Friday, June 09, 2006

I Had Sex With a Space Alien, Chapter 7

Season 5, second half of season
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the WB and DC Comics, not to me.

"Do you really need three of those? Because I think one is plenty."

Clark grins at her over his third meatball sub. "I'm starved."

"Gee," Chloe answers dryly. "I can't imagine why."

Clark's smile gets so wide his dimples show, and she practically falls out of her chair. God, he's gorgeous. She's always thought so, but now she's more painfully aware of it than ever. She doesn't think she'll ever look at him again without thinking of everything they've done today.

Why, why, why? she thinks. Why does she do this to herself? She's carried a torch for Clark for years, and it's utterly pointless, because he's never noticed she's female.

Okay, she's pretty sure he's finally noticed she's female. But that's not the same thing as wanting to be really involved with her, is it? He just doesn't see her that way. He never has, and he never will.

Today meant a lot to her, a lot more than she wanted it to, but she doubts it meant a thing to him. He's a guy, after all, and guys can be pretty damn casual about sex.

But that's a totally unfair thought, and she knows it. She's the one who jumped him, after all. She climbed into the shower with him, stark naked. What was he going to do, say no? Clark might be a Boy Scout, but he's not inhuman.

Well, okay, he's sort of inhuman. But as far as she can tell, he's just as pathetically susceptible to wet, naked women as the next guy.

Anyway, just because she seduced him doesn't mean anything between them has changed.

She sighs and nibbles pensively at her ham and cheese sandwich, and Clark looks at her over his massive sub."You okay, Chlo?"

"I'm fine." She smiles, trying to cover her brief lapse into melancholy. "Just a little tired."

"So," he says. "What's next?"

She blinks at him. "Next?" Next as in what? she thinks. As in, what's next in our relationship? What sexual position do you want to try next? Or does he just mean, "What's for dessert?"

"Yeah," he says. He swallows a bite of his sub, looking a little nervous. "Since you have the day off, I thought maybe we could do something."

"I think we already did something."

Her comment catches him in the middle of a sip of his drink. He snorts, and grabs a napkin from the metal dispenser on the table. "Hell, Chloe. You made Coke come out of my nose."

She chuckles. "What can I say? I tend to have that effect on guys."

"Anyway," he says, wiping his nose. "I meant maybe we could do something other than that. Like catch a movie or something."

Her eyebrows shoot up. "A movie?"

"Yeah. A movie."

Huh. That's interesting. They've gone to see movies in the past, of course, since they hang around together quite a lot, although they've never gone to one after spending the afternoon having wild passionate sex. That kind of puts a different spin on it, in her view. But possibly not in his.

The truth is that Clark comes to see her at the Daily Planet so often that most of the other women there refer to him as "your cute boyfriend." Her explanations that he's not actually her boyfriend fall on deaf ears, since he's there like every single day. No one there really believes they're not dating.

Come to think of it, she and Clark spend so much time together they might as well be dating. Honestly, all that's missing is the sex.

And that doesn't seem to be missing any more.

A movie. Hmmm. She thinks about sharing a bucket of popcorn with him and "accidentally" brushing her hand against his, or maybe hiding her face against his shoulder during the scary parts. It's not the kind of thing she's done in the past, because she's always been careful to respect the boundaries of friendship until now.

But to be perfectly honest, the boundaries have been totally blasted away today. She's had sex with a space alien, and there's no going back now.

She's not sure what Clark wants, but she knows what she wants. And who knows? A little accidental hand-brushing might help move them in the right direction.

"Sure," she says at last. "A movie sounds great."


Clark's not sure why he asked Chloe to a movie. He really ought to get back to his chores on the farm, but his mouth just opened, and the words kind of fell out. Words have a way of doing that to him.

Maybe he's just trying to get their relationship back on a normal footing, he thinks as he pays for the tickets to an action movie. An action movie is the kind of thing they tend to see together, and it's very unromantic. Safe. The kind of thing buddies see together. He buys a big popcorn and two drinks, and they head for the theater.

The lights have already gone down, and previews are playing onscreen, showing lots of cars blowing up. Exploding cars are nice and safe, too. There's not a lot of chance of her taking this as a date kind of thing, honestly. He feels really... safe.

"So where do you want to sit?" she whispers.

The theater isn't crowded-- it's Smallville, after all-- and they could sit pretty much anywhere. He looks down at her face, illuminated by the flickering light on the screen. She's gorgeous and sexy and just about the most amazing woman he knows, and all of a sudden he decides to forget about being safe. He's kept things safe between them for years. Safe is, well, safe, but it's also not much fun.

He's tired of playing it safe. Chloe took a huge chance on him earlier this afternoon. Now it's his turn.

He remembers the way she felt in his arms, the way she brought him so easily to ecstasy and to tears. No matter how scared he is of change, no matter how afraid he is of losing her friendship, he knows their relationship is never going to be the same again.

Chloe means a lot more to him than he's ever admitted to himself, and he can't pretend she's just a friend anymore. He's not even going to try to pretend, to himself or to anyone else. He doesn't care who sees them together, or if all of Smallville knows they're an item now.

"Oh, hell," he says. "Let's sit in the back row and make out."

She looks up at him, her eyes wide, and then she flashes her huge, happy grin.

"Now you're talking, farmboy."

-The End-

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Anonymous said...

aawww, that was a very sweet ending to a much hotness beginning =)!

totally love it.

joanna - kidkarmina

blackheart_me said...

I best this is also what's going on in Clark's mind: "Today meant a lot to her, a lot more than she wanted it to, but she doubts it meant a thing to him" LOL. Awesome moment when he snorts (having coke come out of ur nose burns like hell thou >.<) AWW Elly the ending was just BRILLIANT! I loved it, finally Clark made his advance. I love how he wanted to keep it safe and then figured "to hell with it". I'm sad it's over thou because i REALLY enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Oh Elly, that was so fucking amazing and hot and sexy and funny and sweet and touching and yummy and all those goodies!! You are a very talented writer and you really know how to get under the audiences skin and into the heads of the character! I swear, you had me melting inside thru most of the story! You are truely my new fav Chlark fanfic writer. You're awesome Elly!!!!

Anonymous said...

that was definitely fun. off to read the next!!!