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You're My Angel, Chapter 6

Season 5, rewrite of "Exposed"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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The two of them took the elevator downstairs and headed out onto the streets of Metropolis. Dawn was breaking, the sky streaked with gold and silver. Neither of them had had any sleep last night, and they were quite a distance away from the Wingate, where her car was still parked.

"You, uh..." His voice cracked and jumped up half an octave, and he swallowed to get it back into its normal range. "You want me to superspeed you back to the Wingate?"

She looked up at him with a slight, mysterious smile. "I'm not in any huge hurry. I don't have a class till eleven. We can walk."

"You're not wearing walking shoes," he pointed out, looking dubiously at her white satin pumps and their three-inch heels.

"If I start to get blisters, I'll let you know. But the first thing I'm going to do..." She tugged up the red dress, and Clark felt a sudden aching fullness in his groin.

Oh, God. She was stripping again, right in front of him. Right on the streets of Metropolis.

She drew the red dress up over her head, and he instantly felt really stupid, because she was still wearing the white dress underneath. Moron, he thought with self-disgust. Did you really think she was going to pull all her clothes off in downtown Metropolis?

"That's better," she said, tossing the red dress into a trash can with contempt and walking on down the sidewalk. "I was getting too hot."

He could understand that. He followed along behind her, his gaze trained on her ass. The little sequined white dress clung to her curves, and he couldn't help remembering the sight of her bare, beautiful round ass, hidden by nothing but a little scrap of white fabric. He remembered her hips moving in a clearly sexual motion, remembered her arching her body as she undulated against the pole...

Yes, he thought. She was right. It was definitely getting too hot.

The sequins on her dress glittered in the early morning rays of sunlight that filtered through the tall buildings. He followed her, staring as if entranced. He couldn't help it. He just couldn't seem to look away from her ass.

And then she looked back at him with a frown.

"For a guy with superspeed, you're awfully slow."

He jerked his head up, blushing, and took two long strides, so that he was walking next to her. But that didn't help much. He was a lot taller than she was, and from his perspective he could see just how low cut her dress was.

Really, really low cut.

Her breasts were just as beautiful in the golden morning light as they had been in the harsh white lights of the Wingate. Gorgeous, full, rounded... he remembered the way they'd looked totally bare, remembered her beautiful rose pink nipples, and he had to swallow to fight back a groan.

His fingers tingled with the urge to see if her skin was as soft and satiny as it looked. He wanted to touch her breasts. He wanted to kiss her breasts. He wanted--


The word left his mouth as he found himself falling through the air and landing on his ass on the concrete. He'd been so focused on Chloe's breasts that he hadn't noticed a stack of newspapers on the sidewalk ahead of him. He'd tripped right over them.

He couldn't think of the last time he'd tripped over something. He was a superpowered alien who could move at the speed of sound, for God's sake, and tripping over something in public was just plain embarrassing, even more so for him than it was for humans. His cheeks heated.

"Clark!" She ran toward him, and he couldn't help but notice her breasts bouncing. His cheeks got hotter.

So did everything else.

She knelt on the sidewalk next to him, giving him an incredible view of her cleavage, and he felt his body react. He'd already been half-hard, but now... God. He was going to die.

He remembered his urgent hard-on in the Planet, the way he'd thought longingly about relieving some of the pressure. But that pressure had been absolutely nothing compared to what he was feeling right now.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

"Uh." His mouth was dry, and he couldn't look away from the glorious abundance of her cleavage. God help him, he just couldn't. "Uh, yeah. I might have cracked the concrete, though."

He heard a low laugh. "You need to be more careful." She offered him a hand, more as a friendly gesture than as a serious offer to help him up. He outweighed her by a hundred pounds, and there was no possible way she could heft him to his feet. Even so, he took her hand and slowly rose to his feet as she did.

His gaze was still riveted to her breasts.

"Um, Clark." She sounded uncomfortable, and he guessed she'd finally noticed his preoccupation. "Look, I know what happened last night might make things feel kind of weird between us. Maybe we should just try to forget about it, okay?"

He didn't look away. He couldn't. The truth was, there was no possible way he could forget about what had happened last night, no possible way he could forget the sight of her dancing on that stage. He didn't want to. The memory of her breasts, bouncing and rippling as she danced, the memory of her hips undulating, the way she'd felt in his lap, her thigh pressed up against his...

These were memories he intended to cherish for a lifetime.

His silence apparently worried her. "Look," she said with a little more intensity, "we're just friends. We both know that. You're in love with Lana, and I'm just the sidekick. I get that. And you know, the fact that you happened to be in the audience when I, uh, danced, well, it feels a little awkward, but really, it's no big deal. We're both adults, right?"

"Yeah," he said, very softly. "We're both adults."

It was true. They were adults, and they could do anything they liked. Anything at all.

Suddenly he had a whole list in his head of things he wanted to do with her. He wasn't thinking about Lana-- hell, he hadn't thought about Lana since he saw Chloe up on stage. All he could think about was Chloe, and what he wanted to do with her.

The problem was, not a single one of those things could be done in downtown Metropolis. He'd already gotten arrested once, after all. He really didn't need to go for a second time.

But he had to touch her. Somehow, he had to touch her, or he was going to just blow up from the pressure. And maybe it was arrogant of him, but something about the way she was looking at him made him think she wouldn't mind. He remembered the way she'd wiggled in his lap last night, teasing him, and he was pretty sure she wouldn't object to what he had in mind.

He couldn't make love to her here, but if only he could touch her, just a little...

He looked around and saw a dark, narrow alley running alongside the tall building in front of them.

Perfect, he thought.

He picked her up in his arms and supersped into the alley.

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