Monday, October 09, 2006

At Crater Lake, Chapter 2

Season 6, after "Sneeze"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

Clark pulled Chloe a little closer to him, and she moved against him in a way that left no doubt in his mind that they were on the same wavelength. Her hips pressed against his, as close as their bodies could possibly get with clothing in the way, and he made a strangled sound against her mouth. Keeping her afloat with one hand, he ran his other hand up her back, caressing the graceful line of her spine until it encountered the back of her bikini top.

That damn bikini top was in his way, and he decided it had to go. He started fumbling with it, and she made a little noise of protest and pulled her mouth away.

"Hey," she murmured. "Are you sure we're alone out here?"

He cocked his head and listened. "The nearest people are about three-quarters of a mile away. And there aren't any motorboats out there."

"God, you're useful," she muttered, leaning forward and brushing her lips over his ear. "No wonder I keep you around."

The touch of her lips on his earlobe, along with the soft caress of her breath, made him shudder. He tried to cover the intensity of his reaction with a light answer. "I thought you kept me around for my good looks."

She laughed softly in his ear. "You're useful as well as decorative."

Despite the fact that he loved the sensation of her lips against his ears, he turned his head and narrowed his eyes at her, doing his best to look annoyed. "You make it sound like I'm a vase or something."

"Well..." She giggled. "I'm not sure you're that useful."

He loosened his arm and tilted her backward, threatening to drop her into the lake, and she squealed and clung to him more tightly than before. Which was perfectly all right with him. He could feel her thighs squeezing his, and it felt so purely sexual that he closed his eyes and groaned again, a long, deep sound of sheer pleasure. All thoughts of teasing her immediately fled his mind.

In fact, all thoughts of any sort fled his mind. He was pretty well thought-free at this point.

His hand was still fumbling at her back, and at last he got the bikini top untied. He tossed it aside, not really caring if it disappeared forever in the depths of the lake. A naked Chloe was a very good thing, as far as he was concerned.

That impediment taken care of, he let his hand slide around to her front, which he found infinitely more fascinating than her back. He couldn't really see her breast through the dark lake water, but he could feel it well enough. He cupped her round, firm breast, feeling the nipple standing out against his palm.

She made a funny little sound in his ear, a squeaking noise that amused him at the same time it really turned him on, and he kept rubbing her nipple, stroking it, until she squirmed against him in a sexy, eager rhythm. His body responded involuntarily, his hips moving against hers, until he was pulsing against her with desperate need.

Okay. He might not be able to think very clearly right now, but the next logical step was obviously getting rid of the rest of her bikini. His hand slid down, and he shoved at the remainder of her swimsuit. She wiggled a bit, helping him, and kicked it off underwater, leaving him with an armful of naked Chloe.

Jesus. He'd just realized she was sexy a few minutes ago, but she was a hundred times sexier now. She felt incredibly good against him, her skin warm and wet and slick. Her hands were all over him, investigating his body as if she'd never explored a guy this way before, and her tongue was tracing the contours of his ear, making him crazier than before.

And then her hands were pushing down his swim trunks, and he moved his hand off her breast-- albeit reluctantly-- and shoved them off entirely.

He pulled her back against him, the head of his cock pushing right up against her warm, wet flesh. She felt so good that a low sound came out of his mouth, a noise of longing and pleasure and physical craving. He wasn't sure when he'd gone from the affection and friendship he'd always felt for Chloe, to needing her more desperately than he needed sunlight and water and air, but somehow something inside him had shifted, and he couldn't fight his need. He had to have her.

He made sure his feet were planted firmly on the lake bed, then lifted her just a bit, positioning her. He flexed his hips a bit and slid into her.

She cried out like it was the best thing she'd ever experienced, and heat flooded him. He'd never wanted anything as badly as he wanted to be all the way inside her, screwing her hard and fast. It was hard to hold himself back, but he gritted his teeth, pushing into her very slowly. At the same moment, he grasped her hair, pulling her head back a bit, and kissed her hard, his tongue sinking deep into her mouth.

