Monday, October 20, 2008

Conquered, Chapter 2

Kal-El, Chloe AU
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

"Excuse me?"

The young woman who'd introduced herself as Chloe looked, well, perturbed. She reached for the sheets, yanked them up, and clutched the sheets to her breasts-- which was unfortunate, as Kal-El very much liked looking at them-- and began backing away across the bed. Kal-El frowned.

"I wish to have sex with you," he said again, thinking that perhaps she'd failed to hear him.

"Nope. Not in this lifetime, buddy."

He cocked his head, puzzled. "I do not understand."

"It's a simple concept, really. Here's the deal. You lay a hand on me, I rip off your balls and stuff them down your throat."

Kal-El blinked. He was not fully conversant with the slang these Earthers spoke, but he got the gist of what she was threatening easily enough.

"So you are saying... you do not wish to have sex?"

She stared at him a long moment with an odd expression, as if she thought he was mentally deficient. "That's exactly what I'm saying. I mean, hello, you just conquered my planet, and we're complete strangers. Why exactly would I want to have sex with you?"

He frowned. "I am male. You are female. Sex is expected."

She tugged the sheet up a little higher-- most unfortunate-- and frowned at him, narrowing her lovely golden eyes. "When you conquer a planet, do you always rape its women?"


Apparently recognizing that he did not understand the word, she rephrased. "Do you always force its women to have sex with you?"

He contemplated that for a moment. "I do not understand. I am male and you are female. It is natural that we have sex together. No force or compulsion is required."

She cocked her head and considered him. "So you're telling me that of all the women you've met, from all the worlds you've conquered... every single one of them has been perfectly happy to fall into bed with you?"

He smiled. "Exactly."

She looked him over for a long moment, then uttered a little sigh.

"I guess that's easy enough to believe," she muttered.


At least Kal-El didn't seem inclined to rape her. That was something. In fact, Kal-El really didn't seem to grasp the concept of rape. It made her wonder exactly what his people's beliefs about sex were. He was an alien, after all. It figured that his moral attitudes might be very different from hers.

"Kal-El," she said, cautiously, "on my planet, we usually reserve sex for close relationships."

He cocked his head again, so that all that thick dark hair cascaded over one tautly muscled shoulder. She could barely restrain another sigh.

The man was a freaking demigod. Seriously.

"I do not understand. You do not have sex when you feel like having sex?"

"Well... sort of. Not exactly. I mean, we don't usually have sex with strangers."

"Even when you meet one that you find attractive?"

She sighed irritably, finding it hard to explain the mores she'd grown up with and took for granted. "Sometimes we meet a guy and fall right into bed with him, yeah. But usually not till we've at least talked a little, and maybe had dinner."

"I am more than willing to provide you with dinner."

"Thanks, but no thanks. Look, that happens sometimes, but more often we meet a guy and start dating for a while before we have sex."


"Going out to eat together, watching movies-- filmed entertainment-- together, having fun together. We usually have sex with the person we're dating, not random strangers. Some people don't even have sex until after they're married, which means bonded for life. And once we're married... we're not supposed to have sex with anyone else. Just the person we're married to."

He gaped at her. "Your people have extremely peculiar attitudes."

"Well, they work for us," she said, a little huffily. "Don't people get married on your planet?"

"We bond, yes. But that does not mean we may not have sex with other people. We are still free to have sex with whomever we find attractive."

Krypton, she thought wryly, was apparently a planet full of swingers. She imagined a planet full of beautiful people, having sex with whomever they wanted, and rolled her eyes. In her head, it looked like a bad porn movie.

And this guy would make one hell of a porn star.

She yanked her mind back on topic. "So I guess you assume everyone else believes the same way," she said.

"They do." He shrugged one of those massive shoulders. "At least, I thought they did. I have personally conquered fifty worlds, and never encountered one that sees sex as anything other than recreational. Until now."

"Well, I guess we're backwards," she said grumpily. "But I don't have sex with just anyone, Kal-El. And I'm not interested in having sex with you."

She definitely wasn't interested. Really. Yeah, he was the sexiest, most gorgeous guy she'd ever seen, with beautiful green eyes and impossibly high cheekbones and a strong, square jaw. Not to mention those massive, bulging pectorals and biceps. Any woman in her right mind would be happy to put her hands all over those hard, rippling muscles...

Down, girl. She forced her mind back on the right track. The point was, this man had conquered her planet. And sexy or not, she was not going to sleep with him. She just wasn't.

