getting too hot to handle."

He grins. "And here I thought I was always too hot to handle."

She swats at his arm. "I'm starting to think this was a really bad idea, Kent. You're getting a swelled head."

Other parts of him are swelling, too, but he decides not to say so. He's a little surprised, because he thinks he ought to be totally exhausted, if not dead, but his body is very definitely reacting to the idea of being alone with her again.

He sits down next to her on the couch and puts an arm around her shoulders, and she leans against him. They've sat on this couch plenty of times before, but never quite this close together. The whole tenor of their relationship has abruptly changed, and it makes him a little nervous. Not that being intimate with Chloe is necessarily a bad thing. He's just worried about what might happen to their friendship if this doesn't work out.

She's quiet for a long moment, as if she's listening to his thoughts. "You know," she says at last, "there's still time to forget all this happened if you want."

He blinks down at her, wondering if she really can read his mind. Obviously they've been friends too long if she can deduce his thought processes so easily. "I don't think I can forget about it," he answers. "I don't think I'd want to."

"Yeah. Me neither."

Okay, then. They're obviously both on the same page, so he decides not to worry about the fate of their friendship right now. He takes a deep breath, then puts a finger under her chin, tilts up her face, and kisses her.

Her lips are soft beneath his, and she smells like a mixture of evergreen and vanilla. It's a combination of scents he'll forever associate with what they did in the shower together, and all of a sudden he's so turned on he can hardly stand it. He's trying really hard to keep the kiss sweet and gentle, but his lips open and his tongue slides into her mouth despite his best efforts.

She doesn't seem to mind his aggressiveness. Her hands reach up, her fingers brushing through his hair, stroking over his cheekbones. Her tongue teases his, touching his gently, then retreating, and a small, irritated noise escapes him. He's not in the mood for teasing. He lifts her right onto his lap, so that her hip is pressed right up against his erection, and kisses her harder.

At last she pulls her head away and brushes her lips over his throat. "You're getting hot already, Clark."

"Tell me about it."

"No, doofus. I mean your skin is getting hot."

"Oh." He suddenly realizes that his eyes are burning pretty fiercely. He's sweating, but it's not helping to cool him down. Evidently she's right, and all that heat has to go somewhere.

He wonders if it's possible for him to self-combust. Probably not. It's more likely that if he fights it too long, his heat vision will activate whether he wants it to or not. The idea makes him nervous. One of these days, he's going to burn down a building or set someone on fire or something. Not a pleasant thought.

"Being Kryptonian can really be a pain in the ass," he says, a little irritably.

"Yeah, but you know, it has its compensations. Superstrength. Superspeed. All that stuff. And the heat vision might actually be a good thing."

"A good thing?" He opens his eyes and looks at her, then hastily looks away, feeling his eyes stinging. "How the hell could it be a good thing?"

"I don't know." She drops her hand to his robe, pushes it open, and wraps her fingers around him. He's as hard as granite, just as rigid as he was before, and he draws in a quick breath and closes his eyes.

"Go ahead and open your eyes, Clark," she says softly. "Let's see what happens."

He knows perfectly well what's going to happen if he opens his eyes now. "Uh, I don't think that's a good idea," he answers, his voice hoarse.

She moves her hand up. "Clark," she says. Her hand moves down. "Open." Up. "Your." Down. "Eyes." Up.

Suddenly he's trembling again. "Chlo. Stop it."

"You don't really want me to stop."

He does and he doesn't. What she's doing feels great, but it's also making his eyes burn worse than ever, and that makes him feel really anxious. Yeah, there's a fireplace, but what if he misses or something? What if he accidentally glances at Chloe? His heat vision can burn really, really hot, and he's scared of what could happen if it gets out of control.

"Clark," she says softly into his ear, "you're heating up again. In a minute I'm not going to be able to touch you. Relax and let it happen."

Her hand moves against him again, and all of a sudden he can't help himself. His eyes snap open almost automatically, and heat flares from them. He does manage to hit the logs in the fireplace, and they burst into flame, but it doesn't stop.

The heat keeps streaming from him, and he gives a long, shuddering groan. Ordinarily it doesn't feel like much of anything when he activates his heat vision, but apparently it's a little different when he's overheated this way, because it feels seriously good, so good he can't stop moaning.

He must have been really hot, because it goes on a long time. But at last the heat vision fizzles out, and he drops his head back on the couch. "Fuck," he says softly. "That was incredible."

"Told you it might be a good thing."

She sounds unbearably smug, and he opens an eye and glares at her. "So who made you an expert on Kryptonian physiology?"

"I'm not an expert yet," she says, grinning. "But I plan to be."


Clark's eyes are heavy-lidded, his chest is rising and falling raoidly as he gasps for breath, and his body is sprawled out in an attitude of total relaxation. In short, he looks pretty much like a guy who's just had a really great orgasm. But Chloe's interested to note that he hasn't. She sort of assumed the heat vision might be tied in to sex, that he might come when he does the eye thing, but apparently that's not the case.

He looks pretty satiated, though, and doesn't appear to have any real interest in moving, let alone sex. She feels a warm throbbing between her thighs, an insistent ache, and it reminds her that so far, he's gotten a lot more out of this encounter than she has. That isn't fair. And Chloe's always been a big believer in fairness.

"So," she says, letting go of him and moving even closer. "You seem to be having fun here. But didn't you say something about doing something for me?"

His eyes suddenly go wide, and he lifts his head. "Hell," he says, looking distressed. "I'm sorry, Chlo. You started touching me, and I just kind of... forgot."