And then he was inside her all the way, his tongue sliding into her mouth the same way his cock had slid into her body, and it felt so good he wasn't sure how people survived this. In fact, he was pretty sure he wasn't going to survive it, but at this moment he really didn't care.

He withdrew, just a bit, and then surged back into her, harder than before. She cried out and dug her fingers into the nape of his neck, her body shuddering hard, and he realized with amazement that she was coming.

Either he was the world's greatest lover, or she just really wanted him. He was pretty sure it was the latter, but either way, it was flattering as hell. He wanted her to remember this, so he moved in her hard and fast, keeping the rhythm going, feeling her body spasm around his in violent contractions, over and over again.

Her voice lifted, and he remembered that sound carried across water, but he really didn't care if anyone heard them at this point. The sound of her crying out with pleasure thrilled the hell out of him.

He wanted to wait, to make love to her for hours, but he was way too turned on, and he couldn't stop himself. Losing all control, he thrust into her hard and just let it happen, let the violent ecstasy consume him like a forest fire blazing out of control. It felt so good that he couldn't prevent his hoarse cries of pleasure, but he really didn't give a damn.

Hell, even if a cop caught them, he didn't care. This was definitely worth getting arrested for.

His head arched back and his voice rose, almost to a yell, as endless spasms rocked him. It was too much, too good, too intense, and he couldn't seem to draw a breath. His chest was so tight he wasn't sure his heart was beating, or maybe it was pounding at top speed.

Just as he thought he couldn't take it any more, that he was certainly going to expire of pleasure, it eased off, and he lowered his head and gasped as the spasms died away.

Waves rose around them, and she laughed. "Hey, quit with the heavy breathing thing, Clark."

He struggled to get himself under control, before he created a tidal wave or something. "Sorry," he said meekly. "Accident."

"Yeah," she said softly. "It was an accident. But not a bad one."

He recognized that she wasn't talking about his superbreath. He tightened his arms around her and squeezed, very gently, so as not to do her any damage. "Not a bad one at all," he answered. "In fact, it's a hell of a good way to spend an afternoon, if you ask me."

She laughed softly and pressed a kiss to his cheek. As was typical of Chloe, she didn't push him for a commitment, or ask what this all meant to their friendship, or demand that they talk about it right now. And that was okay with him, because he couldn't find the words right now to convey the seismic shift that had somehow taken place inside of him in the last ten minutes.

But he wasn't worried about it all anyway. There was no rush, and plenty of time for them to decide where they were going from here. Right now, with Chloe in his arms and the wide blue sky spread out overhead, things seemed perfect just the way they were.

The one thing he was certain of was that this wouldn't end their friendship. They'd always been friends, and they'd always be friends, no matter where they decided to go from here. And he was beginning to suspect there was a lot more between them than friendship, and had been for quite some time.

This wasn't an ending, he thought, holding her against his chest. It was a beginning.

-The End-


monicaop said...

Wow, cute, hot and tender at the same time, you are totally gifted :). I loved the way they just... fit!!! Only one complain... is short!! ;) Hugs, be well and take care.

sally said...

Oh I love they will always be friends line. I'm so glad you continued this scene. It's great!

Cherry said...

Great continuation of that scene! Loved it!

Anonymous said...

wow...that was awesome! Really Elly, is there anyway we can get you to write for the show? After reading that TV Guide article I just want to scream in frustration!! The writers need to visit your blog to get some good ideas!


Anonymous said...

Loved it!!! i really did... thanx for the continuation Elly because the writers left me asking for more!!!

Anonymous said...

aaww...definitely a beggining of a very beautiful relationship =)!

that was so hot! very well done.

joanna / kidkarmina

blackheart_me said...

AWW a beautiful beginning. Another lovely lovely story Elly. Chloe not pushing him but giving herself to him was beautiful. Clark holding her and not fumbling trying to take back wat they did was also very cute. Lake sex is positively new, unique and SEXY! Enjoyed it lots ;]

Anne Crabtree said...

And here I thought that I had read everything on this site and I find a gem that I hadn't finished or hadn't discovered yet. Thanks so much for writing.

BloodSugar said...

Wow <3 Perfect!