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Consequences, Chapter 7

Season 7, MHE for "Fracture"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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Chloe's hands stroked over him, comforting him, calming him. And turning him on. The anxiety that had filled him began to ebb, leaving him filled with a desire that was so great he couldn't see straight.

His hands slid down to her ass again, caressing and exploring her curves. Even through denim she had a very nice ass. He'd only grabbed it once before, when she'd been under the influence of the parasite and he'd been on red K. But it felt just as good as he remembered.

Her hands slid downward, too, and then she was caressing the sensitive skin just above the waistband of his jeans, below his navel, and he writhed beneath a sudden, violent stab of arousal.


"Wow," she whispered. "You like that."

He more than liked it. The skin there was wildly sensitive, and the feel of her fingers stroking over it was rapidly sending him into a tailspin. He wasn't sure if human males reacted this way or not, but he couldn't help his reactions. He heard his own voice, far more high-pitched than usual, making a series of sobbing sounds, but he couldn't seem to quiet himself.

Her fingers stroked up and down, from his jeans to his navel, over and over again, and he moaned and whimpered and squirmed wildly. He had the distinct impression he was reacting in a way that surprised her, but he couldn't help it. It just felt so goddamn good.

And then she moved down his body and lowered her head, and oh God, her lips were right there, right beneath his navel. He thrashed frantically beneath her, his hands knotted into fists so as not to grab her and hurt her by accident. Sounds came out of his mouth that were more animal than human, and violent shudders racked him.

Her lips trailed up and down, and then he felt her tongue against his skin, and fire flared through his nerves in a sudden, intense explosion. He jerked wildly beneath her, wailing and sobbing, as pleasure too hot to be borne flooded him, scorching him right down to his bones.

At last the heat faded, and he fell back against the couch, gasping. She lifted her head and looked at him, puzzled.

"What exactly happened there, Clark?"

"I have no idea," he responded honestly, still breathing hard. "But I liked it."

"Yeah. You know, I could kind of tell." She frowned at him. "It sounded like you..." She reached down, and somewhat to his shock, stroked a hand over his erection, which was as massive as ever. "But you didn't. Did you?"

"Um... I think I did, sort of. Only, uh, not exactly."

Despite the warm sensation of afterglow that filled him, he could feel his cheeks heating. He'd thought that with regards to sex, he had perfectly normal human reactions. But it figured that he didn't. Nothing about him was ever "perfectly normal."

Fortunately, Chloe was used to his oddnesses, and never seemed to mind them. And now she had her oddnesses, too, like the whole resurrection thing.

They could be odd together, he thought, liking the idea.

"Hmmm," she said, but let it go for now, for which he was grateful. Her hands moved down to the waistband of his jeans and began unbuttoning and unzipping, and seconds later she was shoving them off him. He toed off his workboots and socks and helped with the clothes, and then he was stark naked beneath her.

Weird, he thought. Half an hour ago he'd been mourning over her dead body, and now he was getting naked with her.

It just went to show you that anything could happen in Smallville.

She sat up and looked him over, and he thought he might be blushing again. Despite the-- well, whatever it was he'd experienced, the orgasm-that-wasn't-quite-- his cock was still pulsing against his stomach, swollen and ready for her. He wanted to make love to her. He needed to make love to her.

He reached for her, seeking comfort in the feel of her warm skin beneath his hands, but she apparently had other ideas. Eluding his grasping hands, she bent and pressed a kiss to the tip of his erection, and he moaned.

Her fingers wrapped around his cock, pulling it toward her, and then she was brushing light, sweet kisses over the head of it, the same way she'd kissed his stomach earlier. The feel of her lips there was impossibly intimate, and he closed his eyes and gave a long unnnhhhh of pleasure.

She opened her mouth a little, and drew him inside, and he groaned, and did his best to protest, more because he thought he probably ought to than because he really objected.

"Chloe... I can't... I mean, you shouldn't..."

She ignored his stammering, and drew him in further. Her mouth was wet and hot and perfect, and his back arched, thrusting helplessly. It was an entirely new sensation to him, and it was so incredible that he thought he might just come here and now. But he wasn't sure she wanted him to do that, so he tried really hard to hold back.

But then her hand reached down and began to slide over the sensitive spot beneath his navel, very gently, and he jerked.

"Oh, my God!"

She seemed to take that as encouragement. Her mouth began to slide up and down on him while her hand caressed him, and pleasure flowed through him like electricity, so hot it almost hurt.

He'd never in his life felt anything like this, and he couldn't stop himself from thrusting into her mouth, harder and deeper. Some distant part of his mind was worried he was going to choke her, or at least seriously gross her out, but he just couldn't stop. Instinct had him in its grasp, and there was nothing he could do to control himself.

Her mouth moved harder, and her hand stroked faster, and a helpless cry of yes yes yes rose from his throat . The caress of her hand felt every bit as intense as the sensations her mouth was creating, and being stimulated in both places at once sent him into a shuddering meltdown.

He felt the first gush of come explode into the depths of her mouth, and he flung his head back, making frantic noises as a wild, powerful climax rocked him. His cock spasmed over and over again, and his body jerked helplessly as heat flowed through him in an endless current.

He had no idea how long it went on, but it seemed to last forever. At last the pleasure started to ebb, and he collapsed back against the couch cushions, only half conscious, covered in sweat and gasping desperately for breath.

Chloe slid up his body and rested her head on his shoulder, and he managed to scrape up the energy to put an arm around her.

"Wow," she said, very softly. "You're always full of surprises, Clark."

Now that the intense pleasure had faded, his normal shyness was making a comeback, and he felt his cheeks flushing a brilliant scarlet as he remembered the explosive way he'd come in her mouth. Did girls really like that? He couldn't quite see how they could, but she was kissing his chest and didn't seem put out by the experience, so he tried to get the blush under control.

"I didn't know, uh..." All the stammering was almost as embarrassing as the oral sex thing had been, but he couldn't quite bring himself to talk bluntly about what had happened. Blunt wasn't his style, and never had been. "I mean, I've never..."

"I guess you have an extra erogenous zone." She lifted her head and grinned at him. "That could come in handy."

It had definitely come in handy. He remembered the way he'd climaxed, and gave a long sigh of contentment.

But she wasn't content, and she was still observing him with interest. She looked so bright-eyed, he thought with bemusement, so curious, so typically Chloe. So alive. "So do you have any other erogenous zones?"

"Uh..." The stammering instantly made a comeback. "Uh, I'm not sure."

Her grin grew wider.

"Let's find out," she said.

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WOW!!! Hot hot hot!!! I love this story! Keep going - I want more!!!


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First of all I love this story smokin' hot! And secondly I love your font change it's perfection just like your writing!

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"It just went to show you that anything could happen in Smallville" - awesome line Elly, maybe one of my favorites in any fic so far, in context it's so hilarius and on the nose :)