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Hopelessly Devoted, Chapter 4

Season 4, during "Devoted"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the WB and DC Comics, not to me

When my mom came up the stairs, I was seated at my desk, diligently doing my calculus homework.

"Hi, Clark," she said.

I turned my head and gave her my most innocent smile. "Hey, Mom. What's up?"

"I noticed Chloe's Beetle in the driveway," she said. "I brought you two some pie."

Again with the pie. I love pie, but the pie routine was getting on my nerves. "Chloe's not here," I said. "I was pretty late getting home. I guess maybe she got tired of waiting and went for a walk or something."

Honest to God, I hate lying to my parents. But it was either lie, or explain to my mom what a mostly naked Chloe was doing in my loft. I had a feeling Mom wouldn't require a whole lot of explanation to figure it out. And then I'd be officially dead.

Right then I felt something poke me from underneath the desk. It felt a lot like a hand, and it was rubbing me in a place better left unrubbed when a suspicious parent is staring at you. I shut my knees on Chloe's hand, trapping it.

Mom looked dubious, but she smiled anyway. "Okay," she said. "Want me to leave the pie?"

"Sure, thanks." I grinned at her. "I'll be done with my calculus in an hour or so, okay?"

"Great. When Chloe gets back, make sure she gets some pie."

It's an unwritten law of Kent Farm: No one is to ever be permitted to leave the premises without at least one slice of pie. "Sure, Mom."

Mom put down the two plates, gave me one more careful, assessing glance, then turned and walked down the staircase. I had a feeling she was suspicious, but couldn't quite put her finger on the problem. I wasn't surprised she was suspicious. Moms are supposed to be suspicious-- it's part of the job description. Besides, I've always been a terrible liar.

I knew my lie about Chloe taking a walk was kind of clumsy, but I hadn't had enough warning to get the girl to put her clothes on, even if she'd been in a cooperative mood. And she wasn't feeling terribly cooperative. I'd barely been able to get her to agree to hide under the desk.

I waited, following Mom's progress across the yard by listening to her footsteps, and didn't move until the house door closed behind her. Chloe, on the other hand, was moving around quite a bit. She'd managed to work her hand loose, and now it was sliding up and down against me in an intimate way that made my teeth grind together.

"Chloe," I said, trying to sound unaffected and not succeeding very well. "Quit it."

Her ruffled blonde head peered out from beneath the desk, and she grinned at me impishly. "You don't really mean that."

She was right. I didn't mean it at all. "I do mean it," I lied. "You just came really close to getting me in serious trouble."

"Huh," she snarked. "Like you didn't have anything to do with it."

"You're corrupting me, Chlo." I grabbed her by the upper arms and lifted her up, keeping her carefully at arms' length. Somehow I didn't think this conversation would last very long if she got back on my lap, or even within a foot of me. "You need to go home now, before we both do something we regret."

She reached out and stroked the hair back from my forehead. Her voice was soft and sexy. "The only thing I'd regret is going home before we finished what we started."

I swallowed. The way she was touching me wasn't so much seductive as it was tender, and it affected me even more than when she was touching me under the desk. Besides, the low, sultry tone of her voice was enough to make any guy crazy.

"I have calculus homework to finish," I said stiffly, trying to ignore the feel of her hand in my hair.

"Geez, Clark." She rolled her eyes. "You are such a Boy Scout."

Right now I wasn't nearly as much of a Boy Scout as I ought to be, because I was about a second away from grabbing her and yanking her right back onto my lap. A light breeze blew through the loft, wafting her vanilla scent to me, and I could barely keep my hands from wandering. The strength of my desire for her was really scaring the hell out of me.

Feeling nervous, I rolled my chair away from her, stood up, and stalked across the room, the boards creaking under my feet.

"Have some pie, Chloe."I offered her one of the plates, and she rolled her eyes again.

"You're kidding me, right?"

I put her plate down on the trunk and picked up the other one. "It's good pie," I said, spearing a bite with a fork and shoving it my mouth. It was apple pie, and it was almost good enough for me to get my mind off sex. I mean, honestly, given the choice between pie or sex, I'm not sure which I'd choose.

And yeah, I'm lying again.

Chloe stood there and watched me for a moment. "It does look pretty good," she said at last.

Great. It felt like things were getting back onto a more even keel. Just two friends hanging out eating pie. Ignoring the fact that one of the friends was hardly wearing anything, and a few minutes ago we'd had our hands all over each other. Aside from those little details, things were perfectly normal.

I realized my mind was veering off pie again, and I firmly stabbed another bite and ate it.

"Let me have a taste," she said softly.

I expected her to pick up her plate, but instead she stood on tiptoes, pulled my head down, and licked my lips.

I dropped my plate and grabbed her.

The plate shattered against the wooden planks, and apples and pastry went everywhere, but I didn't care. I wrapped my arms around Chloe's waist so tightly that her feet left the ground, and her arms slid around my neck.

She was still licking at me, creating little shimmers of pleasure in my lips, sensations that rushed through every nerve in my body. It felt so good that I instantly started to shiver again. In fact I discovered I was shaking so hard I could hardly stand up. I kissed her hard and staggered blindly toward the couch.

Chloe giggled when I tossed her onto the couch and dropped down on top of her. I was careful not to squish her, because even if I weren't superpowered, I'm a pretty big guy, and she's very small by comparison. I braced most of my weight on one hand and my knees, put my other hand on her cheek, and kept kissing her.

"You taste good," she whispered, pulling back just a bit, running her tongue over my lips again. "You taste just like you smell."

