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Redshift, Chapter 5

Season 7
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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"Maybe you're right," Lex answers, his voice steady and even. "And maybe not. Let's see who's in control, Clark. Fuck me."

At the words, Clark's hard-on spasms hungrily. He levers himself up on his arms and looks at Lex's body, spread and helpless, waiting for his lovemaking. Lex's skin is as white against the dark blue bedspread as whitecaps against the ocean, and his body is beautiful and slender and perfect.

He looks like a porn star... and he's all Clark's. There's not a thing in the world he can do to stop the younger man from fucking him, any way Clark wants to.

And that knowledge makes something dark and greedy inside Clark rage out of control.

He lowers his head, and suddenly he's kissing Lex everywhere, his hands rough against his body. He knows he's leaving a few bruises on the pale, perfect skin, but right now, he doesn't care. In fact, he wants to mark Lex. He's biting, licking, touching, and his cock throbs with desperate need as the red K sings through him.

Red K. Suddenly he realizes he wants more of it. He needs more of it. He lifts his head and reaches out blindly with a long arm, snagging the wine bottle off the nightstand. Thank God he didn't knock it over earlier, he thinks, and sits up, taking a long, eager swig.

Another rush hits him, stronger than before, sending a surge of animalistic desire and heat through him. God, he's high.

And Lex is going to take him higher.

"That's it," Lex says, his voice soft. "Drink all you want, Clark. Let's see what happens."

On some level, Clark is pissed by the words. Lex is deliberately drugging him, and for all he knows, this much red K could hurt Clark. Lex doesn't know what the effects of ingesting red kryptonite might be, any more than he does.

Lex is just running another one of his goddamn experiments, with Clark as the subject, and that's a hell of a way to treat anyone, let alone someone he cares about. He's experimenting on Clark as callously and coldly as if Clark were just another one of the freaks in his labs.

But then, that's Lex.

The part of Clark that worries about such things, though, is buried far, far beneath the part of him that loves being high. The doctored wine is like liquid pleasure, suffusing him in a dark haze of ecstasy. He takes another deep gulp of the stuff, seeing the veins of his arms standing out, etched in red. The wine fills him with so much heat he isn't sure he can contain it all.

He feels damn good now, full of swaggering confidence and sheer sexual need, and he puts the bottle back on the nightstand for later. And then he's back on top of Lex, leaning over him, dominating him.

He takes his own cock in his hand and pushes it down, stroking it along the exposed ridge of Lex's erection.

Lex jerks beneath him at the intimate contact. "Clark," he breathes.

The sound of his name on Lex's lips fills Clark with fire, and every touch of his own hand, every caress of Lex's flesh, is another rush of ecstasy. Clark can't stop himself from shuddering as he traces the wet head of his cock up and down Lex's shaft, until Lex is slick with Clark's precome.

Lex trembles and moans as their bodies slide lightly together. Clark thinks he's probably moaning, too, but he isn't really listening to himself. He only has ears for Lex.

He strokes the head of Lex's cock with the head of his own, in very deliberate circles, and his spine arches at the pure, undiluted pleasure. Lex is like silk against him, and the head of Clark's cock is so goddamn sensitive that every touch is better than being fucked. He's vaguely aware that his hypersensitivity is due to the red K, but he's okay with that. He feels precome pulsing from his cock, and he wonders if he can hold off on orgasm long enough to get inside Lex.

He grabs for the little tube of lube, then shifts position, between Lex's thighs, and squirts it onto his hand. He begins rubbing it all over his cock, and it's so good that his head falls back and his teeth grind together.

Nothing in his life has ever felt this good. He thinks about how good it's going to feel to actually fuck Lex when he's this wired, and he almost comes then and there.

"My legs." Lex is twisting against the bed, almost whimpering with eagerness. "Clark, you have to untie them..."

Clark almost snaps that he doesn't have to do anything. But he sees Lex's point, that he's not going to be open enough unless Clark releases his legs. He breaks the strong ropes with a casual flick of his fingers, then grabs both of Lex's ankles and pushes them up. Lex bends his knees, and suddenly he's open and exposed, and yet still tied to the headboard.

He's all Clark's.

Clark knows he ought to be gentle, but he's all out of gentle. He lubes up a finger and thrusts it into Lex, hard and deep. Lex yelps, clearly taken by surprise, but Clark doesn't stop thrusting. In a moment, he adds another finger. Lex is squirming, gasping, and Clark can't tell if it's with pleasure or pain, and he really doesn't much care.