She narrows her eyes at him. "You forgot about me? When I was touching you?"

"No," he says, his cheeks turning red. It's all she can do not to laugh. She loves to get Clark flustered, because it's so funny seeing a big strong guy blush and stammer like he was in junior high school. She knows it's mean to torment him, but evidently she's got a serious mean streak. "I didn't mean that, exactly. I mean, that's not... I'm not really..."

He evidently remembers the first rule of holes-- When in one, stop digging-- because he stutters to a stop, looking terminally embarrassed. Chloe takes pity on him and puts her hand on his.

"It's okay, Clark. I was just kidding."

"Oh." He looks relieved. "But you're right. I should do something for you."

"Or you could just do me."

His cheeks flush a little redder. "Yeah. I guess that'd work."

It sounds like a really good idea to her. She moves still closer, right up against him, and puts her hands on his chest. She slides them upward, shoving the robe aside so she can run her fingers over him the way she's always wanted to. His skin looks almost golden in the light from the fire, sprinkled with a few dark hairs here and there. He doesn't have a lot of chest hair, but as she unties the robe and pushes it open, she can see there's a nice trail of dark hair starting right above his navel and arrowing downward. Sort of a pointer, just in case she can't find her way.

She glances down and almost laughs at the silliness of her thoughts. No way is she going to have trouble finding that.

His muscles and bones feel solid and unyielding beneath his smooth skin, like steel overlaid with satin. His skin is warm, but pleasantly so, not like earlier, when it was scorching hot. He feels wonderful beneath her hands, and she can't imagine how she's managed to keep from touching him all these years.

He shrugs off his robe, then lifts his hands, unties her robe, and pushes it off her shoulders. All of a sudden they're both naked again, and Chloe feels a rush of heat and moisture between her legs. Just seeing Clark in the nude is almost enough to make her come. Which is ridiculous.

Or maybe not, considering the way he looks.

He pulls her toward him, and suddenly they're kissing again, more desperately than before, their tongues caressing and stroking eagerly. Vaguely, Chloe realizes they're on the carpet in front of the fireplace. Her back is pressed into the carpet and Clark is on top of her, his big body covering hers, his bare skin pressed up against hers.

She doesn't remember rolling off the couch, and she suspects Clark supersped them both over here. Which is fine, because she's feeling impatient, too. Impatience is okay with her, as long as he doesn't try to superspeed his way through sex.

He doesn't seem inclined to do that. In fact he's being very slow and thorough. His hands touch her everywhere, running over her hips, her thighs, her breasts, until she's moaning and writhing against him. At the same time his mouth is against her throat, kissing and nipping and sucking the sensitive skin there. She suspects she's going to have some serious hickeys, but she doesn't really care, because it feels so damn good.

Anyway, if Clark wants to mark her as his, she's perfectly okay with that.

Her hands are on his back, digging into his skin, or trying to. His skin resists her efforts to scrape her nails against him, so she just runs her hands up and down his back, exploring all the smooth contours of his muscles. His erection is pressed up against her thigh, and she can feel it pulsing eagerly.

He groans, and suddenly she realizes his skin is heating up again. They're both wet with sweat where their bodies touch, and she can feel a damp sheen of perspiration on his back, but obviously it's not enough to cool him off.

He drops his head against her shoulder, gasping, and she can tell he's trying to fight the heat vision again. But his body is starting to burn hers.

"Clark," she whispers. "Go ahead."

She runs her hands over his back, down to the curves of his ass, and he jerks, utters a deep groan, and lifts his head, staring into the fire. A long burst of heat pours from his eyes, so hot that she can see the distortion in the air, and the look on his face is one she doesn't think she'll ever forget. His eyes are wide, his features tense, and he looks like he's in rapture.

At last it trails off. He gives a long, rumbling purr, sounding like a contented lion, then he lowers his head and presses his face into her hair. "Chloe," he says softly. "I'm sorry."

She kisses his ear. "Sorry for what?"

"I just... I know that's kind of weird."

She runs a gentle hand over his shoulders, trying to reassure him. Ever since she's known him, Clark has struggled to be just like everyone else. She never understood how futile that was till she knew his secret, but she does recognize that even now, part of him is genuinely embarrassed by his differences. Being different isn't easy for anyone, let alone a boy raised by salt of the earth farmers in a small town.

But she's loved him a long time, and she only loved him more when she discovered his secret. As far as she's concerned, all the things he can do are pretty cool. He simply amazes her.

"It's not weird," she says softly. "I bet it's perfectly normal for Kryptonians."

"Yeah, but this isn't Krypton. It's Earth."

"And I wanted to have sex with a space alien. Remember? Just think how disappointed I'd be if you were just like every other guy on the face of the planet."

He lifts his head, and she sees a small smile playing on his lips. "I thought I'd already disappointed you because of my lack of multiple penises."

She laughs. "I told you already, you don't need three of them when you've got one like that." She wiggles against him. "But you know, I think I'd like to confirm for myself that it isn't prehensile."

She reaches down between them, and his eyes drift shut. "I thought you already confirmed that."

"In investigative reporting, it's important to check and recheck your facts," she explains, very seriously.

"Okay," he says, his voice rough. "Feel free to recheck that as many times as you want to."

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HMM side effect of heat vision? He's too hot to handle. His ego is increasing :) lol! imagine Clark has gone into full orgasm and them BOOM! he self combusted :P LOL. Chloe is going to b the best expert on Kryptonians. His heat vision is seriously cool so now he's been pleasured about 4 times and Chloe has yet to experience her first orgasm. Pretty funny.