Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Redshift, Chapter 10

Season 7
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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Lex stares at the bracelet for a long moment, while Clark grits his teeth and tries not to whimper. At last Lex reaches out and accepts the bracelet. He holds it in his hand, turning it over and over thoughtfully.

"You want me to wear this tonight?" he asks.

Clark shakes his head. The bracelet is still too close, and tears of pain sting his eyes. He blinks them back.

"As long as you want, Lex," he answers, his voice hoarse. "For the rest of our lives, if you want to wear it that long. If that's what it takes... then put it on."

Lex lifts his gaze from the bracelet and stares at him, an unreadable expression in his eyes.

And then he lifts his hand and throws the bracelet across the loft, as hard as he can.

It strikes the wall with an audible ping and falls to the floor. Clark gasps in mingled relief and dismay. Relief, because the pain is gone. And dismay, because Lex flinging away the bracelet means he isn't taking Clark up on his offer.

But Lex isn't walking away from him. He stares down at Clark with a very odd expression on his face. Clark kneels there, looking back at him, hardly daring to breathe.

At last Lex lifts his hand and strokes Clark's hair, a gesture that's so loving it makes his eyes sting again.

"Come on," Lex says, very softly. "Let's make love."

"Lex." Clark rises to his feet and looks at the other man. "Are you sure?"

"I'm not sure of anything right now," Lex answers with a little sigh. "All I know is, I can't seem to stay away from you."

"Yeah." Clark can't stop himself from smiling wryly. "I have the same problem."

Lex moves toward the tattered old crimson sofa, and since it happens to be in the opposite direction from where the bracelet fell, Clark follows him happily enough. The big window on the west side of the barn is open, and a cool night breeze blows through. Clark sees Lex shiver a little, and he frowns.

"Want me to close the window?"

"No." Lex's mouth curves, in the honest smile he doesn't display nearly often enough. "Just warm me up."

Clark smiles back, and then he's sinking down on the couch beside Lex, and they're falling back onto the cushions in a tangle of arms and legs, Clark on the bottom. Lex is kissing Clark all over with reverent, loving kisses, the same way Clark kissed Lex earlier. Clark shuts his eyes and revels in the feel of Lex's mouth against his skin.

Deep inside, he remembers Lex's words: You're an alien. He remembers the look of mingled fear and disgust Lex gave him. And he wonders if his offer to let Lex wear the bracelet was really enough to get past Lex's barriers, to convince him that he isn't out to hurt Lex or anyone else.

Lex is kissing him, stroking him, licking him everywhere. It feels like Lex has gotten past it.

But he's been wrong about Lex before.

He knows Lex could be playing him somehow, because God knows it's happened often enough in the past, but he can't bring himself to worry about it too much. He's hard, as hard as he was earlier under the influence of red K, so achingly turned on he thinks he couldn't survive if Lex suddenly backs away.

He's so turned on he can't formulate a coherent thought, and on some level he wonders if that's the point, if Lex is trying to seduce him into complacency.

With Lex, you never know.

Trust, he reminds himself. We're supposed to be learning to trust each other.

The problem is that one-sided trust can be very, very dangerous, and he knows that better than anyone. But trust has to start somewhere.

He forces all his dark thoughts away and decides to just take this for what it appears to be. He doesn't want to worry about the past right now. They're just two lovers, letting each other know exactly how much they feel for one another.

Lex's mouth is on his nipples, driving him wild, and his hand closes around Clark's cock, driving him even wilder. Clark gasps and sobs, his hips rising eagerly against Lex's palm.

"Now, Lex... please, now..."

"Damn it." Lex lifts his head and scowls. "I forgot about the lube. I guess it's still in the house."

Clark thinks about the charred mess that had once been his nightstand, and despite his arousal, he can't hold back a chuckle. "I think it burned up."

Lex groans and starts to sit up. "Clark, listen, we can't do this without--"

"Sure we can." Clark reaches for him, keeping him from pulling away. "You can't hurt me, Lex. Honestly, there's no way you can hurt me except for the meteor rocks." He holds Lex by the upper arms, very gently, and looks at him seriously. "Make love to me."

Lex looks back at him, and then he's spitting into his palm, wetting his hand, and rubbing it all over his own erection. Clark watches his hand stroking the length of his cock, until it gleams with moisture, and almost pants with eagerness.

