Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sunset Red, Chapter 5

Season 7 (spoilers for "Persona")
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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The soft spoken words practically made Chloe melt into a puddle, and the feel of his body inside hers had a similar effect. It was really quite fortunate he was holding her up, because her muscles had all the consistency of tapioca pudding right now.

Chlo. I love you, Chloe.

Intellectually, she knew nothing Clark said under the influence of red K was reliable or trustworthy. She knew perfectly well he might just be telling her what she wanted to hear in order to make her hotter.

And yet the sound of his deep voice, murmuring the words she'd wanted to hear forever, made tears sting her eyelids.

She pressed her face into Clark's-- Kal's-- shoulder, and tried to hold back the tears.

His hips moved again, and his body sank into hers even further, so deeply it almost hurt. She gave a little whimper of mingled pleasure and discomfort, and he stilled.

"Am I hurting you?"

"Not exactly. You're just... big."

She could hear the cocky arrogance in his voice. "Of course I am."

She barely restrained an eyeroll. "I just... could you go a little slower, maybe?"

"I can try." He held still, shivering a little. "God, you're so tight, Chlo. So hot. You feel so fucking good."

She was shocked to realize that the rough language was actually turning her on. Which was odd, because she liked Clark as Clark. She always had. He was a sweet, decent guy, and in fact his shy, quiet, courteous persona was one of the things that had first drawn her to him.

And yet she had to admit that the swearing was kind of... sexy.

She closed her eyes, realizing that the uncomfortable sensation of being stretched too much had faded. Her body had adjusted to his invasion, and now she wanted more. She moved a little, body squeezing around his in a reflexive response. He gasped.

"Fuck. Chloe."

"That's the idea," she said softly, and he laughed and pushed her against the wall harder than before.

"Okay, sweetheart. Let's do it."

He thrust into her, all the way inside, so deep she could feel the head of his cock bump against her womb. She sobbed and clutched at his hips, tugging at him, asking for more.

And he gave it to her.

He withdrew, almost all the way, and then thrust deeply, making her moan with pleasure. And then he did it again, over and over, until she could feel her body growing slick with moisture, until her freshly washed skin was covered in sweat, until her inner muscles spasmed around his in a fast, hungry rhythm.

And all the while, he whispered into her ear.

"Fuck, yeah," he muttered, moving hard inside her. "Oh, yeah, Chlo, that's it. That's right, give it to me, baby... let me hear you, sweetheart... come on, baby, fuck me harder..."

With a corner of her mind she wondered if Clark talked this much during sex. She'd always envisioned him as the strong, silent type, at least as far as the bedroom was concerned. Somehow she figured he was the sort of guy who ground his teeth together while coming so as not to make a sound.

But Kal was definitely a talker.

He was still talking, in fact. On and on and on. She was on the verge of ecstasy... and he was talking. It was actually a little distracting. Possibly even annoying.

"Ummmhhh," she moaned against his shoulder, feeling her body throbbing, so close to orgasm that she ached with it.

"Yeah," he said softly. "That's it, baby. That's good, isn't it?"

Yes, she decided. It was very definitely annoying.

"Kal," she said.


"Shut the hell up."

There was a pause, like she'd shocked him, and then he broke out laughing, and didn't say another word as his body moved harder and faster in hers. He was still laughing as she came, hard, in an explosion of heat and pleasure, her body contracting around his in violent, rhythmic spasms.

And then suddenly he wasn't laughing any more.

She heard him groaning, and then he moved inside her, faster and harder, and she felt the hot spurt of his come, felt him jerking inside her, heard his voice raised in a long shout of ecstasy.

Kal, she thought as her orgasm ebbed, was definitely a lot of fun. But he was also dangerous and unstable, and kind of a pain in the ass, so she really needed to get Clark off the red kryptonite.

She figured her best chance to get the red K away from him was while he was distracted. She just hoped he'd really wanted this, really wanted her, and that he wouldn't be furious and hurt that she'd taken advantage of him while he was under the influence.

As he cried out, shuddering with the force of his climax, she reached into his shirt pocket. And sure enough, there was the kryptonite, a little red rock that looked as clear and harmless as a chip of glass, but that for him was a mood-altering substance, as harmful and addictive as a drug.

She pulled it out... and tossed it in the toilet.

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding!!! Please continue!!

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Woot, that was hot ;)


monicaop said...

Wow!!! I loved it, specially Chloe, she always know what to say to Kal ;), More please!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic! As Thanksgiving approaches, I'm thankful for your creativity and gererosity in sharing it! I think I need another helping, though!

Writer & Cat said...

I love the fact she prefers Clark -- even just what she thinks Clark WOULD be like -- to Kal!