Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This is Your Life, Epilogue

The Present

Clark was typing rapidly when Lo walked out of Perry White's office. He took one look at the smile on her face and responded with a wide grin of his own. "You got the job?"

She beamed. "I got the job."

"I knew he'd want to hire you. Perry knows good writing when he sees it. Which is why he hired me."

"Yeah, he thinks highly of you. He wants us to work together, actually. As partners."

"Partners?" He thought about that for a minute, doing his best to look displeased. "I don't know, Lo. I'm not sure if I can put up with you 24/7. It's bad enough having you hanging around the apartment all the time."

"Gee, thanks." She dropped down on his desk and smiled broadly. "Fortunately, you're going to be in and out of the office all the time, doing your superhero thing."

"Not all the time. Just whenever people need help."

"There are ten million people in this city, Clark. People need help all the time."

"Yeah, but do people really want help from a guy who wears his underwear on the outside?"

"I thought you were getting rid of the red underwear."

"I don't know, Lo. The underwear have kind of grown on me."

"You always had the worst fashion sense." She shrugged. "Whatever. I start on Monday, so I'd better go clear out my desk at the Inquisitor."

"Come by for lunch, okay?"

"Okay." She stood up, ran her fingers through his hair, and smiled. "Thanks for talking me into this, Clark. I really needed a little push."

"I know." He reached up, taking her hand in his, and looked up into her eyes, seeing the Chloe Sullivan he'd always known, staring at him through blue eyes. "I don't really understand why, though. You worked here before, after all."

"I know. But once I got saddled with all of Lois' baggage, it was different somehow. I wasn't sure I could ever get back to... me."

"I'm glad you found your way back." He studied her a long moment, then spoke gently. "Lois would be really proud, you know."

A soft smile curved her mouth, and her eyes grew misty. "I hope so."

"Trust me. Lois knew it as well as I do. You belong at the Daily Planet. You always have." He squeezed her fingers and spoke with a quiet certainty. "It's your destiny, Lo."

-The End-


Cherry said...

Elly, you always manage to amaze me! That was fantastic. I loved the twist in the story. Very well done!

MonicaOP said...

My... I knew it!!!!! Only you can disguise Chlois by making it Clois!!
I totally loved the story and my faith in you is still going strong!!!
But.. well being realistic I don't think ED could pull it off... Anyway, thanks a lot for this ;), hugs, hugs, be well and take care.

sally said...

oh, wow. This was great. It was a great surprise and twist. And well written like always.

blackheart_me said...

I loved it
I have this huge smile now.
Ahh ur stories do that to me :)

Anonymous said...

That was amazing, I can't believe I just found this story after all this time. I loved how you sepertaed Lois Lane, and Lo in this.

It gave it more, I guess the word respect, to Lois Lane. And gave it a difference from Chloe Lois Lane, to the Lois Lane.

Amazing job, you wrote this story perfectly, leaving a smile on my face :D

Awesome job!

BloodSugar said...

You know what? This story will be the reason why a part of me finds Clois acceptable now.
If for some odd reason SV writers and producers don't make Chlark or Chlois happen and still stick to Clois, I will be able to accept it easier since I read this good good good story.