Sunday, January 20, 2008

Redshift, Chapter 6

Season 7
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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"Clark! Clark!"

Through a dark haze, Clark hears Lex's voice calling his name, loudly and frantically. Slowly, he drags his eyelids open.

There's a piercing, annoying noise coming from the hall, which he recognizes vaguely as the smoke alarm going off. Lex is still pinned beneath him on the bed, his eyes wide and wild, his legs thrashing desperately. Clark's bedroom is filling up rapidly with smoke, the wall is smoldering, and the nightstand is a scorched mess.

A corner of the coverlet is starting to flame up, too, which probably accounts for Lex's expression of stark terror. Humans don't like fire that close to them. Unlike Kryptonians, humans are fragile.

Lex thrashes harder, and Clark lifts his head, mildly irritated that Lex is breaking into his nice warm afterglow. But it occurs to him that if he wants to fuck Lex again, he does need to put the fire out, and maybe get Lex outside till the smoke clears. Because otherwise Lex isn't going to be in any condition for more sex.

And that would be a bummer.

Sighing, Clark lifts himself off the bed and uses his bare hands to put out the fire, in such a quick motion that Lex can't see what he's doing. He notices mournfully that the red K wine bottle shattered in the heat, and that most of the wine has evaporated.

Damn it. He's going to have to talk Lex into making him a new batch.

He pushes thoughts of the wine aside for now and forces himself to focus on Lex. He breaks Lex's bonds, then picks him up and heads for the staircase.

Lex struggles in his arms, looking freaked out and panic-stricken, but Clark ignores the other man's struggles. He's not going to leave Lex here to die of smoke inhalation, because Lex dying would put a big crimp in his plans. He's just not into necrophilia.

Holding Lex like a child, he strolls down the stairs and out into the darkness of a rural Kansas night.

Outside, frogs sing, insects buzz, and the leaves whisper softly in the breeze. It's pretty warm out, which is good. Not that Clark cares, but Lex probably does. As warm as it is, Lex shouldn't mind having sex outside.

Clark puts down Lex on the grass, on his feet, and instantly Lex skitters back, away from him. His gray eyes, ordinarily so calm and cool, are still round with fear and shock. He's coughing a little, and his voice sounds rough, like the smoke irritated his throat.

"You almost killed me, you crazy son of a bitch!"

Clark gazes at him, cocking his head and lifting an eyebrow. "I warned you I could be dangerous, didn't I?"

"You didn't warn me you set fires when you come!"

"I don't, usually. What the hell are you yelling about? You're the one that drugged me."

"You... you..." Lex looks wide-eyed and panicked, in a way that the unflappable Lex Luthor rarely gets. Clark takes a step toward him, and Lex staggers backward, his steps unsteady. "Stay away from me, damn it."

The words, uttered with what sounds almost like disgust, cut into Clark despite the cheerful euphoria of the red K. He doesn't care for people looking at him like he's some sort of monster. He particularly doesn't like Lex looking at him that way.

And it's not like he really meant to hurt Lex. Hell, he was gentle, or Lex would be in pieces now. The heat vision thing was just a reflex.

"I'm not staying away from you," he says, pacing after Lex, a predator stalking his prey. They're both stark naked, and Clark is suddenly very aware of that fact. He can feel his cock swelling yet again, can feel sexual desire rushing through him in a surge. "What the hell is your problem, anyway? You didn't want me to hold back. You wanted me out of control. You said so."

"I didn't realize that out of control equated to pyromania!"

"I warned you that drugging me could be dangerous," Clark says, shrugging a big shoulder. "Anyway, I already told you, I wasn't trying to hurt you, and I didn't set that fire on purpose. It was an accident."

"I've had quite enough accidents for one evening, Clark. Back off."

Clark can't help grinning as he slowly walks closer. "Got more than you bargained for, huh, Lex?"

"Back off, damn it."

"I don't think so." Clark reaches out and grabs Lex by the shoulders, imprisoning him. Lex smells like pine-scented soap and smoke and sex, and his scent makes Clark harder than before. "You told me you were trying to figure out how to control me. Well, that was your first lesson, Lex. You can't."

"Back. Off."

"Hell, no. I'm not through with you yet, Lex. I'm not ever going to be through with you."

"I'm through with you." Lex struggles again, with a predictable lack of results. "This is over, damn it!"

"No," Clark answers, very softly. "It's not." He lowers his head, so that his lips are almost against Lex's, and speaks in a low, dangerous whisper.

"It'll never be over, Lex."

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Erin said...

Thanks for the continuation, can't wait for more ;0

Anonymous said...

That was great. Clark so focussed on "dammit, I have to save him before we can have sex again" and Lex freaked out and over his head for what may be the first time in his life. Absolutely perfect. As always, eagerly awaiting more.

Anonymous said...

Omg!! I love Lex freaking out at the end about it and how he got more than he bargained for. I love this whole series in general. I cant wait to read more =]

ender said...

damn, finally lex gets what he has reaped, haha, go redclarkie, go!!

epeters said...

This was a hysterical chapter. I love your "drugged on RedK" Clark!!

he does need to put the fire out, and maybe get Lex outside till the smoke clears. Because otherwise Lex isn't going to be in any condition for more sex.
And that would be a bummer.

I love Clark's sense of priorities and reasoning. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hoo yes! Keep it coming.