Thursday, June 22, 2006


Welcome to my archive of Smallville fan fiction. Most of my stories have a Clark/Chloe slant. Some are rated G to PG-13, but some are marked "adult." Please don't read those stories unless you're over eighteen. All stories were originally posted on the boards of KryptonSite.

So far I've written twenty-two Smallville stories (around 145,000 words), and I plan to add more, so please check back often.You can access the stories by using the links to the right. A number of my stories fit together and share some loose plot elements. I've labeled them "CCC" (for "Clark and Chloe Chronicles"). The rest of my stories have no relation to one another.

I've just added chapters ten and eleven of "Hopelessly Devoted" (adult). This story is now completed. Yesterday I added chapter three of "Close Encounters" and chapter nine of "Hopelessly Devoted" (both adult).

I love feedback! Please feel free to leave comments-- note that anyone can leave comments now, not just registered Blogger users-- or email me at .

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Doranwen said...

Do you distinguish between R and NC-17 in your adult fics? I never read NC-17, but I might read a good R-rated one. (I have a feeling it might not matter, though, because R-rated I will read if it's for dark themes, violence, etc., but not as much for sex. It would still be nice to know, however, so I would feel safe peeking into the R-rated ones.)

Elly said...

Um, I'd say all my adult stories are NC-17 or close to it. They're all rated that way for sexually explicit stuff.