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Crashed, Chapter 3

Season 6, "Progeny"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Based on a plot bunny by RichardAK.

Somehow, I couldn't stop myself
I just wanted to know how it felt
Too strong, I couldn't hold on

Resisting temptation had really never been one of Clark's strengths. Especially not this kind of temptation. Maybe it was an innate character flaw, or maybe it was just the fact that he wasn't quite twenty yet, and cursed with the same weaknesses as every other heterosexual teenage boy on the planet.

Either way, he was highly susceptible to pretty girls whose lips were very close to his own. Especially when those lips were parted like the girl in question was waiting for a kiss. And especially when those lips belonged to Chloe Sullivan.

He lowered his head and gave in to temptation.

Her lips were soft and warm and tasted like strawberries. He'd noticed that before, on the all-too-rare occasions when he'd kissed her previously, and he wondered if that was because of lip gloss, or if it was just the way she tasted naturally. Either way, he liked it a lot.

Their lips clung together, and he couldn't quite help deepening the kiss. His tongue slipped out and touched her lips. They parted, and his tongue swept into her mouth.

It wasn't just lip gloss, he decided. The moist, hot recesses of her mouth tasted like strawberries, too. He tightened his arms around her waist, so that their bodies were pressed together as closely as their mouths were. He slowly became aware of a distinct ache in his lower body, and he couldn't stop himself from moving his hips a little, so that he rubbed against her slightly. Pleasure shot through him, so intense he was surprised he didn't just fall over on the spot.

He half expected her to push him away, but instead she knotted her hands in his hair and pulled him closer. In the corner of his mind, he figured she was trying to reassure him, to make him feel better about her status as a meteor freak. Or maybe, given everything that had happened lately, she was upset, too, and looking for her own reassurance. Either way, the fact that he was kissing her, and she was kissing him back, didn't mean either of them had romantic feelings for the other.

It wasn't love. It wasn't even lust. It was just mutual reassurance.

Although reassurance felt surprisingly like lust, he thought hazily. She had a boyfriend, and he was supposed to be in love with Lana Lang Luthor, but he seem to couldn't let go of her. He had only intended to kiss her, but somehow things were getting out of hand very quickly. He was incredibly hard, so hard he couldn't stop himself from obeying a primal impulse and rubbing against her a little harder, a little faster. She didn't seem to object. In fact, he became aware that her hips were moving too.

He pulled away from the kiss, just for a moment. He raised his head and shifted position slightly, trying to get closer to her, and his thigh slid between hers, pressing up right against her intimately. She rolled her hips, rubbing eagerly against his thigh in an overtly sexual way, and a little moan came out of her throat.

It was that little moan that totally undid him. Because yeah, he'd kissed her before, more than once, but he'd never heard her utter such a sexy sound. He lowered his head, and their mouths crashed together again. This time he kissed her more aggressively, his tongue thrusting against hers, hot and hungry and demanding. Her head fell back and her mouth opened wider, in total and complete surrender.

His erection pressed against her abdomen, and she was still rubbing against his thigh. The pressure of her body against his hard-on felt incredible, and his thigh moving between her legs must have felt good too, because those little sounds were still coming out of her mouth. But it wasn't quite enough. The disparity in their heights prevented their bodies from aligning perfectly, and as a result this didn't feel quite as intimate as he wanted it to be.

He went blindly toward the couch, still kissing her, and sank down onto it, pulling her down on top of him. Her thighs parted, settling on either side of his, and his erection pressed right up against the crotch of her jeans. He gave a low, soft growl and curled his fingers into her ass, yanking her even closer.

She lifted up slightly on her knees, then dropped down again, and the gentle pressure stroking against his erection dragged a groan from his chest. His hips flexed in an automatic response, thrusting against her, and pleasure shot through him again.

She lowered her mouth to his and kissed him, and this time he was the one whose head dropped back in surrender.

Now I'm just tryin' to make some sense
Out of how and why this happened
Where we're heading, there's just no knowing

"You have a lot to be proud of." Clark shifted the conversation away from his feelings for Chloe, because the whole topic made him inexplicably nervous. "Your daughter saved the world once."

Moira tilted her head up and looked at him. He could see a gleam of interest in her eyes, but it seemed to be hidden behind an awful lot of clouds. You need to hurry, Chloe, he thought. Hurry back.

