Thursday, December 11, 2008


Clark/Chloe, Jimmy futurefic
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Prompt by tobywolf13: Chlark and DP office mistletoe.

"There's mistletoe hanging over there."

Standing in the midst of the crowded bullpen at the Daily Planet's annual Christmas party, Chloe Sullivan followed the pointing finger, then blinked in confusion at her friend and coworker, Jimmy Olsen. There had been a time, years ago, when the two of them had dated. They'd even, very briefly, been married... although the less said about that, the better, really.

But those days were long in the past, and she had no interest in kissing him-- and she didn't think he had any interest in kissing her, either. "So?" she answered.

"So," he said with elaborate unconcern, "Clark just happens to be over there, too."

She felt her eyebrows shoot up. "Are you trying to suggest I should kiss Clark?"

"Well, duh," he answered, smiling. "The two of you have been dancing around each other for years now. It's about time you made your move."

"Excuse me?"

She did her best to sound frosty, but she and Jimmy were still on very friendly terms, and he was too nice a guy for her to be really chilly with. He grinned at her, unintimidated by her tone, his mild blue eyes dancing with humor.

"You heard me. Aren't you tired of constantly staring at him when his back is turned?"

"Um... I don't stare at him. Clark and I aren't interested in each other that way."

"Please." He rolled his eyes. "You drool over Clark the exact way I drool over that Nikon at the camera shop."

"Oh, I most certainly do not."

"Oh, you most certainly do, and everyone knows it. Except the two of you, apparently. Look, Chloe, humor me. Go over there and plant one on him and just see what happens, okay?"

She squinted at him suspiciously. "Why do you care?"

He shrugged and smiled. "I'm just trying to get two friends to open their eyes. Clark is... well, he's a great guy, Chloe. And you deserve someone... super."

She blinked at him, startled by his choice of words. Jimmy Olsen was Superman's buddy, of course, and he was also Clark's friend, but Jimmy wasn't supposed to be aware that Clark and Superman were the same person.

But every so often... she wondered.

"What exactly do you mean?"

He smiled at her, the picture of innocence. "Just what I said. You and Clark would be great together. Give it a shot and see what happens."

He flashed her a last bright grin and walked away, and she stared after him, wondering if he really knew Clark's secret identity, or if his choice of words had been coincidental. Then she turned her head and gazed at Clark with something very like longing.

She and Clark had been working together at the Daily Planet for five years now. She'd always thought they might eventually become something more than friends, but the something more had never quite materialized. They were partners and best friends... but that was all.

But that didn't stop her from wanting more. A lot more. She heaved a sigh, and admitted to herself that Jimmy was right.

Deep down, all she really wanted for Christmas was Clark.

Clark glanced in her direction as if he could feel her gaze. Behind his thick, dark-framed glasses, his eyes were intense, and she wondered if he someties wanted more, too. She wondered if he thought about their relationship, if he recognized the potential it had to be so much more than just friendship.

Not that friendship was a bad thing, because it wasn't.

But it definitely wasn't all she wanted.

She stared a moment longer, looking from Clark to the mistletoe and back again, then shook her head slightly and looked away. She was being silly. Clark wasn't interested in her that way, and it was just too late for anything romantic to happen between them. That ship had sailed a long time ago.

Or maybe she just didn't have the nerve to try to change things. Maybe she was afraid to risk their friendship and their working partnership on a gamble.

Whatever the reason, she just didn't quite dare to try planting one on him. She turned away and slowly walked toward the punch bowl.

She passed through an open doorway, and suddenly Clark was standing in front of her, smiling.

"Hey," he said. "Look up."

She looked up, and saw that the red-ribboned bunch of mistletoe had mysteriously transferred itself across the room. It was hanging directly over her head now.

She blinked up at him, frozen in shock. He smiled down at her, and then bent to kiss her.

And it was nice. Very nice.

No. It was a lot more than nice. It was everything she'd ever imagined, and then some.

Heedless of the crowd, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. The kiss didn't stop, just got more and more intense, and people began to laugh and cheer for them, but she hardly noticed. She was totally focused on Clark... the feel of his arms around her, the scent of his skin, the way his mouth felt against hers.

We should have done this a long time ago, she thought, and kissed him harder.


Ron Troupe, a reporter who worked in the bullpen, poured himself a cup of punch and frowned. "Wasn't the mistletoe over there?" he asked, pointing across the room.

"No," Jimmy said, shaking his head firmly. "It was always right there."

"You sure? I could have sworn it, well, moved."

"Riiiiight, Ron," Jimmy answered, grinning. "Because mistletoe always wanders around the room on its own power."

Ron smiled ruefully, acknowledging the absurdity, and turned away. Jimmy lifted his own cup of punch to his lips and watched Clark and Chloe kissing the hell out of each other, right in front of the entire staff of the Daily Planet.

A wistful smile curved his mouth. There had been a time when he'd thought he'd wind up with Chloe. But he'd slowly come to realize that what she and Clark had together couldn't be broken apart. Not by him, not by anyone. She and Clark had been too important to each other for too long.

Anyway, he admired the hell out of Chloe Sullivan. She was a strong, smart woman who'd overcome a hell of a lot of adversity to become the top reporter at the Daily Planet. She was an amazing person, and he knew he wasn't enough for her. He never had been.

And after all these years, he was okay with that. He didn't mind just being her friend. But as her friend, he wanted to see her happy.

Right now, with her arms wrapped around Clark's shoulders and her mouth apparently adhered permanently to his, she looked pretty damn happy. And somewhat to his own surprise, Jimmy wasn't jealous in the least.

He'd meant exactly what he told her earlier. Chloe deserved a super guy.

And Clark, he thought, smiling to himself, was definitely a Super guy.

-The End-


Anonymous said...

Beautifull Elly!

Anonymous said...

dude I am a moron. I read the last line wrong (instead of guy it said gay) and I was all confused.

Wonderfully written. Can't wait for more stories!

Elly said...

LOL. Clark is super gay! No... you'll need to read the Clex story for that plotline:-).

Thanks for the feedback, y'all!

DeeDee said...

I like this Jimmy! Can we keep him? :-)

This is such a cute little oneshot, Elly - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Awesome story Ellie... oh do more, do more, maybe something from Clark's POV. :)

Inked said...

Absolutely adorable! I liked that the co-workers cheered them on, I just know they were betting to see when those two crazy kids would hook up and Ron Troupe was making sure noone cheated with the mistletoe ;)

Elly said...

LOL, Inked, you read my mind. In the first draft there was an office pool as to when their first kiss would be:-). I wound up taking that part out, but still, you KNOW people would be betting on that!

BloodSugar said...

Normally I like Jimmy.
In this, I LOVED him! Kudos to him for being Chlark's own Cupid :D
And the intensity of Chloe's feelings was just lovely.
And Clark's final move yay!
Loved it.