Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bun of Steel 2: Superdad

Clark and child futurefic
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These characters belong to or are based on characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

"Want a cape."

"A cape? Oh, I don't think that would be a nice costume. I thought you could go for Halloween dressed as a bunny, since that's your name..."

"No. Don't want ears. Want a cape."

"But sweetheart, look at the long pink bunny ears..."

"Daddy. Want to be Supergirl. That costume, right there."

"Look how fuzzy they are..."


"Um... okay, no bunny ears. But I'd rather you didn't wear a cape, Bunny. You might, uh, trip over it. I wouldn't want you to trip when you're out trick or treating. What else would you like to be?"




"Okay, Bunny, that's enough. No foot stomping. Remember? We talked about that. You're going to put a hole in the floor again."

"Want... CAPE!!!"

"All right, sweetheart. I guess this isn't worth arguing about. If you really want to be Supergirl for Halloween, then we'll get you a Supergirl costume."

"Gonna fly to houses!"

"No, Bunny. No flying. No floating. You have to use your feet... and I don't mean for stomping. You have to walk."

"No flying?"

"No flying. Sorry, sweetheart. Maybe when you're older."


"Hey, look how long this cape is. I bet you'll look pretty in it, Bunny."

"It's just like yours, Daddy."

"Um... mine, sweetie? Daddy doesn't have a cape..."

"Yes, you do. In the closet. I seed it through the wall."

"Oh. That. That's just, uh, an old Halloween costume."

"You can be Superman for Halloween, Daddy."

"Maybe. But I thought I'd just be a daddy who walked his little girl around the neighborhood for candy."

"That's boring."

"Sometimes boring is good, sweetheart. Anyway, grownups don't wear costumes. Costumes are for kids."

"Then why do you have a costume?"

"Oh, it's just left over from a party I went to a long time ago."

"But I seed you putting it back in the closet yesterday..."

"Bunny. I really don't want to go trick or treating wearing a cape, okay? I'm just going to walk you around the neighborhood dressed as your boring old dad."

"Okay, Daddy. You can just go as... Superdad."

-The End-


Anonymous said...

That was adorable!!!!!!!!!!

... jlvsclrk

Anonymous said...

"Dressed as your boring old dad." I loved that line. Great story! Bunny's so cute. I could just imagine Chlark with a daughter who had all of Superman's powers. So adorable! Thanks for writing this. :D

Anonymous said...

This was so adorable! I loved Clark trying to get her to dress as a bunny. Love her SuperDad line. Cute story!

Anonymous said...

Oh - sooooooooooooo cute - it made my heart melt!