Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Rainbow, Chapter 5

Clark/Chloe, full cast
Season 5, "Reckoning"
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

The Talon was packed. With her usual lack of subtlety, Lois had decorated it with vast quantities of red, white and blue bunting, glittering stars, and flags, and the guests all wore red and blue hats, though Clark thought most of them didn't look too happy about it. Clark was all for patriotism, but he couldn't help thinking it looked like a flag factory had exploded in the small building.

Clark stood with an arm around Chloe, holding her against him in the thickly packed room. His dad was wearing a red tie that was similar to his own-- the Kent men having very similar taste in clothes-- and his mom wore a red suit. He grinned broadly at his parents as they approached, and Chloe lifted her hand, placing it possessively on his chest, so that her ring glittered in the overhead lights. She looked at them cautiously, as if she was worried about their reaction.

"Mr. and Mrs. Kent," she said, "I know this is as much a surprise for you as it was for me."

Jonathan and Martha came to a halt in front of them. They were both smiling.

"Chloe," Jonathan said, "we couldn't imagine Clark spending the rest of his life with anyone but you." He wrapped his arms around her, welcoming to the family, and Clark felt his heart warm at his parents' unconditional approval of his choice. "We only hope that you have as many happy years as we've had."

Chloe beamed. "Thank you, Mr. Kent."

Jonathan took her small hand in his big one and looked at the diamond that glittered on her third finger. "Wow," he said, looking impressed. "That's really something."

"It's beautiful," Martha agreed, with a smile of pride aimed toward her son, and Clark warmed a little more. It was nice to have parents who not only accepted him for what he was, but who were proud of what he could do. He was lucky to have been found by the Kents when he arrived on Earth, and he knew it.

"Everyone! Everyone!"

Clark could hear the voice-- a nasal, grating voice he didn't much care for-- above the noise of the crowd, but no one else seemed to hear it. He activated his superhearing and listened harder, then winced when a loud, shrill whistle cut through the noise. The excited chatter died down, and everyone turned toward the staircase, where Lois Lane, his father's campaign manager, stood. She smiled down on the packed room.

"I just got the heads up from the newsroom," she said, walking down the stairs. "And ladies and gentlemen..." She paused for a moment for dramatic effect, then gestured toward Jonathan. "You are looking at our new state senator!"

Cheers broke out. Martha, Jonathan, and Clark hugged, and then Jonathan reached out and pulled Chloe into the hug. Clark felt his throat close up at his parents' easy acceptance of Chloe into the Kent family inner circle.

Flashes of light illuminated them as the photographers in the room took pictures. Lois pushed her way through the cheering crowd, and hugged Jonathan. "Congratulations, Mr. Kent," she said, then turned toward Chloe. "And you too, cuz," she added.

Chloe smiled, and Clark saw tears brimming in her eyes. He hoped they were tears of happiness.

"Okay, guys," Lois said, taking charge. "I need to wrangle you guys over here for a photoshoot."

"Sure, Lois..." Jonathan's phone rang, and he grinned ruefully. "Looks like the congratulations are already coming in. I'll be with you in a second, okay?"

"Okay. The rest of you... let's go." Lois moved off through the crowd, and Martha followed.

Clark hesitated, looking down at Chloe. He was so much in love he hated to leave her, even for a few minutes. "This could take a while."

"I'm not going anywhere," she answered.

He bent to kiss her cheek and smiled into her eyes. "Is this really happening?"

She smiled back. Her eyes were still brimming, but he looked at her closely and decided they were definitely filled with tears of happiness. He knew her well enough to be sure. "Go take care of your photo op, farmboy. I'll be here when you get back."


Chloe watched Clark's broad shoulders moving through the crowd. In his dark suit, he looked even more massive than usual, but very handsome. He looked great in a suit, she thought. He really ought to wear them more often.

As she stood watching him, with what she was afraid was a hopelessly infatuated look on her face, her cell phone rang. She pulled it out of her pocket and saw that the display read Lana Lang. Smiling, she lifted it to her ear.

"Hey, Lana," she said. "Did you hear about Mr. Kent?"

Lana apparently hadn't called to discuss Mr. Kent's victory. Her voice sounded very serious, almost grim.

"Chloe," she said, her words terse and hurried. "I need help."

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SelfAppointedCritic said...

So much better with Chloe in his arms at the Kent victory party. *sigh* Then, enter Blana. Ugh. If the crash takes place in this story, I vote that Lana die (and stay dead) instead of PaKent.
Looking forward to more!

Anonymous said...

don't help her chloe - stay away!

Khyla said...

oh ellen , love this twist, We get to see how Lana would act if she were in Chloe's shoes, and vice-versa

Anonymous said...

Lana is an evil witch, even though Isobel long left her body. I hope Chloe doesn't suffer her fate at her hands.
I am getting a bit of upset stomach reading this because I keep remembering the actual episode. Pa's death and funeral and that song playing throughout just broke my heart. *sniffs*
Loving it still. You're just too talented Elly.
Chlarkstheword - Ksite

blackheart_me said...

& Just like that a huge smile fades again. Wonderful writing! Grr hate lana here love Chloe and love that u kept to Mr. Kent winning :)