Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't Drop Her, Kid

Clark, Shelby (offscreen Chlark)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Based on a prompt from carcassi. Title by carcassi too!
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"I've loved you forever, Chloe. Will you marry me?"

I was sprawled comfortably on the old red couch in the cool, shady loft, but I lifted my head and sniffed, because The Boy was holding something out toward me.

That doesn't smell like kibble, kid.

"No," he said, frowning. "That's not enough. How about I've loved you since the beginning of time?" He thought about that for a moment, then sighed and dropped his hand to his side. "I sound like a dork, don't I, Shelby?"

No big surprise there.

"Yeah. I do." The Boy sat down heavily on the old couch next to me. "I have no idea how to do this."

I yawned widely. Just hand her the kibble. It's easy.

"I mean... it has to be special. No. It has to be perfect. She deserves perfect."

I honestly have no idea what you're talking about, but I really don't think you're capable of perfect. Especially not where girls are concerned.

"Picture this," he said, waving his hands around. "An Italian restaurant. The ring in a glass of champagne. And me saying, Oh, how did that get in there?"

Listen, kiddo, as fascinating as your babble is, I was trying to take a nap here...

"She'd probably swallow it," he went on. "Okay. Bad idea. So what if I put it around the stems of a little bouquet of flowers and gave it to her?"


"Yeah, okay, so that's kind of lame." He looked at the glittering whatever-it-was in his hand, and sighed. "I'm lame. Why would she want to marry me, anyway?"

I heaved a sigh, because it was obvious I wasn't going to be allowed to sleep in peace. I shifted on the couch a bit and nudged my head into his lap, and he rubbed my ears in an absentminded fashion.

Kid, you're a dork and a moron about women. But you're also a pretty decent guy, as humans go. Besides... she loves you. I don't know what marrying means, but trust me, she loves you. She always has, even back when you were too dumb to realize you loved her back. Quit trying to impress her and just tell her whatever you have to tell her, okay?

"Maybe I should quit trying to be so creative about it," he mused. "Maybe I should just say the words to her. Just tell her what I have to say."

What, is there an echo in here? Didn't I just say that?

"But girls like romance. Maybe just a nice dinner, and I propose to her over dinner... no, that's so boring..." He frowned in thought, rubbing my ears, and then his face brightened.

"There's a full moon tonight, and it's supposed to be clear," he said. "What if I take Chlo flying over the city? She'd like that, wouldn't she?"

Just don't drop her, okay? I like The Girl. If you squish her, I'll be annoyed with you.

"I mean, that's something no one else can do for her. And it's romantic. I think she'd love it."

Plus, this would mean you could stop talking about it and I could get a nap in. I'm not young any more, kid. I need my beauty sleep.

He rumpled my ears, grinning broadly, like he'd solved all the problems of the world. "Thanks for all the help, Shelby. You're a good boy."

I thumped my tail lazily on the couch, because those are two words I like to hear, and licked his hand.

Glad I could help.

"For some reason, talking to you really helps me figure stuff out."

I could help more if you actually listened to what I have to say.

He gave me one last pat, then got up and headed for the staircase. "I'm going to call her and ask her to go out with me tonight," he said over his shoulder. "Wish me luck."

I thumped my tail again.

Good luck, kid. And remember... don't drop her.

-The End-


Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful. I hope there is a story of the meeting, flying, proposal, and answer! I'll stay tuned, as always!!


chloista4ever said...

Awww! cute fic, i love shelby.

"Plus, this would mean you could stop talking about it and I could get a nap in. I'm not young any more, kid. I need my beauty sleep."

Love this part so much LOL

fersuregurl said...

Awwww ^_^ So very very cute. Lovely fic :) As always.

Inked said...

Awww, cute, romantic, just what the doctor ordered :D

jlvsclrk said...

I love your Shelby stories. He's so grumpy at times, but he does love his Chlark!

DeeDee said...

Aw, your Shelby stories are so sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

I loved it. Thanks for sharing, Elly!

Rell said...

Listen, kiddo, as fascinating as your babble is, I was trying to take a nap here...

LOL. I love that dog. So sweet, Elly. :)