Lex leans over him, and then he's pushing his way into Clark, not even preparing him first. It doesn't matter, because Clark's ready for him. Clark feels himself opening, stretching, and he arches his head back and gives a long groan of pleasure as Lex fills him.

"God, Clark." Lex is kissing his throat. "You're still so tight..."

Clark whispers a response. "Ahh. Lex. You feel so good."

Lex slides into him, slowly, sweetly, and then their bodies begin to move together, in a natural, easy rhythm. Their mouths find each other, and then they're kissing, long, deep kisses that echo the movement of their bodies.

Clark wraps his arms and legs around Lex, and Lex's hands caress his hair and stroke his cheeks, and their bodies move slowly, as if neither is eager to climax, because coming would mean the end of this, and neither wants it to end.

They're silent except for soft moans, and their hands move gently over each other's bodies, exploring, touching, caressing. Clark can feel the familiar pressure deep inside him, but he tries to push it back. He wants to make love to Lex for the rest of the night.

But despite his efforts to control himself, their bodies begin to move a little more urgently, until Clark can't help groaning into Lex's mouth with every thrust.

Lex obviously realizes he's getting close. He moves one hand down across Clark's chest and begins stroking one of his nipples, and Clark twists beneath him, sobbing his name.

Lex pinches his nipple, and at the same time he begins thrusting brutally, and Clark arches his head back as his cock jerks, fast and hard.

"Oh, God, Lex." He can't hold the words back any more. He knows he should, but he just can't. "I love you."

Lex doesn't say anything, but his eyes go wide. He moves even harder, and Clark cries out, coming in an explosive rush of ecstasy, his body racked by a long, powerful orgasm that makes his head spin. Through the haze of pleasure, he can dimly feel Lex spasming inside him, can hear Lex's voice raised in a low, hoarse cry, can feel the heat inside him as Lex comes.

At last Lex falls onto his chest, and Clark wraps an arm around him. He remembers that they fell asleep together earlier, and woke up around eleven for omelets. He's not sure what time it is now. Maybe around three in the morning.

But it's definitely late, and after everything that's happened tonight, after all the emotional and physical stress he's been through, he's exhausted. He'd like to talk to Lex some more, to try to make sure they've worked things out, but he just can't keep his eyes open another minute.

He barely manages to tug off the blanket that hangs over the back of the couch, spreading it out over the two of them. He isn't affected by cold, but Lex is. And he wants to take care of Lex.

Covered by the warmth of the old blanket and Lex's body, he wraps his arms around his lover and lets himself drift off to sleep, peaceful and content, all his worries forgotten.


Clark awakens to the vague feeling that something isn't right. He doesn't seem to be lying on his old, comfortable couch. He's stretched out on something hard and cold, and Lex's warm body and the old blanket aren't on top of him. The air is chilly, and although cold doesn't really bother him, he's mildly uncomfortable.

He opens his eyes and discovers he's not in his loft, but in a small, dim cell.

The walls are unadorned gray cinderblock, with no windows, and there's a door made of iron bars. Clark gets up, discovering that he's still stark naked, and strides toward the door. Anger surges through him, and he reaches out and grabs the iron bars, with the intention of ripping the door off its hinges.

But for some reason, he can't seem to pull it open. All he succeeds in doing is rattling it a bit.

He spins around, lunges across the cell, and slams a big shoulder into the cinderblock wall, intending to break out by going straight through the wall. But instead of the wall giving way, he feels a terrible pain in his shoulder, and he reels back, gasping and clutching at his arm.

He doesn't feel sick, which suggests there isn't green kryptonite anywhere in the cell. And yet it appears that he's lost his powers.

Frustrated and angry, not to mention bruised, he turns back to the door and raises his voice.


There's no answer.

Irritably, he begins to pace the confines of his cell, cursing himself for ten kinds of a fool. He'd been stupid to give Lex his trust, after Lex had proven so many times he couldn't be trusted. He'd been stupid to hope Lex could accept him, knowing how Lex felt about aliens.

And he'd been hopelessly stupid to fall in love with Lex, knowing that Lex could never really love him in return. He remembers his own voice, whispering, I love you, and he wishes angrily he could kick his own ass, because he's never in his life felt like an idiot as much as he does right now.

After a few moments, he gives up trying to find a way out and drops down onto the hard, cold sleeping surface. He's shaking with anger and the fear of the unknown. He doesn't know why he's here, but he knows whatever's about to happen to him, he won't like it.

