Saturday, December 30, 2006


Welcome to my archive of Smallville fan fiction. Most of my stories have a Clark/Chloe slant. Some are rated G to PG-13, but some are marked "adult," for language and sexual content. Please don't read those stories unless you're over eighteen. I've written seventy-three Smallville stories (445,000 words).You can access the stories by using the links to the right. The newest stories are "I Open My Eyes," "Ever the Same," "The Last Battle," "Seeing Red" (adult), "Come Sail Away" (now finished), "Through the Glass," "Her Guardian Angel," and "Unto Eternity."

Note: I'm having some real life issues that are getting in the way of my writing time. Updates may be somewhat less frequent for a while. Please be patient with me!

A number of my stories fit together and share some loose plot elements. I've labeled them "CCC" (for "Clark and Chloe Chronicles"). The long series called "Trust Me" is also a CCC story. The stories marked MHE (for "My Happy Ending") are all happy Chlark endings to Season 6 episodes. They have no relation to each other-- each one stands alone.

The stories are arranged in rough chronological order and divided into sections in the sidebar. Short stories have been collected into one section of the sidebar and are also in chronological order.

Angsty stories: Heart and Soul, I Grieve, Out of the Darkness, Behind the Mask, Lips of an Angel, Giving Up Everything, Something Above, Unto Eternity, Through the Glass, and The Last Battle.
Humorous stories: Hopelessly Devoted, After the Rush, I Had Sex With a Space Alien, A Dog and His Boy, and Two Friends, One Bed.
Christmas stories: Clarkmas and I'll Be Home for Christmas.

My only totally non-Chlark stories are This Ordinary World and You're Not Alone.

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Bettina said...

Hey Elly, it's been a while since I came over here and it shows. Your blog and fanfic archive has changed lots and your writing exploded. You've been a busy girl in the past weeks and months and it'll take me ages to catch up :D

So I really have a lot to look forward to. Happy new year :)


Anonymous said...

hey elly,

i like your new "face" of your blog. very nice indeed.

i'm glad you're still doing some stuff on you blog.

looking forward to the rest of your updates.

thanks and happy new year (2007),

joanna (aka - kidkarmina)