Saturday, November 10, 2007


"You couldn't just get cable?"

Chloe walks into a room that shouldn't be there, in a foundation that's supposed to exist solely to help the meteor infected, and finds Lana sitting in front of a vast bank of televisions, watching feeds of the Luthor mansion and Lex's office in the LuthorCorp building as intently as if Chloe watches CNN.

"I have to protect myself," Lana replies. She has a faint blush of embarrassment on her cheeks, but she looks confident. She knows Chloe isn't going to call her on this. Chloe never does. Chloe's a sucker where Lana's concerned, and they both know it.

"Okay. So you put in the TVs to make sure Lex doesn't cook up another fake baby plot. But he let you go, Lana. He divorced you."

"I thought he'd never let me go." Lana frowns sourly at the televisions. "I didn't realize I'd be replaced so soon."

"Replaced?" Chloe lifts her head and follows Lana's gaze, and her eyes go wide. "Oh, my God. Is that--"

"Clark. Yes."

"Oh, my God. They're--"

"Uh-huh. They definitely are."

Chloe swallows, finding it hard to take her eyes off the screen. "But I just left Clark at the Talon."

"Oh, this isn't a live feed." Lana leans back in her leather chair. Black leather. Suddenly Chloe notices she's affecting a new look, and it's all black leather, from jacket to high-heeled boots. Her dark hair is scraped back tightly, and if she had a whip in her hand, she'd look like a dominatrix.

The thought makes Chloe's nipples tighten, but she ignores her reaction and looks back at the screen. Clark is sitting on the edge of the desk in Lex's study, his back arched, his face contorted, and Lex is--

Oh, my.

"Are you telling me," she says incredulously, "that this is a rerun?"

"Yes." Lana studies the screen avidly. "One of my favorites."

Chloe can understand that. On the screen, Clark is moaning: Please, please, Lex, oh, yes, please...

Her nipples still ache, and now there's a matching ache between her thighs. She pushes it away, and tries to come up with an appropriately condemning tone.

"Are you telling me you're using your ex-husband's private life... for porn videos?"

"And my current boyfriend, yes. I might as well get some use out of him. He hasn't been good for much lately." Her lovely mouth twists. "I guess I know why, now."

"Oh, my God." Chloe is stunned. And turned on. And trying really hard to stick with merely stunned, but not succeeding too well. "That is totally depraved."

"Thank you."

Lana begins shrugging off her jacket. Beneath it she's wearing a tight black top that clings to her breasts and her small waist. Chloe glances down and sees that her nipples are tight, too. Lana reaches up and casually begins stroking her own breast, and Chloe feels something inside her spasm.

"Um," she says. Her mouth is suddenly very dry. "I guess... I guess I better be going, huh? You look like you have... well... other plans."

Lana doesn't seem to hear her. "This is my favorite part," she says dreamily, and her hand strokes her nipple harder. "Look at the way Lex touches him."

Chloe looks up, and sees that Lex's thumbs are stroking Clark's nipples, while Lex's tongue is, well, busy. And Clark is whimpering and writhing like it's impossibly good, like he's found heaven sitting on Lex's desk.

"Um, yeah," she says, staring at the screen, because she's only human, and she can't look away from that. "Well, I should really be going..."

She's pretty sure Lana isn't listening to her. Her hand is reaching up under her shirt, stroking herself more intimately, and Chloe has the sudden desire to do it for her. She wonders what Lana's nipples feel like, if they're big or small.

All of which is crazy, because Chloe has a boyfriend. She isn't into girls, and she isn't into Lana that way. She admires Lana esthetically, but that's as far as it goes.

Please, Lex. On the screen, Clark is begging, and his cock is huge, glistening with precome and saliva, and it looks so hard that Chloe winces in sympathy. She's not a guy, but her nipples are so hard they hurt, too. Oh, yes, please, ohyesLexohyesplease...

"Oh, my God." Lana's staring at the screen, and she's starting to squirm in her chair. Chloe looks down and sees that her hand is sliding between her thighs, and she's stroking herself, right there.

Chloe barely stifles a moan, because she could really use to touch herself right there, too. But she's not doing it right in front of Lana. That's just wrong.

Not that that's stopping Lana. But Lana seems to have totally embraced wrongness, in a lot of different ways.

"Ohhhh God." Lana's hand is moving faster, her body starting to writhe the way Clark's is onscreen, and Chloe realizes Lana is going to come right in front of her. She reaches down and catches Lana's wrist.

