Saturday, November 08, 2008

Heaven Sent

Sometime in the future
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

It's freaking me out that I didn't see
You're so damn hot girl, it's crazy
And without a doubt I still can't believe
That you were right there in front of me

Never saw the chemistry that was there with you and me
It's been a long time coming

-Hinder, "Heaven Sent"

Everything can change in a moment.

I found that out one winter night. I'd been hanging out with my friend Chloe Sullivan, just watching a movie together, like we'd done a thousand times before.

It happened to be Independence Day. I have this thing for alien movies, because I'm an alien. No, seriously, I am. Anyway, it was a long movie, and when the credits started to roll, Chloe stretched and yawned.

"I guess I better get home," she said. "Work tomorrow."

I knew that work was all that she had right now. Well, besides me. She'd been living with her fiance, but the two of them had broken up a month or so ago, due to complicated reasons involving an evil robot and a murderous bone-spiked alien--

No, really. I'm serious.

Anyway, she'd recently gotten hired back at the Daily Planet, which was where she'd worked until she'd been unjustly fired, and where I worked too. We were finally working together again, just like we had in high school, and I was really happy about that. But we both had to be there pretty early, and it was getting late.

Even so, I wasn't thrilled to see her go. On some level, I was glad things hadn't worked out between Chloe and Jimmy. I liked having her around more often. Things were the way they used to be, the way they ought to be, and I couldn't help being happy about that.

Even so, we were just friends. Close friends, same as we'd always been, but just friends.

But... well, remember that moment I talked about?

She stood up, and I stood up, and I walked her toward the door. Not that she couldn't find her way out on her own or anything. I just wanted to hang out with her as long as possible.

At the door, she smiled up at me.

"Good night, Clark. Thanks for the movie."

I looked down at her. She was dressed casually, in jeans and a green t-shirt, no different from what she usually wore when we were hanging out. And yet suddenly I noticed something that even the dullest guy should have seen a long, long time ago.

She was hot.

I mean, really. Not just cute, or pretty, or even beautiful. But hot. Big eyes and a big smile and big...

Uh. Well. The point is that she was sexy as hell, and somehow I'd never noticed. Or when I had noticed, I'd kind of put the knowledge away behind heavy steel doors in my brain.

But all of a sudden, I couldn't avoid the obvious. My best friend was a hot, curvaceous blonde, and I wanted to kiss her.

The truth was, I'd wanted to kiss her since the moment I'd met her. And she'd known it. When I first met her, we'd both been in eighth grade, and not long after I'd taken her upstairs in the barn to show her to my loft, she'd kissed me.

I'd blinked, stunned. It hadn't been a sexy kiss, just a quick buss, but still, it was my first kiss, and it left me reeling. "What was that for?"

She'd smiled, and answered, "I know you've been thinking about doing that all day. I figured we should get it out of the way so we can be friends."

Honestly, I'd needed a friend worse than a girlfriend at that point. I'd only been fourteen, and besides, I'd been going through a really lonely time. I was in the process of developing all these weird abilities, so my parents had to keep me out of afterschool activities and sports and Scouting and all the other normal stuff kids my age did. I needed all the friends I could get, and Chloe Sullivan was a really good friend. In fact, she seemed to have been sent down from heaven at the time I needed her most.

So we'd been friends, all this time. But the truth was, we'd never really gotten "it" out of the way. It was still there. I'd just sort of gotten into the habit of ignoring it.

But I couldn't ignore it any longer.

She stood there at the door, looking up at me with those big hazel eyes, and I bent and brushed my lips over hers, because I just couldn't help myself. She didn't seem to mind. Her arms slid up, twining around my neck, and she kissed me back.

A long, long time later, she pulled away from me. Her eyes fluttered open, and she smiled into my face. "What was that for?"

I grinned down at her.

"I've been thinking about doing that for the past nine years," I said. "I figured we should get it out of the way so we can be lovers."

"Out of the way?" She blinked at me. "So you mean... no more kisses?"

"No," I explained. "I just wanted to get the first really long kiss out of the way. But there will be others. Lots of them, I figure."

She nodded, very seriously.

"That makes perfect sense," she said, even though I'm pretty sure it didn't. But really, I didn't care if it made sense or not. What mattered was that I'd finally figured out the obvious, which was that my best friend was a hot blonde who shouldn't be sleeping alone.

I picked her up, spun around, and headed upstairs, Chloe in my arms. She wrapped her arms around me and whispered in my ear.

"I have an idea for something else we need to get out of the way."

"No kidding?" I fell onto the bed with her and grinned widely, then kissed her again. "What a coincidence. So do I."

-The End-

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