Monday, December 15, 2008

Lights, Chapter 6

Season 3, sometime after "Phoenix"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

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Let's go to bed.

The words rolled around in Clark's mind as he climbed out of the Porsche and followed Lex into the building. One of the elevators was already open, awaiting passengers, and Lex stepped into it. Clark followed.

Even the elevators in this building were amazingly luxurious. This car was panelled with cherry, the floor covered with soft, plush carpeting, the ceiling mirrored. But Clark didn't spend a lot of time staring at his surroundings. He lowered his head, trying really hard to avoid Lex's eyes.

Because his mind was in the gutter right now, and he was afraid he might do or say something really stupid.

Well, even stupider than the last thing he'd said.

The elevator smoothly started moving, and Clark stared at the thick carpeting. Suddenly Lex reached out and punched the emergency stop button. The elevator stopped with a jerk, and Clark looked up, startled.

Lex was staring at him with that avid, hungry expression, exactly the way he'd stared at Clark's bare chest earlier. Clark felt a dull flush heating his cheeks, and he shuffled his feet uncomfortably.

"Uh... Lex..."

Lex reached out and grasped him, very gently, by the purple tie. He tugged, and Clark moved toward him, drawn as much by the expression in Lex's eyes as by the pull on his tie. He stopped a bare three inches away from Lex, and looked down into the other man's eyes.

The clean evergreen scent of Lex's soap drifted to his nostrils, and suddenly he remembered this afternoon, when Lex's mouth had been so close to his. It was just as close now, and strange, random images tumbled together in his brain. All of a sudden he couldn't help but wonder what it felt like to kiss another guy...

No. He had not just thought that. He was not thinking about kissing Lex, damn it.

Lex reached up and began unknotting his tie with quick, dexterous fingers, and Clark just stared at him, with no clue what to say or do. Nothing that had ever happened before in their friendship had prepared him for this.

Lex was undressing him in an elevator.

No. He was leaping to conclusions because his mind was crawling around in the gutter again. Lex was just undoing his tie, that was all. He knew Clark was more at ease in flannel than dress shirts, after all, and maybe he'd noticed Clark wasn't too comfortable with a noose around his neck. This could all have a perfectly logical, nonsexual explanation...

The tie unknotted, Lex suddenly ripped Clark's shirt open. Buttons flew everywhere, and Clark gaped at him.

So much for a perfectly logical, nonsexual explanation. He couldn't think of a single reason for ripping someone's shirt off that didn't have to do with sex.

Even so, he didn't step away. Somehow, he couldn't move.

"Earlier," Lex whispered. "Earlier, I wanted to..."

He didn't finish his sentence. He just lifted one of his beautiful, manicured hands up to Clark's chest. A sudden ache blossomed in Clark's nipples, and he knew without looking down that they'd stiffened again, just like they did in the cold.

Except he wasn't cold right now. In fact, he was pretty damn warm.

The pad of Lex's thumb brushed over Clark's nipple, very gently, very softly, and Clark felt his head jerk back. His eyelids drifted closed, and a tiny, high-pitched sound came from his throat.

Lex did it again, and Clark felt his knees begin to shake. He stumbled backward a few feet, so that he could lean up against one of the paneled walls, because otherwise he would have fallen for sure. Lex followed him, continuing to caress him there with slow, careful strokes of his thumb.

God. It was like... it was like... hell, it wasn't like anything he'd ever felt before. It felt good, but it didn't make him burn with the intense kind of pleasure he'd gotten earlier from jerking off. It made him warm rather than hot. It was like sitting in front of a fireplace in the winter, or drinking hot cocoa-- toasty and sweet and delicious. He felt like he was melting like hot fudge on a stove.

And then Lex lifted his other hand, and his thumbs caressed Clark's nipples together, and Clark's legs got so melty he thought he might just collapse. His heart pounded heavily in his chest, and there was a slow, intense throbbing in his dress pants that he recognized as another hard-on.

Shit. No matter how much he wanted to pretend he wasn't into Lex that way, there was no possible way he could ignore the evidence. Lex was making him hard.

So damn hard.

"I wanted to do this earlier," Lex whispered. His voice was low, but very intense. "And this."

His left hand continued to stroke Clark's nipple, but his right hand slowly dropped, sliding down Clark's abdomen, right toward...

Oh yes oh yes oh yes.

Clark was pretty sure he hadn't said the words out loud. He hoped he hadn't. But the feel of Lex's hand moving toward his swollen cock made him more weak-kneed than before. He couldn't stop himself from trembling.

Lex's hand slid right down over his navel, and then past it, and then...

Just short of the waistband of Clark's pants, he stopped, his fingers resting lightly on the sensitive skin there. Clark stood panting, shivering, waiting for more with a strange sort of breathless excitement.

And then Lex leaned forward, and his tongue stroked over Clark's nipple.

Clark threw his head back against the wall again, sobbing for breath. In the mirror on the ceiling he could see the look of desperate hunger on his own face, could see Lex's pink tongue sliding over the hard little peak of his nipple, could see Lex's hand right above the unmistakable swelling in his pants. It was a gut-wrenchingly sexy tableau, and the sight of Lex licking his nipple, the sight of his own shocked but unmistakably turned-on expression, only made him hotter than before.

