Tuesday, October 02, 2007

You're My Angel, Chapter 7

Season 5, rewrite of "Exposed"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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"Clark." Her voice was breathless with what sounded like anticipation. He let her feet drop to the cracked, grassy concrete and pushed her back against the featureless brick wall of the alley. They were deep in the early-morning shadows, and he was pretty sure no one was likely to see them from the street.

And honestly, at this point he just didn't care all that much.

"Clark," she whispered again as he wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned into her. "What are you doing?"

He pushed his hips against hers, too far gone to be shy about it, and hissed with pleasure at the contact. "What do you think I'm doing, Chlo?"

"Well, okay. I guess a better question would be, why are you doing it?"

"Because I can't help it." He spoke in a harsh rumble as his hard-on brushed against the front of her dress. He remembered seeing her tug the dress off and toss it aside, remembered that it could be removed very, very easily. Need chewed into him with sharp, relentless teeth.

"Um. Clark." She turned her head slightly, so that her mouth was against his throat, and the feel of her soft, moist lips against his skin was just about enough to knock him over. "It's not that I mind, exactly... but are you sure this is what you want?"

His body was so overwhelmed with sensation he couldn't seem to articulate his thoughts. It wasn't a matter of want. It was a matter of need, of what he had to have. It was a matter of not being able to survive without touching her.

But he couldn't get that explanation out, so he just spoke gruffly.

"Yeah, Chlo. It's what I want."

She gazed up at him, and he looked back, looking at her face, pale in the dark shadows of the alley. She'd been through a lot, and her makeup was smudged, her hair rumpled, and even the sequined dress was looking a bit wrinkled.

But she was still impossibly sexy.

"Yeah," she said at last, softly. "Me too."

Her body moved against his, undulating against him the way she'd rubbed against the pole, and he moaned. He had a vague awareness they shouldn't be doing this, that he had a girlfriend who probably wouldn't be thrilled if she discovered he'd been groping another girl in a dark alley. But right now he couldn't think about anything except the incredible sensation of her abdomen moving up and down along his hot, swollen erection.


"That's what you want," she whispered. "Right?"

"Well, yeah, but..."

He'd dragged her down into this dark alley with the idea of touching her just a little, simply to assuage his need a bit.

But all of a sudden his body had ideas that went way, way beyond touching.

She turned her face back toward his throat, and her lips flickered over the sensitive spot near his Adam's apple. He whimpered.

"What else do you want?" Her tongue slid out and brushed over his skin. "Do you want me to take the dress off?"

He remembered her peeling the dress off, as confidently and sexily as any stripper in the Wingate. He remembered the almost insignificant little scraps of fabric beneath it, remembered all her pale, beautiful, smooth flesh, and he seriously thought he was going to pass out from blood loss. All his blood had departed for points south, leaving his brain woozy.

Oh, God, yes, he thought. Take it off. Take it all off.

But that was ridiculous. They were in freaking downtown Metropolis, for God's sake. Yeah, it was a dark alley, but there was no way he was asking her to expose herself in public that way. He was supposed to be protecting her, not getting her into big trouble. He couldn't let his dick rule his brain.

"No." He managed to force the word out, even though the thought of seeing her again, clad in nothing more than a couple of sequined scraps, made his mouth so parched he could hardly speak. "No, Chlo, we can't..."

"Sure we can." She smiled up at him, a wicked, sensual smile that made him harder than before.

And then she reached down, pulled her dress open, and tossed it aside.

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blackheart_me said...

I LOVE CRAZY IMPULSIVE CHLOE! haha. althou I feel this is so short :( awww!
But no it's an update and I'm so happy for it.
Can't wait to see wat comes next!

Anonymous said...

Hot. I like how she doesn't bother to deny her interest, just makes sure she can take advantage in good concience.

Justine said...

LOL!! Only Chloe man xD more!

vannadear said...

WOW! I love this story *so* so SO much, it's so incredibly sexy and it totally does Chloe the justice she deserves for being curvy and hot. I was so very disappointed when Chloe pushed Lois on stage in the episode, we all know that Chloe would do so much better.

I look forward to the next chapter!