Already Clark is desperate with need, and he decides that's enough preparation. He positions himself, then slams into Lex hard. Lex gives a startled yell, but Clark doesn't bother to ask if it hurts. Lex let himself in for this, after all.

And the first thrust is so good, so impossibly good. Clark shakes all over, hears himself whining with the pleasure of it. He's never felt anything so good. It's like his veins are on fire and his nerves are shooting sparks.

"Fuck," he whimpers. "Oh, fuck, Lex, fuck..."

It's not the most articulate sentence he's ever uttered, but it's really all the words he can generate right now. He withdraws, then thrusts again, brutally hard, and another long wail is torn from him.

God, yes. The pleasure is just too intense to be borne, and he's impossibly hot, almost feverish, and he has no idea how he's going to survive an orgasm.

But he wants one. He wants one a hell of a lot.

He falls into an instinctive rhythm, fucking Lex in long, slow strokes, high-pitched cries of frantic pleasure rising from his throat. Lex is crying out too, and Clark is pretty it's with pleasure, but he can't stop to find out for sure. He's way too far out of control, high on drugs and sex and rapture.

The old bed creaks beneath them as his thrusts grow faster and harder, and Lex lifts his legs, wrapping them around Clark's ass. Clark hears his own cries growing louder as he sinks even deeper into Lex, and the older man utters a rough, barely audible whisper.

"It's good, isn't it, Clark?"

Lex sounds like he's grinding out the words between bared teeth. Clark gasps for oxygen. He's so hot. Sweat is trickling down his back and sides, and there's a nagging, irritating itch behind his eyes.

"God, yes... so good, Lex... so goddamn good..."

"You'd do anything for me right now, wouldn't you?"

On some level, Clark knows this is part of Lex's experiment, that Lex is gauging the effects red K has on him, testing him. But he doesn't care. Because Lex is right. To keep feeling like this, he'd do anything.

"Yes," he grits out, thrusting violently. "Anything, Lex... anything..."

Lex's voice is very soft. "You'd kill for me, wouldn't you, Clark?"

To keep feeling this overwhelming, shattering pleasure, Clark figures killing someone would be a small price to pay. When he's on red K, human lives seem pretty irrelevant, anyway. "Yes," he moans. "I'd do anything for you, Lex... anything at all..."

His eyes are starting to burn, and Clark suddenly recognizes the persistent, annoying sensation as his heat vision acting up. When his heat vision first developed, it had been related to sexual thoughts. He'd thought he'd gotten that under control a long time ago.

But right now, he doesn't have anything under control.

He clamps his eyes shut against the burning and fucks Lex harder. His body needs release desperately. The heat inside him is rapidly reaching meltdown levels, but even through his drugged haze, he realizes he can't let Lex know about his heat vision. The last thing he needs is to give Lex any more information about his peculiarities.

God, he needs to come, but he can't let the heat vision go... he just can't...

Lex gives a long, low cry that lifts in pitch and volume, and Clark can't keep his eyes shut. He has to watch Lex climax. He has to.

He drags his eyes open, despite the almost painful burning, and keeps thrusting hard, watching as Lex's cock jerks and shoots come explosively, all over his belly.

It's so damn hot to watch Lex lose control, to watch him writhe and wail as he comes. Clark watches all of it, and his own balls go tight as his erection pulses hard and fast, deep inside Lex.

I'm coming, oh God yes, I'm coming...

He isn't sure if he cries out the words, or just thinks them. But his cock spasms wildly, and then he's climaxing in a rush of ecstasy so extreme he can't help screaming. He realizes just in time that his heat vision is activating too, and he jerks his head away from Lex and aims it at the nightstand.

Coming while his heat vision goes off has never happened for him before, and it feels unbelievably good. He knows he's giving Lex too much information about him, but he just can't bring himself to give a fuck. Not now, not while his body is racked with this incredibly perfect pleasure.

His orgasm goes on and on, and so does his heat vision, and he realizes vaguely that the nightstand is on fire, along with the wall, and he's pretty sure the coverlet is starting to smolder too. Lex is yelling at him, looking panicked, but he can hardly hear the words.

It's not like he could stop, anyway. His climax is far beyond anything he's ever experienced, the purest ecstasy the world has to offer, and it seems to be utterly neverending.

And he's okay with that. He doesn't care if the house burns down around them, as long as the rapture never, ever stops.

He can't seem to draw a breath, and it feels like his heart is about to pound its way right out of his chest. The pleasure grows even more intense, cutting through him like a blade, and he can't bear it any longer. It's just too much for him.

His head starts to swim, and his eyes drift shut, cutting off the heat vision.

He collapses against Lex's chest, senseless.

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