He drops his face into his hands and tries to gain control of himself, tries to hold back his panic, as he struggles to come to grips with what's happened.

He needs to accept the truth, damn it. He should have accepted the truth a long time ago. He's not really Lex's lover.

He's just one of Lex's science experiments.

-The End-

Read the sequel, "Imprisoned."


Erin said...

Damn. Well I guess that's kind of the ending I expected, albeit a dark one. Can't wait for the sequel to see what happens next.

Robyn said...

Dang. :( I've grown so accustomed to happy endings, I just kept scrolling down, thinking "no... no there must be an 'I love you too, Clark' in there somewhere! I must have missed it!" LoL

But this ending did NOT disappoint, by ANY means. My poor Clark! Gah... how could Lex do that to him? Sometimes I just want to strangle that little bastard!

*sheds a tear for Clarky and waits impatiently for sequel*

GREAT story, Elly. You write awesome Clex.

epeters said...

You fooled me with that ending! I was waiting for Clark to wake up from his bad dream and Lex would be there to comfort him.

You do like cliff hangers don't you.

Looking forward to Imprisoned.

Allie said...

aww poor clark =[
I love how the ending was darker than usual though.
I cant wait for imprisoned.

Cassandra581 said...

Wow! Damn that Lex! He needs to learn to trust in Clark and poor Clark he keeps trying and Lex betrays him time after time. I can't wait for more.

Magali said...

I really hate Lex, right now I don't see a happy ending to this story :(

Anonymous said...

I was thinking everything was going really well, but maybe a little too easy, then you totally blew me away with the sudden change. Questions abound -Powers gone, but no green K? How was he moved? What has Lex learned that he's using against Clark? Can't wait for the next story. Really, really enjoying this.

Erin said...

I wouldn't think he knew of green K. I was thinking maybe there is kryptonite inside the bars or walls, so it wouldn't make him sick but his powers ineffective? No idea yet. I kind of found it strange how suddenly exhausted he got too.

Erin said...

Erin: I wouldn't think he knew of green K. I was thinking maybe there is kryptonite inside the bars or walls, so it wouldn't make him sick but his powers ineffective? No idea yet. I kind of found it strange how suddenly exhausted he got too.

Oops I meant blue K for the first sentence.

Lexangy said...

Nooooooo, Ely...
You can't make this to me!!
2 new chapters!! and a sequel to come...
look, like someone had already told, the story is so realistic, but if you let Lex makes other tortures to Clark, the story will be realistic no more...love needs a stop of hurting al least...
please, let Lex face his TRUE feelings...he loves Clark, and despite of what he believes to think, he wants to stay with the adorable alien for the rest of his lives...
please..let this Imprisonated be very short!! and let Married come soon!! :D

thank you for the incredible, touching and trilling stories!!!

Anonymous said...

No, no! This can't be! You're breaking my heart, woman.

Anonymous said...

I hate this. Lex is truly a hateful bastard, who have hurt and betrayed Clark over and over again. Yes, Clark lies to protect himself but no one is a bigger liar than Lex.

I hope that Clark escapes and that Lex finds out too late how much he really loves him.

I love my Clex but, at this moment, I can't stand Lex.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...my heart is broken and filled with despair......

....I've been reading all along, for awhile there it got really rough for me....now I don't know if I can take it anymore....!

I have to admit, you fooled me more than a few times, and I still have no idea where you're going with this....

...how could Lex do that to Clark? Clark just told him the truth, and told Lex he loved him....why, why, why???

I don't know whether to say I'm looking forward to or dreading the sequel.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! This has been an amazing story! And god your sex scenes are HOT. I wish I could write sex as good as that.

But damn, you are like Lex with his holding off of orgasms. Every time I'm certain you've finally reached a happy ending you yank it away again! Brilliantly done though. Very compelling. I can't wait to see what'll happen next.

I usually like my Lex melted into a soft and squishy ball, but your strong, calculating Lex really is fab. Very Luthor-like. And it just makes his little touches of affection all the more poignant. Having it all Clark's POV is a good call here too, gives Lex more mystery. Just, great stuff :D

Anonymous said...

I just raced through both stories, having just found them. Excellent characterizations and plot. Meltingly hot sex scenes. The only thing I can think to want more of is for you to write faster!

Anonymous said...

*is crushed along with Clark*

Looking forward to the sequel!