Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm a Girl Watcher

Clark (paired with Lana, thoughts of Chloe)
Season 5
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

He lay on his couch in the loft. Shadowy darkness enveloped him, but in his head he saw sunshine glinting off the lake, and heard laughter.

He'd spent the afternoon at Crater Lake with some of his friends. He couldn't do a lot of swimming there-- the lake had gotten its name because it had been formed when a very large meteorite crashed there, and the remnants of that meteorite still littered the lake bed-- but he didn't mind sitting on the beach, watching.

In fact, watching girls was one of his favorite summer activities.

He closed his eyes, remembering what his lady friends had worn. Lois Lane had been wearing a very skimpy cherry-red bikini that showcased her impressive assets. Publically, he and Lois didn't get along well. But in the privacy of his own head, he could admit that Lois had really nice--

His mind drifted onward. Lois was pretty, no question, but so annoying that he just couldn't think of her without a growl of annoyance. But Lana... Lana was pretty and sweet.

Lana Lang was his girlfriend. After years and years of longing for her, the two of them were finally dating. They'd even had sex, although it had been while his powers were missing in action. A while ago, in other words.

But even if he and Lana weren't quite intimate right now, she was well worth watching. Her dark hair, glinting with deep burgundy highlights, had hung down her back, long and thick, and she'd been wearing a slightly less revealing hot pink bikini. She'd looked awfully pretty.

And yet as he thought about her, another figure kept intruding. A blonde figure.

His third girl friend. Not girlfriend. Just Chloe, his best friend in all the world. He remembered her heading down the beach to join them, the way her blonde hair had blown loose around her face, the way she'd smiled brightly when she'd seen him. She'd been wearing a one-piece, because Chloe had always been a little self-conscious about her body.

Which was stupid, because she had a terrific one.

He sighed into the darkness, remembering the sunny yellow-striped swimsuit she'd worn, and how it had clung to her abundant curves. She had boobs that were almost as big as Lois', but her hips were wider, more feminine. He liked a girl with a nice butt, and Chloe had a really great one, although he knew she didn't like the fact that she couldn't squeeze into size two jeans the way Lois and Lana could.

Which was just dumb, because there was a lot to be said for a nicely rounded butt you could hold onto when you--

He cut that thought off, because he'd never held Chloe that way, and never would. Well, okay, there'd been that one time when he'd been on red K. But they hadn't gone all the way. Quite. Anyway, she didn't remember it, so it was like it never happened.

Except it had, and even two years later, he vividly remembered the feel of her nice plump ass in his hands...

All of a sudden his palms itched, like he wanted to hold her that way again. He sighed again, and squirmed on the couch, trying to get comfortable. He had a bit of a woody, presumably because he was lying here thinking about girls. Even though he was an alien, he was a pretty normal eighteen-year-old guy, and the thought of girls in swimsuits was definitely enough to make him hard.

Any girl. Not just Chloe.

Still, Chloe had a nice ass. And nice cleavage, too, even if her bathing suit hadn't been as lowcut as Lois'.

He remembered watching Chloe as she'd gone for a swim. She wasn't the world's greatest swimmer, but he'd enjoyed seeing her splashing, diving under the water, and then coming up with that big smile on her face. He remembered that when she'd come up out of the water, her skin had glistened with droplets.

He remembered seeing the beautiful swells of her breasts gleaming in the sunlight, wet and slick with lake water, and the way the sight had driven all the breath right out of his body.

He felt kind of breathless now, in fact.

No. Actually, the truth was he was breathing pretty hard. He shifted again on his couch, feeling his cock throbbing. His jeans. He really needed to undo his jeans.

Not that he was going to cream them or anything. He just needed, well, a little more room.

He fumbled with the fastener, haste making his big fingers clumsy. Finally he got his jeans unzipped. He let his fingers trail over the hot bulge of his cock, still covered by the light cotton fabric of his boxers, and sighed.

Just thinking of Chloe, dripping wet and lit by sunshine...

But of course it wasn't just Chloe. It was Lana and Lois too. Of course it was. He was a normal heterosexual guy, and the sight of all those scantily clad female bodies today had just been too much for him.

He remembered Chloe stepping out of the water, remembered the way sand had clung to her feet. It had been cute, he thought, seeing her little toes covered in sand...

His cock throbbed worse than before, and he scoffed at himself. He was getting turned on by sandy toes now? Seriously?

Still, the scoffing didn't help. His erection swelled, aching almost painfully, and he let his fingers stroke up and down just a little faster. A pulse of pleasure went through him, and his hips responded instinctively, pressing his cock up against his palm.

He surrendered to the inevitable, and let his fingers close around the swollen shaft.

Even through boxers, it was a relief. He let his mind drift, thinking of cleavage shining with diamond-like droplets, toes covered in sand, wet tousled golden hair, and a bright smile.

None of which thoughts had anything to do with his girlfriend.

Lana, he thought, a little desperately, but somehow he couldn't seem to come up with a single image of his girlfriend. Lois, he thought, trying to picture her very impressive boobs. But that, too, was a blank.

All he could see was Chloe, walking along the lake shore. Away from him, so he had a perfect view of her lovely rounded ass and her sand-covered feet...

He heard a low groan and realized it was him, and it suddenly dawned on him he was about to come in his boxers. He shoved them down in a violent, desperate movement, wrapped his hand around himself, and pumped hard.

"Chloe," he moaned, and came like a rocket.

Pleasure and release poured over him like summer sun and warm lake water. His come spurted all over his t-shirt, in rush after rush of scalding heat, and he heard himself calling Chloe's name, over and over again.

Thank God Lana wasn't around, because that would be a little difficult to explain.

After what seemed like an incredibly long time, he fell back against the couch, panting. His cock was already softening in his hand, so he let it go and stared blankly up at the rafters.

Shit. Who would have thought he could get so worked up remembering the sand on Chloe's toes?

Just a little fantasy, he told himself. Everyone has fantasies about people they aren't in love with. Playboy bunnies, gorgeously unattainable actresses, the hot housewife down the street... everyone's fantasies get out of hand every now and again.

But just because he got hot thinking about Chloe's cleavage, or her butt, or her toes, didn't mean he had any kind of thing for Chloe.

He was dating Lana. He was in love with Lana. It was Lana who occupied his thoughts, most of the time. And he needed to keep it that way. He just wouldn't let himself think about Chloe's body any more. He'd make sure that all his thoughts of that nature were about Lana.

Warmth filled him, along with exhaustion. It was late, and he'd had a busy day sitting on the beach and watching pretty girls in swimsuits. He was too tired to even get up and walk into the house. His eyes drifted shut, and he slid into sleep, the warm summer breeze blowing in from the window like a blanket.

But despite his resolution to think about Lana... his dreams were filled with Chloe's sandy toes.

-The End-


writrgurl said...

Awwww! I really loved this one! He can think about other women all he wants, but Chloe's the one who does it for him. I love that :p

Chris said...

Very enjoyable! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

So sweet & sexy too! I love how in denial he is about his attraction to Chloe and about his deeper more emotional feelings for her - but he can't fool his body or imagination - he he :) loved every second!!!

DeeDee said...

Ooh, our sweet, little wholesome Clark has a foot-fetish - who'd a thunk it?!? And not just any foot fetish - a Chloe foot fetish!!!

Amazing how thoughts of everyone else paled in comparison to Chloe. Doesn't that give the BDA a frickin' clue??!?

Great little oneshot, Elly!