"Lex," he muttered, closing his eyes, because he thought he might come if he watched Lex's tongue sliding over his nipple much longer. "Please... please..."

Evidently Lex understood what he was asking for, because his hand drifted down, and his thumb brushed across the swollen head of Clark's cock. Even through fabric, it felt like a little piece of heaven on Earth, and Clark gave up his efforts to remain quiet, and let himself cry out with the pleasure of it. It wasn't sweet and warm, the way having his nipple touched was.

It was... it was... electrical.

Lex's thumb brushed back and forth across the head of his cock, slowly, almost lazily, and Clark felt precome surging out, so much of it that he thought Lex might be able to feel the moisture through the fabric.

God. He was creaming his pants for Lex. And in a minute he had a feeling he was going to cream them a whole lot more, if Lex didn't stop what he was doing.

Not that he wanted Lex to stop.

God, no.

Lex's hand moved just a little lower, cupping the thick shaft of Clark's cock through his pants, and his thumb continued to brush steadily over the head, and Clark felt his hips starting to move. Suddenly he was grinding urgently against Lex's palm, writhing and shuddering as his cock began to pulse fast and hard. His breath came in harsh gasps, punctuated with moans, and the mossy clean scent of Lex's soap filled his head, making him dizzy.

Oh, God. He was going to come in his pants.

Suddenly he remembered how it had felt to jerk off in the shower today, remembered the dark fantasies he'd struggled to suppress, and he imagined Lex unzipping his pants and taking him right into his hand, stroking the wet silken skin of his cock, and suddenly he wanted that so much he thought he might die of it. Because this was good, but Lex touching him directly... well, that would be incredible.

"Lex," he whispered hoarsely. "My pants... this is my only pair of dress pants..."

It was a weak excuse, but it was all he could come up with in his current dazed state. Lex looked up at him with a smile that said he wasn't fooled, that he understood exactly what Clark wanted. And then both his hands were unfastening Clark's belt, unzipping his pants, and shoving down his plain white briefs.

Clark's erection sprang free, and he leaned back his head and watched in the mirror again, seeing Lex's pale hand wrap around the glistening, dark pink flesh. He watched Lex begin to stroke him, slowly at first and then harder and harder, until his cock ached, until his balls felt heavy and weighted down with need.

Jesus. He was going to come in an elevator, with another guy's hand on his cock. Desperate and needy though he was, the thought made him blush scarlet, and he consciously tried to slow his breathing, tried to fight back his incipient orgasm, tried to regain a little self-control.

But Lex wouldn't let him stop now, wouldn't even let him back off a little. His hand moved hard and fast on Clark, in a rapid, irresistible rhythm, and he leaned forward, tonguing Clark's nipple, then sucking on it.

And suddenly Clark couldn't resist any longer. He surrendered to the pleasure, the warmth and the heat, the sweetness and the fire. His cock jerked fiercely in Lex's hand, and he heard himself crying out as he climaxed in a long surge of flame.

He trembled and writhed, caught in the grip of something so primal and powerful, so dark and elemental, that it utterly overwhelmed him. It was the most incredible release he'd ever experienced, the most intense ecstasy he could imagine, rush after rush of wildfire, so hot it was almost unbearable. He heard himself begging for mercy, but Lex didn't grant it. He didn't stop the motion of his hand until the last spasms faded and Clark's cries fell to silence.

And then Lex released him and stepped back, looking at him.

Clark stood swaying on unsteady legs, staring back at his best friend, and sudden, horrible embarrassment flooded him. His pants were down around his knees, his shirt was ripped open and hanging off him, buttonless, and the purple tie still dangled around his shoulders. He could smell the earthy scent of his come, the musky scent of his own sweat, and he flushed redder than before, realizing he'd come all over the very expensive carpeting, and probably the cherry paneling too. And maybe even all over Lex.

And God, he'd come hard. It wasn't like he hadn't been into it, because he totally had been.

He stared at Lex, his mouth hanging open, his eyes wide, and Lex looked back at him steadily, then turned and pushed a button. The elevator started up with a jerk, and Lex spoke coolly.

"Pull up your pants, Clark," he said.

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Anonymous said...

That was really hot! I'm enjoying your Clex as much as I've enjoyed your Chlark.

twinsarein said...

OMG Elly! That is the hottest thing I have read in ages. You have a great talent for writing vividly, so that a scene really comes alive. When I grow up I want to write Clex like you can.

DeeDee said...


There's just something about mirrors that makes a sexy situation even sexier...that hint of voyeurism is just so naughty. And you write it like a dream!

Fantastic update. I'm heading to chapter Seven!

Thanks, Elly!


orchidluv said...

*fans self* Nice use of the mirror and the little ominous touch at the end with Lex's order to pull his pants up. Is Lex just being practical or is that a hint of something dark to come? Can't wait to find out.

roxymissrose said...

oh my god woman...GEEZ!! I think I might have caught fire....