"How did she do that?" she asked. Her voice seemed to be getting slower and more distant.

"Um..." A lifetime of keeping his secret compelled him to hold back the details. He didn't want to tell her too much about himself, even if she was his best friend's mother, and he wasn't about to confess the full truth of what he was to her. But he did want her to understand the magnitude of what Chloe had done for the world that day. "This might sound kind of crazy, but this, uh, robot from another planet was going to release an alien dictator on Earth."

She blinked. "A robot from another planet," she echoed.

He heard the cynicism in her voice. "I know it sounds nuts," he said, trying not to sound defensive, "but it's true."

A faint smile touched her lips. "Clark," she said gently, "you're talking to a woman who can control other people with just a thought. I believe you."

For some reason, he was relieved. He didn't want Moira Sullivan to think he was crazy. Partly because he wanted her to understand what he was trying to tell her about Chloe, but partly because she was Chloe's mom, and he really wanted her to like him. Her approval mattered to him.

He went on. "This guy, this dictator, was seriously bad news. He would have taken over the planet and destroyed most of it, the same way he destroyed his own planet. I would have tried to stop him, but I was... imprisoned."

The AI that called itself Milton Fine had dropped a chunk of kryptonite on his chest, making it impossible for him to move. Fortunately, Chloe had been worried about him, and had followed him through the gate in the cave, showing up at his Fortress just in the nick of time. "Chloe, uh, set me free, and I was able to make sure the alien couldn't get through to Earth. But I couldn't have done anything if it wasn't for Chloe. She saved me." He looked down at her very seriously. "Chloe saved the world that day."

Moira stared at him a long moment, her eyes empty, and he thought with dismay that she'd sunk back into catatonia. But then her mouth curved upward in a vague smile.

"It sounds like the two of you work well together."

That he couldn't argue with. He and Chloe had been friends for a long time. They'd worked together for four years at the Torch, the Smallville High newspaper, and they'd always worked well together. They still did. They knew each other's strengths, and they filled in each other's weaknesses. As a consequence, they saved each other's asses on a regular basis.

He relied on Chloe, more than he relied on anyone. He honestly didn't know how he could live without her.

He looked down at Moira's distant expression and remembered that Chloe was a meteor freak, just like her mother, and that she might wind up catatonic or psychopathic or even dead. One of these days... he might have to live without Chloe.

The thought scared the hell out of him.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm...i really cant express how much i love this do you get the emotions expressed so well? really is amazing....i feel like I;m watching the missing scene played out right on the tv screen.....someone on the writing staff should read this story and have the actors re-enact the Clark/Moira missing parts to put it on the season 6 dvds....


RichardAK said...

I'm so glad to see another chapter of this story, and I'm also glad to see that you had Clark tell her about Brainiac. When you think about it, that fight in "Solitude" was perhaps the most important development in Clark and Chloƫ's relationship after Chloƫ's discovery of the secret and Clark's discovery that she knew. Well done as always.

Justine said...

Oh myy gooddddddddd!!!!!! *dies* I got the biggest smile on my face when I came here and saw an update, I had been hoping for one for what seems like forever :D I put on crashed while I listened. If you hadn't updated I was going to come and say "I can't wait to see what you do when the lyrics are 'somehow I couldn't stop myself, just wanted to know how it felt'. This is exactly how I imagined the song through smallville *faints* Oh and I remembered I great line I forget to mention that I loved. When Chloe touched Clark's arm and you said 'his skin started to riot'. That was awesome :D

SelfAppointedCritic said...

I'm loving how you (very appropriately) emphasized how significant Chloe's moment in the FOS was--she really did save the world! I also love the stories you write that show Clark recognizing how much Chloe means to him and her impact in his life. This story is the epitome of "recognition" and I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for sharing Elly, you're so amazing!

blackheart_me said...

Mutual reassurance sure goes a long way now adays don't it? :P lol. Aw it's cute to see that she took command...or maybe that's just me? Either way it's sexy :P I think this line spoke thousands and thousands of things: "Her approval mattered to him." I love that u go back to season 5 where she played a major part in saving Clark. He saved her probably more times than she's saved him but she still saved him a lot of times and it's awesome to see him tell Moira that. ahh the end of ur chapters r so good, sometimes they give me goosebumps. :) I love them.