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Lex (offscreen Clex)
Season 7, after "Cure"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

Obsession never goes away. It just gets stronger with time.

Lex Luthor has been obsessed with the Kansas farmboy named Clark Kent for a long, long time. It started when Clark rescued him from drowning, saving his life in some mysterious and impossible to explain way.

No, he thinks, staring into the blazing fire in his study. It really started when Clark came to visit him, to return the keys to the truck Lex tried to give him as a reward. He remembers Clark's bright, brilliant smile, a smile that was so sweet and happy that it made something light up inside Lex.

With that beautiful smile, Clark reached right into Lex and wrapped himself around his soul. And as much as Lex has tried, he's never been able to free himself.

Clark was a beautiful boy when they met, but he was only a boy. Lex had decided to wait, because he wasn't a pervert. Well, not that kind of pervert, anyway. Unfortunately, by the time Clark was eighteen, the two of them had fallen out of friendship, leaving Lex unsatisfied.

Until recently, anyway.

Clark had come to the mansion to confront him a week and a half ago. And as Clark held Lex up against the wall, his hand around his throat, Lex had been shocked to hear the rough uneven sound of his breathing. He'd realized Clark was turned on.

And he'd swiftly taken advantage of that fact.

Now, alone in his study, he closes his eyes and remembers everything about that interlude. The way Clark tried so hard to pretend he didn't notice Lex's hand was on his cock. The way he throbbed beneath Lex's hand, and the little noises he made. The way his breathing went ragged and harsh.

Until finally Lex unfastened his jeans and held his enormous, hot erection in his hand.

It was just as beautiful as the rest of him, just as beautiful as Lex always imagined in his deepest, darkest fantasies. And now he can't help but think how it would feel inside him.

He remembers stroking Clark until Clark couldn't take it any more, and came in a rush, all over Lex's shirt.

That makes Lex's mouth curve a little. Clark is the most naive kid he's ever known. You'd think anyone who grew up in the post-Clinton era would know better than to splatter his semen all over the clothing of someone he doesn't trust. But then again, Clark was brought up by farmers who never even locked their door, so maybe that explains it.

At any rate, Clark gave Lex a nice sample of semen to pass over to his scientists. And once they'd studied it, they were able to confirm what Lex has suspected for a long, long time.

Clark isn't human.

Ever since Lex learned there were aliens out there, he worries about an alien invasion. He's done everything he can, taken some rather drastic steps, to guard against such a thing. And now he knows for sure that Clark is one of them.

Not that he thinks Clark is a threat. Clark has been on Earth since he was three, and he's so guileless that Lex doesn't believe he could possibly have notions of conquest. If the aliens are planning on using Clark to take over the planet, Clark has no knowledge of it. Lex is sure of that.

Clark is a weapon. The greatest weapon this planet has ever known. And Lex intends to turn that weapon to his own use.

After he seduced Clark, he expected the kid to return. Sure enough, a week later Clark showed up in his study, almost panting with eagerness. He insisted he was just checking up on Lex, of course, but it didn't take much to seduce him again.

Lex remembers his frantic pleading as he begged Lex to take him into his mouth: Oh, please, Lex, God, please...

He hadn't realized how much of an innocent Clark was. Clark had never had oral sex before that night. And not surprisingly, Clark had liked it a hell of a lot.

Lex marked it down mentally as one more way of bending Clark to his will. If Clark was a weapon, Lex wanted to make sure that he was on his side.

Lex had a lot more in the way of seduction planned.

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