Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why Don't You and I, Chapter 6

By Laurelnola and Elly

Clark/Chloe, Lana
Season 7
Rating: PG-13
These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to us.
Read Chapter 5 here.

“Are you going to blame this one on the crystal, too?” she yelled against the onslaught of rushing air.

He smiled, still zooming upwards. “I learned a couple of months ago." He turned his head and looked straight into her eyes. His voice was very soft. "You're the one who made me fly, Chloe."

"Please." She rolled her eyes. "I doubt I had anything to do with it."

"Trust me. You definitely did."

Warmth bloomed inside her despite the frigid air, but she knew that flying was his accomplishment, not hers. "Flying is part of who you are, Clark."

"So are you," he said softly.

He didn't elaborate any further, or explain what she might have had to do with him learning to fly. He fell silent, and she looked around, seeing snowy tundra and mountains spreading out in all directions. Beneath them, the Fortress glittered, a cut diamond against the white velvet snow.

"It's pretty up here," she said. "But maybe you could find us a more romantic locale?"

"I think maybe I can do that," he answered. "Put your face against my chest."

She did, and she felt the sudden whoosh of superspeed. "All right," he said a moment later. "Open your eyes."

She lifted her head and looked around.

"Wow," she said.


“Glad you approve,” he said, and even Clark couldn’t help but admire the view.

They were standing on the wing of an airplane, that was now hanging absolutely motionless in the sky, frozen just as it had been flying low over the Daily Planet. The distinctive globe, too, was utterly still for once, and the sun’s warm rays were glinting in a perpetual golden cast off the top of the building. All of Metropolis was laid out before them, like a perfect postcard of the city, glowing and strangely alive, even though nothing was moving.

Clark turned to see Chloe’s reaction, and somehow wasn’t surprised that Chloe, far from terrified at being perched on the wing of an airplane suspended in mid-air, was too enrapt in the fantastic scene in front of her.

“Oh, Clark,” she breathed.

He moved slightly so that he was standing behind her, arms wrapped around her as they looked at the city below that they both loved.

“You see, Chlo? This is where you belong,” he squeezed her hand, “Where we belong.”

“On the wing of a plane?” she turned and arched an eyebrow, eyes sparkling with amusement.

“Always with the snark,” he rolled his eyes. “You know what I meant. This place is your future. You were meant for the Planet, just like I was meant for you.”

He leaned down and whispered into her ear.

“So… still want to leave all this?”

She laughed softly in his arms, “You play dirty, Clark.”

He kissed her earlobe, wishing and wanting to do so much more. “Nah, I’ve just known you for a really long time.”

She let her head fall back against his chest, “And I’ve just loved you for a really long time.”

He sighed and brushed his cheek against the top of her head, “Soon, Chlo. I promise.”

“Clark,” she whispered, and he steeled himself because he knew that once again she was going to try and talk him out of everything he’d been trying to do for her. Chloe was nothing if not persistent. And sure enough…

“Don’t you think I’d be just as safe if you just told me all this in the real world?” she tried, “Even if we had to keep it a secret, at least I’d know that you loved me back.”

His grip on her tightened a little. Because as much as he wanted Chloe in his arms, now and forever, he could see the bigger picture, and had to make her see it, as well.

“And how long do you think we’d last before our secret confessions of love turned into secret meetings to be together?” he said quietly, and she grew very still in his embrace.

“And how long after that,” he continued, “before someone caught us? Lana is living at my house, Chlo, and you’re surrounded by reporters at work, half of whom are probably on Lex’s payroll. No matter what Lana says, she already knows damn well that you mean more to me than she’d like,” he clenched his teeth, because she had no idea how much this was ripping him to pieces.

“We’d never be able to keep how we feel a secret, Chlo. We barely keep it a secret as it is.”

“But, Clark…”

“Don’t ‘but, Clark’ me,” he said, his voice growing more urgent even as he held her still tighter, “If you think I’m risking your life just for a little short-term happiness, you’re wrong!”

She was still for another moment, and then, to his surprise, she giggled.

“Geez, Clark, I never knew you had such a caveman side to you.”

He had to grin. She was impossible, this woman. But that was part of why he loved her.

“Wunga wunga,” he laughed with a strange mixture of relief and resignation, giving her ear another affectionate nip.

“So we wait some more,” she grumbled, “Story of my life.”

His heart lurched again, hearing her pain that mimicked his own. It wasn’t fair, he knew, but it was all they had, right now. Clark pulled her around so that she was facing him, and bent, kissing her slowly.

“You’re already the story of my life,” he told her. “Don’t you remember?”

She looked at him in confusion, and he shook his head, smiling, “The story of Numan.”

He saw her eyes begin to fill with tears as she began to comprehend, and suddenly he felt a tightening in his chest. Holding her close to him again, he smoothed her hair, and whispered softly, “You are the third person on that cave wall, Chlo. You’re the mystery woman, the one whose name never mattered. You’re my soulmate.”

He searched her face and saw, for once in her life, Chloe Sullivan was speechless.

“You don’t have to say anything today, Chlo,” he smiled, “You’re worth the wait.”

She was still looking at him in amazement when he leaned down to kiss her, like he would never let go.

Read Chapter 7 here.


Anonymous said...

Wow this is such a wonderful story you two... I sort of feel sorry for both Clark and Chloe... more so for Clark... Chloe won't remember any of it... so she won't have a reason to stay and she'll still go... she is leaving obviously to move on and that's sort of sad... I wonder if Clark really knows that? Great story regardless!

Anonymous said...

You two continue to blow my mind with each update. Why oh why can't we see this on SV? Can't wait to read more......

Rachel B

blackheart_me said...

It's so cute how he speaks to her in the beginning. It's like he's telling her, but being mysterious about it. Awesome ;) This image is just so adorable: "He moved slightly so that he was standing behind her, arms wrapped around her as they looked at the city below that they both loved. His protectiveness is still endearing, really really well written :). This is seriously gonna put me in tears. It's so sad :(
I love what he says, the way he makes her feel...and soon it's all gonna b gone.
I'm loving it lots. U GUYS R AMAZING!

Dola said...


You guys are so good it's unbelievable!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG! You guys are killing me. Please, please, please fix this. I WANT Chloe to remember...even if Clark doesn't know she knows.

DeeDee said...

Third time I'm reading this, and it's still making me cry, darn it!!!