I blinked. "I smell like apple pie?"

"Mmmm," she agreed, nuzzling my neck. "Like apple pie and freshly cut lawns and sunshine. You smell like summer, Clark."

I'd never known Chloe had a poetic side. I doubted I smelled all that great, frankly. I mean, I live on a farm and I do a lot of heavy labor. You wouldn't believe the crap that gets on my clothes-- and I mean that literally. I didn't believe for a minute that I smelled like apple pie and sunshine on a regular basis.

"Uh, thanks," I said at last.

"And you're gorgeous."

Now I knew she was putting me on. "Don't be silly, Chlo."

She stopped what she was doing with her tongue and looked at me quizzically. "You do know you're gorgeous, right, Clark?"

"Uh..." I felt my cheeks flush. "Thanks, but I know I'm just an ordinary guy."

"Ordinary? Are you kidding me? You're the best-looking guy at school."

Yeah, right, which explained why I was so wildly popular with girls. Except, well, I wasn't, which pretty much proved she was out of her mind. "I think maybe you're biased, Chloe."

"I think maybe you're clueless, Clark." She put a hand on my cheek and looked straight into my eyes. "Trust me. You're gorgeous."

My cheeks flamed again, but I couldn't help but feel my ego swell a bit. It's nice to be told you're gorgeous, even when you know perfectly well you're not. "Thanks." I dropped my head and kissed her cheek. "You're gorgeous, too."

As I said the words I realized how true they were. I hang around with Chloe all the time, but I hardly ever really look at her. But looking at her in the loft, all of a sudden it occurred to me that objectively, she was really pretty. Beautiful, even. She had big hazel eyes and a wide smile that could light up Metropolis.

My awkward compliment wasn't anywhere near as poetic as hers had been, but she didn't seem to mind. She smiled and kissed me again, and before long our mouths were locked together in long, intense kisses that made my senses reel and my head spin.

I really liked the way she felt underneath me. Her body was soft and pliable, and seemed to press against mine in all the right places. It was like we'd been designed to fit together. All of a sudden I discovered we were right back where we'd been before the interruption, our arms wrapped around each other, our bodies straining together eagerly.

I remembered she didn't like the feel of denim against her, so I reached down and undid my jeans again. What can I say? I'm a considerate guy.

I pressed into her heat, and once again there was nothing but a thin layer of cotton between us. It felt incredible, so good that part of me wanted to reach down and get the boxers out of the way, too. But the more sensible part of my brain realized that wasn't a good idea. Even if Chloe wasn't under some weird influence-- and yeah, she seemed pretty normal, but I still had some concern niggling at the back of my brain-- I didn't feel right about taking it that far. Maybe it's old-fashioned of me, but I kind of feel like I should take a girl out on a date before I have sex with her.

Chloe and I had never dated, if you didn't count the ill-fated spring formal our freshman year. But now I was starting to wonder why we'd never gone out. What the hell was wrong with me, that I'd never looked at her that way, never noticed how pretty she was? I thought vaguely that maybe I'd ask her out on a proper date tomorrow.

And then I quit thinking at all, because Chloe felt so good that my brain just short-circuited. She had her legs wrapped around my hips, and I could feel her body sliding against me, hotter and wetter than I'd ever imagined in any late-night fantasy. I reached up under her jersey with one hand and brushed my thumb across her nipple, and she writhed, crying out so loudly I kissed her again to try to muffle the sound a bit.

I didn't need my mom coming up to the loft again. Not now. Because if we got interrupted this time, I thought it would probably kill me.

Chloe gasped and moaned against me. I could tell she was getting close, and a sudden desire to watch her come hit me. I'd never done this with a girl, never made out to quite this extent, and I was kind of... intrigued. I lifted my head and opened my eyes, watching her as our bodies moved together.

All of a sudden her spine arched and she groaned, her hands clutching my shoulders. I watched as her mouth dropped open and her eyes squeezed shut, as if the pleasure was so intense it was almost pain. She gave a long, sobbing cry, so loud that I knew I should kiss her again to try to muffle it, but I just couldn't bring myself to stop watching her. She looked strangely beautiful with that desperate expression on her face, and I couldn't have looked away if I'd wanted to.

And then she fell back against the couch cushions with a gasp, and all her muscles went slack.

I brushed my lips over her throat, her cheek, her hair, feeling a weird sort of tenderness. I'd never made a girl feel like that before, and the fact that I'd made Chloe that happy made something inside of me melt a little.

It also totally turned me on, but I could tell she needed a moment or two to recover. I forced myself to hold still, which was pretty damn difficult, considering how she felt against me, and considering the fact that I'd never been this worked up before in my life.

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sanaazzy said...

OMG another great chap

Anonymous said...

Glad the person to turn him on was Chloe. Also loved: "I'm a considerate guy" makes me laugh out loud.


blackheart_me said...

OMG HE HID HER? *laughs until she can't breathe* aww I love how she's corrupting him honestly :). MAN I love how u write seductress Chloe and how u played with her 'Devoted' character here :D. aww she's flattering him and it's so cute, he is gorgeous and I'm so glad that he's looking at her for real. Noticing her beauty :D. Oh he's totally biased: "I remembered she didn't like the feel of denim against her, so I reached down and undid my jeans again. What can I say? I'm a considerate guy." *lol* Now that he's rlly thinkin about her the last lines of ur chapter one pop into my head again. By the end of the night he may just b in love with her (=. I wonder if something will interrupt again but I love how he took the time to watch her, that was so cute!

pigtails5 said...

That was great. Loved the 'i'm a considerate guy' line