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Heated, Chapter 4

Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Chlark
Rating: Adult. If you''re under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Warnings: Sexual content, underage sexual activity
Summary: After "Heat," Clark doesn't have quite as much control over his heat vision as he thought he did.
Written for the Secret Chlark gift exchange. Based on a prompt from elenarain. Chloe helps Clark to master his heat vision with multiple sexual training sessions and some kind of road trip adventure, with an actual car, not Clark using his speed

"Okay," Chloe said. "Let's start with something a little more... basic." She reached down and took Clark's hand. "How's that?"

"Uh..." He considered the matter. His eyes didn't seem to be burning. Much, anyway. "Okay."

"Good." She stood in front of him, simply holding his hand, while he tried not to think about the summer breeze fragrance of her hair, or the way her legs looked in those too-short shorts. For long moments they simply stood there in the sunshine. The warm sun beat down on his skin, and her hand felt as warm as the sunshine. It was like holding onto summer, warm and bright and happy.

And then she slowly moved her thumb. stroking the back of his hand.

Instantly his eyes began to burn. He blinked hard.

"Control it," she said softly.

He focused hard, and kept his reaction to a low simmer. He could feel his eyes heating up, but he refused to give in to it. She moved her thumb a little faster.

It felt good, and his eyes started to smart. He closed his eyes, but behind his eyelids he could feel his eyes sizzling.

"I think you better stop," he muttered, his voice hoarse.

"Okay." She stopped the motion of her thumb, and simply held his hand. A few moments later, the burning need receded, and he opened his eyes again.

She began stroking her thumb across the top of his hand again, and this time, he lowered his gaze and watched. As he did so, he became aware that it wasn't just his eyes that were burning. He could feel heat running through his veins, and a sort of throbbing need in his...

He blushed. Apparently his heat vision really was linked to arousal.

He was actually a bit embarrassed to find that he was getting so hot and bothered-- really hot, and really bothered-- over a girl touching the back of his hand. That wasn't how normal guys reacted, was it?

He wasn’t sure. But it sure as hell was the way he reacted. The burning, aching need in his eyes intensified. He held it back fiercely, because if he couldn't control it, then Chloe would stop.

And he didn't really want her to stop.

She kept on stroking his hand, while he controlled his responses as firmly as he could. At last she looked up at him, and blinked.

"Your eyes are glowing," she said.

He blinked. "Seriously?"

"Seriously. They're kind of... orange."

"Oh," he said, and lowered his gaze to the ground, just to be safe. And also because he really didn’t want her to think he was some kind of freak. "I guess that looks kind of creepy."

"No." Her voice was soft. "It's actually kind of flattering. To know that you can get-- well, I mean, it's just me. And I know you don't think of me as a girl, most of the time."

He couldn't deny that. Before today, he somehow hadn't been aware of her sex appeal. But now he was acutely aware of it, to an embarrassing degree.

"You're definitely a girl," he said, lifting his gaze and looking at her. His voice still sounded hoarse to his own ears. "A really, really sexy girl."

She smiled, a radiant and happy smile that made his eyes burn every bit as much as her touch had. Chloe Sullivan, he thought, had one hell of a gorgeous smile.

She turned over his hand and began stroking the palm. His skin was more sensitive there, and the touch of her thumb sent waves of delight through him. He lost it almost instantly, jerking his head to the side and releasing a blistering burst of heat vision. The heated rush wrenched a moan of pleasure from his chest.

When he was through, he looked down at her. "Sorry," he mumbled.

"Not your fault," she said gently. "We'll work on that next."

"Uh." The touch of her hand against his palm was heaven, and he shifted from foot to foot. "I'm not exactly sure-- I mean, that feels kind of good--"

"You still have to learn to control it, Clark. A girl's probably going to hold your hand at some point."

A girl was holding his hand, but he didn't bother to point that blindingly obvious fact out. "Like I said before, this only started happening this past week," he said with a sigh. "Maybe in a little while..."

"And meantime you'll have immolated all of Smallville. I think you'd better learn to control it now, not in a little while."

He knew she was right, but it was just so hard. Um, difficult. Well, no, hard worked too. He was really hard, and that made him extremely uncomfortable, because he knew that all she had to do was look down at him, and she'd see his hard-on.

At the thought, his dick twitched, and he blushed worse than before. Because the only thing worse than having her notice his erection would be having her see it twitching around in his jeans like a live wire.

"It's all right," she said, continuing to stroke his hand. He had a feeling she could sense his nervous embarrassment, even if she wasn’t quite sure what caused it. "Just relax."

He was hard and aching, and his eyes were hot and itchy, and relaxation was the furthest thing from his mind. But he was supposed to be learning how to control his heat vision, so he did his absolute best to focus on that. He lifted his head and stared over her heard, toward the trees, while she continued stroking his palm, with long, slow, soft caresses of her thumb.

God, it felt good. Was the touch of a girl's hand against his palm supposed to feel that good?

Her thumb slipped back and forth, and the pleasure built, surging along his nerves, heating his skin. The touch of her thumb against his palm was really… well, sensuous. He felt his eyes burning again, but he also felt the throbbing need lower down, and he had an awful feeling that he was going to lose it in more ways than one.

"You'd better stop," he muttered.

She stopped for just a moment, barely long enough for him to get a grip on himself, and then she started up again, stroking softly, relentlessly, until he could hardly hold himself still. He blinked hard, holding back the heat by a tremendous act of will, but in his jeans his hard-on twitched uncontrollably.

Oh, God. He was going to-- and he hadn't ever, not with a girl. He'd hardly kissed a girl, for crying out loud. Despite being an alien, he was pretty much the same as any other sixteen-year-old boy, and he'd definitely thought of girls while-- but this was a whole different thing, this was Chloe holding his hand, stroking his hand, making him crazy-- and he couldn't stop now, he just couldn't...

He clenched his eyes shut, and shuddered, hearing another funny sound come out of his own throat, a low, resonant groan.

She stopped.

Oh, God. She couldn't stop, not now, not when he was so close, not when his dick was jerking in his jeans and his eyes were sizzling and his whole body was shaking. Now was so not a good time to stop.

It occurred to him, very vaguely, that even though he was as turned on as he'd ever been in his lifetime, he was managing to hold back his heat vision. He supposed that was a good thing, though he honestly wasn't sure if it was because he'd learned control or if it was just that right now he was focused on the other, overwhelmingly physical aspects of his arousal.

"You're doing very well," she told him.

He didn't answer. He couldn't answer. His eyes were jammed shut against the heat, and his body was taut with need. Rather ridiculous need, considering she'd just been touching his hand. He wasn't sure if the palm was some strange alien erogenous zone, or if he was just being an ordinary sixteen-year-old again. Really, it was hard to tell.

He forced words out.

"I guess you better... stop... touching... my hand."

"Oh, I intend to," she said, and let go of him. He could barely stifle his disappointed moan.

But a second later, he felt her unbuckling his belt, and shock ran through him, along with a violent stab of need.

Holy shit, he thought. This day just kept getting better.

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