"Hello? You have company, remember?"

"Oh, God." Lana looks up at her, dark green eyes unfocused. "Chloe..."

And Chloe's mouth is drier than ever, because Lana looks really hot and bothered, and it's making something inside her throb. Lana catches Chloe's hand between hers and pulls it down, pressing it against her leather pants, and Chloe doesn't stop her. She moves her hand, just a little, and Lana sobs.

"Yes. Oh, yes."

On the screen, Clark is begging, Yes. Please. I have to come, Lex, I have to... and Chloe knows exactly how he feels. There's a tight knot of tension between her legs that won't go away. She needs to come.

But first, she needs to make Lana come.

She falls to her knees, pulling Lana's shirt up and kissing her nipple, right through a dark lacy bra. Lana leans back in the chair and moans, and Chloe draws the nipple into her mouth, sucking it. Lana's hands tangle in her hair, holding her so she can't get away. But Chloe doesn't want to get away. Her hand strokes over the black leather pants, and Lana sobs and arches against her, and then suddenly she's coming, her body writhing frantically, while on screen Clark wails and sobs, sounding caught between surprise and ecstasy as he comes in Lex's mouth.

And then Lana is sagging back against the chair, her eyes shut, her lips parted as she gasps for breath, and Chloe suddenly feels really stupid. Because the porn-video-that-isn't is over, and she shouldn't be spying on her best friend as he has sexual encounters with another man anyhow. That's just wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

But almost painfully exciting.

"Um," she says, feeling terribly awkward all of a sudden. She just brought her best friend to a climax, and now she's not quite sure what to do. Her body still throbs with need, but, well, she figures she can take care of that on her own. "I guess I need to get going..."

"Sit on the desk," Lana whispers.

Chloe remembers the video of Clark seated on the edge of the desk, right in front of Lex, and heat sweeps through her. She tries once more to apply some sanity to the situation. "Um, maybe I should just..."

"Sit on the desk," Lana says, and her voice is still low, but edged with a fierce intensity. Chloe sits down on the desk in front of her, feeling her body pulsing with excitement.

She just came from the office, and Lana reaches out and pushes her skirt up, rucking it up around her waist. Chloe's wearing nothing but thigh-high stockings and a pair of lacy white panties, and Lana stares at her for a moment, heat burning in her dark eyes.

"Open your thighs," she whispers at last.

Chloe parts her thighs a bit, feeling ridiculously self-conscious about it. She knows she's wet, and she's afraid Lana will be able to tell somehow.

"Further," Lana says softly. "Spread them as wide as you can."

Chloe parts them further, and then Lana's kneeling in front of her, nuzzling against the lace, her lips moving on Chloe right through the fabric, and Chloe's startled and thrilled all at once. She gives a soft moan of pleasure and shock.

"Lana," she says, arching her body exactly like Clark did on the video. She can't help it. It feels so good.

And then Lana's reaching up and pulling the panties off, and Chloe's exposed, under the bright fluorescent lights. She tries to press her thighs together again, but Lana won't let her. She puts a hand on either knee and pushes them apart.

"Lie back," she directs softly.

Chloe leans back, and suddenly she's sprawled on the desk, her body wide open and exposed to Lana's hot gaze, and Lana is leaning over her, her face avid.

She runs her hands down Chloe's inner thighs, and parts her labia with her fingers, and Chloe feels a rush of warm wetness, and blushes again. God. She's never been this turned on in her life.

And then Lana's bending down still further, and her tongue is slowly stroking Chloe's clit, and Chloe moans and writhes on the desk. Nothing in her life has ever prepared her for the pure pleasure of this moment.

"Ahhhhh." She's moaning, helpless against the sensations, and Lana's tongue moves faster, until her inner muscles are pulsing and throbbing, until she can feel moisture on her thighs.

"Are you about to come, Chloe?"

Lana's lifted her head and is observing her, a self-satisfied look in her eyes. Chloe's so turned on she can barely answer.

"More," she whispers at last.

Lana's finger slowly probes at her, then slides into her, and Chloe writhes helplessly. And then Lana's sliding in another finger, and another, and her hand starts to move in Chloe, fast and hard. Chloe's hips rise to meet each thrust.

"Oh. God. Yes."

And then Lana lowers her head, sweeping her tongue over the hard, throbbing pebble of Chloe's clit, and Chloe explodes, screaming in a way she's never screamed before as ecstasy shoots through her, consuming her.

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