Monday, March 31, 2008

Under Cover, Chapter 4

Season 7
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Note: Written at the request of CircularTime, and along a general plotline she suggested.
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While Chloe kissed his chest, her hands unfastened his trousers, just as efficiently as she'd unbuttoned his shirt. The black fabric dropped to his ankles in an inky puddle, and then he was kicking off his expensive leather shoes and stepping out of the pants. She went to her knees and pulled off his black socks, then looked up. Her mouth watered.

Lex Luthor clad in nothing but boxers was a very nice sight.

His boxers were, of course, black. Lex had started wearing a lot of black in the past few years, and she thought it was probably a way of thumbing his nose at the world: Yeah, I am evil. Wanna make something of it? The black silk was a startling contrast against his pale skin. She'd read somewhere that Lex had been a redhead before he lost his hair, and she could believe it. He had the creamy, perfect skin of a natural redhead.

That skin stretched over some pretty impressive muscles. Lex was definitely a nicely put-together guy. She let herself look at his chest and abs again, and then her gaze drifted lower. His thighs... wow. He had thighs to die for.

A bulge in the black fabric drew her attention. She reached up and peeled the boxers off, drawing them down, and he stepped out of them. Still kneeling at his feet, she stared at his erection.

It was long and pink and thick, so gorgeous her mouth watered. Jimmy Olsen was... well, he was a nice guy, but physically, he was at best adequate.

Lex, on the other hand, was outright big, and the thought of how good he'd feel inside her took her breath away.

Generally, she wasn't the type to judge guys on their physical attributes. But tonight was all about the physical, with no emotional component whatsoever. So it was nice that the physical was turning out to be so esthetically pleasing.

She reached up and grasped his cock in her hand, touching him with more gentleness than she was wont to feel for Lex. She wasn't fond of Lex-- in fact, she despised Lex-- but she didn't want to hurt him, at least not right now. Because if she did, she wouldn't get what she wanted.

What she needed, judging from the desperate throbbing between her thighs.

Leaning forward, she ran her tongue over the head of his cock.

She heard his sudden intake of breath, but he didn't moan or cry out. Slightly annoyed by his stoicism, she began running her tongue around him in circles. Pearlescent beads of precome welled up from the little slit, and she licked them all away.

His hips moved, pressing his cock forward, but she ignored the hint, and continued to lick and tease.

"Damn it." He spoke in a low, dangerous growl, and his hands captured her hair, digging into it cruelly. He tried to hold her head still, thrusting urgently against her lips, but she turned her head slightly despite his grip on her hair, refusing to give him what he wanted.

Another lick along the fragile ridge of skin just beneath the head, and he snarled.

"Take me into your mouth, damn you."

"Eventually I might," she said coolly. "In the meantime, quit pulling my hair."

"I'm trying to get you to..."

"Yes, Lex, I figured out what you're trying to do. But it hurts. Stop it, right now, or I'm going to yank on part of your anatomy and see how you like it."

He growled again, a low, resonant, dangerous sound, but his hands relaxed. She turned her head and began licking more thoroughly, her tongue sliding up and down the thick shaft, all the way to the balls. He didn't have pubic hair, and as a result he seemed exposed, open to her in a way other men weren't.

She explored him leisurely, thoroughly, enjoying herself far more than she should have. She was taking almost indecent pleasure in having Lex Luthor at her mercy. He still wasn't groaning or whimpering, but she could hear his breath hitching as her tongue stroked over him, relentless and thorough. He was still struggling to maintain his rigid self-control, but both of them knew he was on the edge of losing it.

She intended to send him over the edge, very soon.

Having explored every inch of his satiny flesh, her tongue slid back up his shaft and began teasing the sensitive head again. He shuddered, and his hands tightened in her hair, not quite as brutally this time.

"Give it to me, Chloe," he whispered.

She wanted to give it to him. On some level, she was ashamed of how much she wanted him in her mouth. That was an intimacy that until now, she'd reserved for a man who meant something to her, a man she was very fond of. And now she wanted to do it with a guy she couldn't stand. In fact, she wanted to do it very, very badly.

What she was doing with Lex was wrong. Very wrong.

But she couldn't bring herself to stop.

Pushing her reservations away, she opened her mouth, and he shoved right inside, demanding and eager and almost desperate. She closed her lips around the head of his cock and sucked.

She could sense him still struggling to hold back his reactions, but a long unnnhhhhh sound rose from his throat anyway. She sucked him for a moment longer, making no move to draw more of him into her mouth, then let him go and rocked back, studying him.

His cock was flushed a rather startling shade of pink, glistening with saliva and precome, and his pale skin was flushed, and wet with sweat. She could see him trembling, could see his cock jerking hungrily.

He opened his eyes slowly, as if it were an immense effort, and stared down at her, his gray eyes alive with a need she'd never seen there before.

"Why did you stop?"

She looked up at him, letting her mouth curve in a cold smile.

"Because I'm a bitch, obviously."

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Jo said...

Chloe/Lex is my second favorite pairing (Chloe/Clark being my fave of course) and you do it so great, I liked to see Chloe being the one in control here - give us more please!

Anonymous said...

Heh. No matter what Lex thinks, he's not the one in control, is he? ;)

Nice chapter.

DeeDee said...

Ooh, I have been so waiting for this update, and as usual you set the page on FIRE!!!

I don't mean to be rude, but...more! More!! MORE!!! and SOON!!!!

*composes self* Many thanks Elly - and you're just awesome!


CT said...

"Because I'm a bitch, obviously."

Aha! You are SUCH a tease, Elly! Not just to Lex, but to us! This was some smokin' hot interaction. I like how you have them fighting, even while being intimate, and how Chloe never forgets how much she hates Lex. Makes it more realistic that way, instead of having her thinking, "I think I LOVE Lex Luthor." Your description of his skin and body is also just exquisite. Sigh...Rosenbaum is so hot, and you really capture his Lex Luthor.

Anonymous said...

elly love your take on chloe and lex . the way you described his body was hot. i can not wait to read more of this story . i am a chlex fan but im a chlark fan first lol. great job.

Lexangy said...

Elly thank you for give me my sexy-terrible Lex in this marvellous Chlex story...

please post soon again...I love how you lead that stuff!

One bitch and one villain...what a great couple!


Anonymous said...

This is hot. I'm loving the tit for tat that is happening and how agressive they are both being.

Look forward to reading more

blackheart_me said...

OOHH TEASE!! I love how she's teasing him because she wants to hear a loud reaction from him. It's so amusing! OMG THAT ENDING WAS BRILLIANT!! I'm like squealing with delight over here. They just LOVE torturing each other and it's so friggin' cute in such a weird way! Man, I so wish Chlex didn't have all this hate toward each other. They'd be so hot together *sigh*