He studied her for a moment, looking dismayed. And then he smiled at her, a warm, winning smile that made her stomach melt.

"Perhaps I can change your mind," he said.

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Anonymous said...

That was amazing...I really wanted to read something like that. I mean the real Kal-El.
I've been looking forward for this chapter.
I hope you will have the next one very soon...

Anonymous said...

I just want to say... shame on me, I wouldn't have been as strong as Chloe ;) this was so cute and hilarious!!! hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

i love, love LOVE this!!! please update soon. i adore kal-el. straight up kal-el. no redk...nothing. looking foward to more!

Anonymous said...

omg! Loving it, please update soon, I've been waiting for this one, it's getting good!!!! AMAZING! Love it!

Snea said...

yes, chloe, he will change your mind. ;D

pipersmum said...

Thank you thank you thank you for updating this I loved it. I loved how Kal couldn't understand why she wouldn't want to have sex with him lol. I just know it is not going to take much to change her mind ;) Like she said he is a demigod after all hehe Who could refuse him, wait who would want to refuse him lol. Loving this story and I hope you update it again soon. :D

Anonymous said...

I agree with monicaop. I wouldn't have been able to resist Kal-El.
Is it sad that I like him more than SV!Clark? I find him really cute. And that's weird when you realize the guy is the Commander of the Kryptonian Army. But him finding our attitudes "peculiar" is really funny!
As always, love your stories and I'm eagerly waiting for the rest of this one.

Chris said...

Maybe our best format for Chlark is AU right now. Thanks for the great story! Chris

Angry Scientist said...

And this guy would make one hell of a porn star.
Hee, that made me giggle more than I should have *embarrassed*

Kal-El better work for Chloe ;) PPMS!

Frostykist said...

ok, that could not have been more awesome, nor could kal-el have been any hotter. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Oh God, I've been waiting sooooo long for this one! Bravo! I love your Kal-El, so frakking HOT! I can't wait to see how he intends to change her mind;) PPMS ASAP!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh this one's shaping up to be fun! I love seeing the real Kal-El, as he would've been if Krypton hadn't exploded. Very interesting! I can't wait for chapter three.

Jess said...

Please update this one soon! I think it'll be great. A Kaloe without redK, that's something you don't find everyday. Not to mention that you've made him kinda irresistible, I wanna see how long Chloe's self-control lasts. ;)

pipersmum said...

I hate to be a pest but I really do love this story. I was wondering if we would be getting an update soon pretty please...?

Elly said...

I'll see what I can do, pipersmum:-). I've been ill (I'm going to update the front page with that info, so people don't think I'm just slacking) and I'm way behind. I have a bunch of stuff I'd like to update. Hopefully I'll start getting to it very soon! Thanks to you and everyone else for your patience!

pipersmum said...

So sorry to hear you have been ill Elly and I feel bad for pestering you now :( I really hope you get better or at least feel better soon. Don't worry about the updates I am not going anywhere I will still be checking in.

Diane xx

BloodSugar said...

Oh.. so THIS is what you meant by readers following you with torches?
You better update this soon, Elly!!! *shows a threatening torch* Or else.

I love you. lol

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I'm sorry you're feeling ill, Elly so I thought I'd review. Your fics have always been amazing and I just love Kal/Chloe interaction. I love this fic. PLEASE UPDATE (but only when you're feeling better)!

Anonymous said...

Hot hot hot!!!!!! this is sooooooo good..She's already naked, half the battles won...oh so good!

Anonymous said...

more more more great stuff

blackheart_me said...

Go Kal-El! Bring the charm out! "Krypton, she thought wryly, was apparently a planet full of swingers." That cracked me up, basically this is comedic because Kal-El has his own beliefs and so does Chloe. Wonder if he'll persuade her. Then again, how would he not?

DeeDee said...

Why am I still laughing at Krypton, Land of Beautiful Swingers? :-D

This chapter was so funny. Kal was all "We're going to have sex," and Chloe was all "nuh-uh!"

And isn't Kal-El adorable in his ignorance?

"I am more than willing to provide you with dinner." Hee!

Now, I wonder how he plans to persuade her to change her mind? *grins* Much as I'd love to see them getting down & dirty, I'd at least expect Chloe to hold out for...oh, say, twenty minutes?!? :-P

Rushing off to the next chapter. Thanks, Elly!


AV said...

I'm sorry, I just can't move on from the vision of Kal-El with this long hair... Seriously... I'm gonna need a manip! Gulp.