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Season 7
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Sequel to Shattered and my other Clex stories.

Redshift occurs when a light source moves away from the observer.

"Have a glass of wine."

Clark reaches out and accepts a crystal goblet full of dark red wine from Lex. Earlier, he and Lex crashed out together after some pretty mind-blowing, earth-shattering sex, but somewhere around eleven they both woke up, and Lex now seems to be bound and determined to spoil Clark. He just cooked a couple of omelets downstairs, in the kitchen of the old farmhouse, and now he's brought them up to Clark's bedroom, along with a bottle of wine he had in his car.

It's very different from the way he was behaving earlier in the evening, when he brought a green kryptonite bracelet to the barn and hurt Clark with it, quite a lot. Now that they've made love, he's suddenly much more solicitous.

Clark wants to think it's because he got through to Lex, made him realize he's not going to hurt him or turn on him or push him away. But he isn't sure that's the real reason. With Lex, you just never know what's going through his head.

Clark sighs as he digs into his omelet, which smells mouth-wateringly good. Being Lex's lover is enough to give anyone a split personality. One minute Clark feels like he's in a war zone, and the next he's being cherished and fed and pampered.

He figures Lex must have hoped for a positive outcome to the evening, despite the bracelet, or he wouldn't have brought the wine. Lex is a connoisseur of fine wines, and his wines are all kept at the perfect temperature in the Luthor mansion wine cellar. There is no way Lex drives around with a wine bottle in his Porsche all the time, let alone a couple of Waterford goblets. Lex obviously hoped for some romance tonight.

The thought that Lex really wanted this situation to turn out well, despite the back-assward way he went about approaching Clark, makes a little warmth flare in Clark's chest. Maybe things are really going to work out between the two of them.

Maybe he's managed to convince Lex to trust him, just a little.

"This is a really good omelet," he says sincerely. "Thanks, Lex."

Lex smiles. He's sitting next to Clark on the dark blue coverlet, eating the other omelet. He wore Clark's green robe (which covered him all the way to his ankles) down to the kitchen, but dropped it on the floor when he came back up the stairs, and now he's stark naked.

He looks damn good that way, and Clark is having a hard time keeping his eyes off him, not to mention his hands.

"Glad you like it," Lex answers. "Don't forget the wine. It's a Vosne-Romanee by Henry Jayer."

Clark lifts the goblet and sniffs cautiously. "You know," he says, "I wish you wouldn't waste your good wines on me. I don't know Henry Jayer from Ernst and Julio Gallo."

Lex winces, just a bit, at the words. "You'll never learn if you don't have the opportunity to try better wines," he points out. "Anyway... I like spoiling you, Clark."

Clark likes being spoiled, more than he really wants to. Or maybe he just likes the idea that Lex wants to spoil him. Being fed omelets and red wine is a lot more pleasant than being tortured with kryptonite, for sure.

He takes a small, cautious sip of the wine. It isn't bad, although it might as well have come from the liquor store in downtown Smallville as from Burgundy, France, for all he can tell. But he definitely likes it. The flavor kind of explodes on his tongue, and a nice warmth spreads through him.

Which is odd, because alcohol really shouldn't affect him.

He thinks about that, and shrugs mentally, deciding it's not really the alcohol at all. It's being with Lex. Being with Lex makes him giddy and lightheaded and inebriated.

That's kind of embarrassing, but he figures it's a normal side effect of love.

He has another biteful of omelet, and washes it down with another, slightly larger sip of wine. The wine seems to settle into his stomach and make itself at home. He feels warm and good and... well, he's got a little buzz going, really.

And that's odd enough to make a little warning light go off in his head. Wine doesn't affect him, and if it did, two sips definitely wouldn't be enough to affect a guy his size.

He lifts the goblet again and sniffs at it suspiciously, then takes another sip. He watches his hands and arms this time, and sees the veins standing out for just a moment, etched in red.

He raises his head and gives Lex a dangerous glare. "Now how in the hell did you know about that?"

Lex lifts an unconcerned eyebrow. "The wine? I've spent a lot of time learning about wines, Clark."

"Not the wine. The red--" He almost says kryptonite, but checks himself. "Meteor rocks."

"Oh, that." Lex smiles, very sweetly, and continues eating his omelet. "Another helpful hint from our mutual ex."

Clark stares at him. Anger and betrayal twist together in his chest, along with a lot of other swirling emotions, chief among which is lust. He doesn't want to take another sip of the wine, but he can't quite help himself. The way it makes him feel is just too good to resist.

"Why?" he asks. Even to his own ears his voice sounds lower and more commanding than usual. "I mean, I'm here, in bed with you. You've got me already. Why the hell do you want to drug me?"

He takes another sip, and heat radiates through him, from his center outward. God, it feels good. Better than wearing a rock on his finger, for sure. He's surging with sexual energy, his cock is as hard as carven marble, and his blood is hot.

He's ready to fuck.

"Why?" Lex looks at him steadily. "Because you're still holding back on me, Clark. Even after everything we've done, I can feel you holding back."

"I have to hold back." Clark takes another sip of the blood-dark wine, feeling a sardonic smile curl his mouth. "If I don't hold back, Lex, I can kill you. Is that what you want? To be ripped into little pieces when I fuck you?"

Lex stares at him, unblinking, as if Clark is a cobra who might strike at any moment. "I don't believe you'll kill me."

"You have no idea how out of control I get, Lex." Clark drains the goblet and shoves his half-eaten omelet aside. He has some serious physical desires to attend to, but the need for food isn't one of them right now. "You have absolutely no idea what you've just let yourself in for. I'll do anything when I'm on the red stuff. Anything."

Lex looks back at him, a glint of excitement lighting his gray eyes.

"That's what I'm hoping for," he says.

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Lexangy said...

thanks, thanks, thanks!!
I'm the first to post a big thank for this new story!!!
you know, I check every day for the new one...and this is very exciting!!!
I can image what Clark's going to do now!!
Now he need to tell Lex his secret, so they can fuck together for the rest of their lifes!!
you're great, Elly, did I already tell you?

hugs & kisses

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I never saw THIS coming! What an INTERESTING twist! Now I'm wondering if Lex did this to finally get the WHOLE truth out of Clark....

Anonymous said...

Oh relationships with supervillians are so complicated. Sigh...

epeters said...

Oh, I think this is gonna be a fun ride!!!
I'm so glad you are continuing with the Clex saga. Yay.

Magali said...

OH MY!!! I think is so hot that Lex wants Clark totally out of control and not holding back, YEAH!!! This is great, I already love this sequeal and I'm eager to see what happens next!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for more of this!

Erin said...

This is the second time I'm reading this, addictive and exciting installment :)