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Redshift, Chapter 4

Season 7
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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"What are you trying to make me do here, Lex?" Clark's voice is low and dangerous as he looms over Lex, bracing himself on his hands and knees over the other man's bound body. "Do you really want me to kill you?"

Lex looks back at him, and there's a strange uncertainty in the gray eyes, a look that says that even Lex isn't sure what he wants. "You wouldn't kill me, Clark."

"You don't know what I might do," Clark answers, his voice cold. "Neither do I. Even if I don't mean to hurt you, if I make love to you, I might rip you to pieces when I come."

He lowers himself, just a bit, and rubs his aching hard-on against the smooth skin of Lex's belly. God, it feels good. He remembers a night when Lex brought him to an incredible orgasm, just by rubbing his abdomen against him, and he can hardly stop himself from thrusting harder and faster. He wants to come all over Lex again.

But he wants to come inside Lex even more.

"I don't care," Lex answers. "I want you to touch me this time, Clark."

You're a pretty boy, Clark. That's really the whole attraction, right there.

The memory of Lex's cool, dismissive voice makes anger seethe inside Clark. He tries to force it back, because he really doesn't want to rip Lex to pieces. It'll make a big mess on the bed.

"I can't." Clark grinds his teeth together, not just because he's mad, but because the pressure in his cock is steadily growing, to the point where it's starting to be intolerable. When he's on red K, somehow anger and lust get all mixed up together inside his head. The madder he gets, the hotter he gets. "Not while I'm on this stuff, Lex. I can't."

"Are you afraid of hurting me?" Lex twists sinuously, rubbing against Clark's cock, and Clark gasps. "Go ahead and hurt me, Clark. Hurt me all you want."

Clark stares down at him for a long moment, and then a grin slowly curves his lips. "You're fucking crazy, Lex."

"And on the red rocks," Lex says softly, "so are you."

"True." Clark runs a hand over the carved planes of Lex's chest, then tweaks a nipple roughly. "Is that why you drugged me, Lex? So we can be psychopaths together?"

Lex writhes, baring his teeth. Clark isn't sure if it's in pain or pleasure or anger, and doesn't really care all that much. "No," he answers, his voice very soft. "I needed to know how to control you, Clark. How to harness all that power. And if that means letting you get out of control first... well, I can live with that."

"Just another science experiment, huh?" Clark squeezes the nipple even harder, and Lex cries out. "This and the green rocks are all just a way of trying to figure out a way you can force me to do what you want?"

"Yes." Lex's eyes are closed, and he's breathing heavily, and his cock pulses against his stomach, throbbing in an eager, steady rhythm. Clark wants it, so badly, wants to take Lex in his mouth and suck, wants to take him in his hand and jack him off, wants to take him into his body and screw Lex hard. He wants Lex any way he can get him.

Even knowing that Lex is just trying to use him somehow... he still wants him.

He lowers himself, so that he can kiss Lex's chest, and begins licking at the nipple he just squeezed. Lex moans and sobs beneath him, twisting against his bonds.

"Are you trying to addict me?" Clark asks, his voice a low rasp.

"I-- ahh, Clark." Lex pants at the touch of his tongue. "Right now, I'm just studying your vulnerabiities, Clark. I'll figure out exactly how to use them later."

"Why, Lex?" He licks carefully, stroking the nipple with careful thoroughness. He can control Lex too, damn it. "Why can't we just be lovers? Why do you have to treat me like a lab rat at the same time, goddamnit?"

"Because... ah, Jesus. Because you're dangerous, Clark. I've seen enough of what you can do to be certain of that. You can hurt people. You're a danger..." Clark licks his other nipple, and Lex gasps. "A danger to society. Someone has to control you, for the good of humanity."

"Just like all the other freaks you've controlled," Clark growls against his chest. He's still kissing Lex, and damn it, he doesn't know why, because Lex's words are really pissing him off. "Why not just stick me in a lab and be done with it, then?"

"I'm trying to save you from that, Clark." Lex's voice is close to a sob. "I don't want to see you confined for the rest of your life, damn it. I don't. If I can just find some way to make sure you don't hurt anyone..."

Even under the influence of red K, Clark can't miss the terrible anguish in his voice. Suddenly he thinks he understands Lex better than he ever has.

Lex loves him. Despite everything he's said about it being merely physical, Lex loves him. Clark would bet the farm on it. But Lex is deathly afraid of freaks, convinced they're going to take over the world somehow, convinced they're a danger that he has to turn to his advantage, a power he has to control.

And Lex knows he has abilities. Even before tonight, he knew.

Clark remembers shattering the iron headboard right in front of Lex last week, and figures that was the last straw, as far as Lex was concerned. Seeing Clark break that iron with his bare hands must have been the final little push Lex needed to admit to himself that Clark isn't just a normal Kansas farmboy.

Lex is scared of freaks, almost as scared of them as he is of aliens. So when Clark snapped that iron in front of him, Lex must have panicked, inasmuch as Lex Luthor is capable of panicking, and tipped his hand about the whole Lana thing in order to scare Clark off. In his fear, he'd pushed Clark away.

But over the course of the week, he'd probably grown to realize he missed Clark just as badly as Clark missed Lex. So he'd gone to Lana, bargained with her for information on Clark's weaknesses, and come up with this plan for figuring out how to control Clark.

In his own weird, fucked-up way, Clark thinks, Lex is being protective. By Lex's rules, Clark belongs in a lab, confined. Lex is trying to save him from that fate.

Not that Clark believes for a microsecond that it's all about saving humanity. Maybe that's part of it, but it's not the whole story. Lex is trying to figure out a way he can use Clark and his abilities to his advantage... but at least he's trying to figure out a way to do it without penning him like an animal.

But using pain and drugs to control someone isn't much better than sticking them in a lab, in Clark's view.

If only Lex trusted him to do the right thing, Clark thinks grimly. If only Lex trusted him to protect people rather than hurt them.

But he reminds himself that this is Lex Luthor. He doesn't trust anyone, not even the people he loves.

Perhaps especially not the people he loves.

At any rate, Clark isn't big on the idea of being controlled. He isn't anyone's bitch, not even Lex's, damn it. And even if Lex is scared of his abilities, he knows he isn't a danger.

Well, except when he's on red K, anyway.

He lifts his head and glares straight into Lex's eyes. "Fuck that," he says in a soft voice. "And fuck you. So all this-- it's all been about trying to find a way to control me?"

Lex doesn't cringe at the anger in his eyes, doesn't show any sign of fear. "That's right," he answers steadily.

The red K is still pounding through Clark's veins, hot and powerful and intoxicating, and Clark flashes his teeth in a dangerous, snarling grin.

"This sure as hell isn't the way to do it, Lex."

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